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    Re: Amouage Epic Man: truly reformulated?

    Thanks Ipp! Not too sure about the "Made in the UK" box - but I was wondering about that myself. I'd be curious for some feedback too.

    I think you're absolutely right, prodigy: nobody knows...
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    Re: Amouage Epic Man: truly reformulated?

    Just wanted to add that I did get a backup bottle of Interlude Man from FragranceNet (tester) today. It is in the rather simple and plain "made in UK" tester box, and a cap was indeed included....
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    Re: Amouage Epic Man: truly reformulated?

    I'm right there with you, Akahina - I'd be extremely disappointed. Memoir has been on my list for a long time, and I hope to eventually purchase the one I've always known. As for Epic, I'll have to...
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    Re: Amouage Epic Man: truly reformulated?

    Interesting thread, and great info with the ingredient label discrepancies and the friction v. magnetic cap thing. I happy to report that my own non-magnetic bottle of Epic Man has apparently earned...
  5. Re: Feedback? ELdO's Rien v. Dior Leather Oud

    Ah, good to know. That definitely leads me to suspect that LO is the more wearable of the two.
  6. Re: Feedback? ELdO's Rien v. Dior Leather Oud

    I really like Rien, and think the descriptors of "rough" or even "brutal" are spot on. That's probably why I ultimately tired of it (not to mention that I found it really difficult to wear--or maybe...
  7. Re: Feedback? ELdO's Rien v. Dior Leather Oud

    Always very helpful, cacio! Thanks! I like the idea of a "more refined and elegant" Rien - especially since I had no sense of the drydown of Leather Oud on skin. I'll put it on the sample list. As...
  8. Feedback? ELdO's Rien v. Dior Leather Oud

    I searched the forums, and found a little bit on the subject, but I'm looking for a more direct comparison.

    I used to own Rien, but haven't smelled it in a long time. I recently sampled Dior's...
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    Re: L'homme Ideal de Guerlain?

    Yeah Hyde65, I stupidly didn't realize how new L'Homme Ideal was until I looked it up today here (on a whim) to hear other impressions. If I had known yesterday I would've picked up a few bottles to...
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    Re: L'homme Ideal de Guerlain?

    For those interested, I can at least confirm L'Homme Ideal is now in duty free in Paris at least as of yesterday (but wasn't in the Guerlain Champs Elysée boutique two days ago). I tried it, thought...
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    Re: Buying Used Bottles...

    I've always thought that buying used or testers is extremely smart. My question for Tony T would basically be how many bottles did you have before you decided that you couldn't possibly wear it all...
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    Re: What does everyone else smell like?

    As you said, the use of a "best seller" as a gauge may not be perfect--but I still think it's a good one. It's an interesting experiment to go on fragrance retail websites (I've tried perhaps ten...
  13. Thread: Pyramids...

    by Petrichor

    Re: Pyramids...

    I've always felt that pyramids are more about marketing than they are about a fragrance (especially when they get really verbose and poetic--did you know that Aventus contains, for example "royal...
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    Re: Best of the Best of the '90s

    It's probably not my favorite decade for fragrances, but I would +1 Egoiste and Heritage. I'd also begrudgingly second everything on Tony T's list too: stuff like ADG and Curve are still easy for me...
  15. Re: A&F Fierce Room Spray... Hazardous to your health?

    "Don't Inhale Fumes," huh? Doesn't that basically say: "Don't USE it at all, under any circumstances, because this product shouldn't be smelled?"
  16. Thread: Gendarme

    by Petrichor

    Re: Gendarme

    Funny - I heard the same rumor about politicians and the original Gendarme (either Clinton or Bush Jr. or both). Makes sense to me. It's definitely clean and safe. As far as a rating, I really think...
  17. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    In all of my ignorance, I hadn't even realized there was a second page to this thread until now!

    I wish I currently had the time to respond in detail to some of the extremely well-thought-out...
  18. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Thanks for the article reference. I'm definitely on board with your summary, too.
  19. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Exactly right, I think. Elsewhere, I've wrote about a possible correlation between hyper-cleanliness (and its acceptance of, and accommodation towards, inexpensive aromachemical-laden...
  20. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Really appreciate these thoughts too, Akahina. I'm also starting to feel left out of the Leather Oud club by this point, so I guess I better move Leather Oud to the very top of my "to sample" list....
  21. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Well said, I think. This is exactly the sort of explanation I was after, and really helps as I think through WHY I (and others) seem to particularly enjoy some of these fragrances.
  22. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Yes, I know that's the stereotype, but I'm pretty sure it just isn't true. Perfumery is thousands of years old (not a couple hundred), and no doubt there a a million and one different motivations...
  23. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Okay, that's good too. I also like the explanation (of cwill and onethinline) that some perfumery ingredients have the capacity to "ground" us both in nature and within our own human bodies (or our...
  24. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Hahaha point well-taken! THAT is exactly something I hadn't considered: an analogy between cultural/geographically-conditioned tastes for food and "tastes" for fragrance. Super interesting. I'll...
  25. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    Oh, and I should say that I haven't said anything about Leather Oud because I've never actually smelled it (I know--for shame). I am well aware of MFK Absolue pour le Soir, though, and I think it's...
  26. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    To dougczar's point: Mouchoir de Monsieur smells a little poopy (just a little), and I feel like that specific skankiness gives it a depth and allure that it might otherwise lack. Still, I wouldn't...
  27. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    I have a sample of Carnal Flower somewhere. I’ll have to dig it out – now I’m curious.

    Yeah, I think it’s exactly the tar note that makes A*Men good. Who knew that adding tar to candy...
  28. The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    I've been writing a blog post about a response to a scene from the movie "American Hustle," and I wanted some feedback from Basenotes members. In the movie, Jennifer Lawrence's character says:...
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    Re: Too many samples

    I've had some great experiences - especially at Neimans and Saks. After an hour-long conversation, I did walk away once with around 60 samples, no exaggeration, from the Jo Malone rep (who grabbed a...
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    Re: Azzaro PH Weakness?

    Yeah, I hate to say it, but that's my impression with my newer bottles too. It just doesn't last. Like fraghead93, I just go for spraying it on some fabric to make it last longer. Still, it's a great...
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    Re: I can't decide on a signature fragrance for the life of me, please help

    None of the fragrances that I referred to (Caron Pour Un Homme, Sycomore, Vetiver, Kouros, Azzaro, Rive Gauche, Eau Sauvage etc.) are--generally speaking--considered fragrances targeted at "younger...
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    Re: I can't decide on a signature fragrance for the life of me, please help

    If you've really turned away from aquatics, maybe you could set out to sample some new things sort of systematically and see where you're at? I'd personally go for samples of (1) Caron Pour Un Homme...
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    Re: Looking to add something else

    I've always been a sucker for Perry Ellis 360 Red, and have no problem saying so. Nothing revolutionary there, but pleasant insofar as Acqua di Gio-type fragrances are pleasant. Both of your Van...
  34. Re: Which scents have you discovered that you wish you had known about- the "Ah Ha" frags

    Tabac Blond and Bois des Iles are definitely two that I can agree with completely. They were revelations. The problem is: after experiencing fragrances like these, so few seem to measure up...
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    Re: Fragrance Wear

    Every day, almost without exception, even if I don't go anywhere or do anything ;)
  36. Re: KOUROS : 5 batches blind-test (2003-2013)

    Really interesting - thanks! Unfortunately I don't know that I've ever smelled the so-called "original" and "best" 80's and 90's formulations (I have a bunch of odd samples of unsure...
  37. Re: Recommendations to wear to a Great Gatsby themed party?

    My first impression was Jicky or Mouchoir de Monsieur. I think I like the Knize Ten suggestions better, though.
  38. Re: More complex/higher quality Bogart pour Homme?

    Hmmm... I've always got a "Bogart Pour Homme vibe" from SL's Gris Clair.
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    Re: Wow - A LUSH/Gorilla Perfume sniff-fest!

    I love BOG. As far as I know, you'll have to order samples of Dear John & SuperworldUnknown from the website - they're not in retail stores. Somebody might correct me on this, but that is what I was...
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    Re: paco rabanne 1

    I never really thought of it as powdery. I'm fairly neutral toward 1 Million overall. I really do think it's easy to like, though, and is definitely more affordable than the Creed and Fred Malle's...
  41. Re: What has got more female compliments than aventus in your personal experience

    +1 for Invasion Barbare. Chypre Palatin. Dior Homme. Iceberg Twice (yes). Also Coromandel.
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    Re: Ways to use Fragrances in daily life

    Unless I'm sampling something (or a few somethings), I'm also pretty a strictly one fragrance per day guy. Maybe it also has to do with my relatively monotonous lifestyle (stay at home dad/full time...
  43. Thread: ambe sultan

    by Petrichor

    Re: ambe sultan

    I don't know - I don't personally see it as a dangerous blind buy if you like a lot of other ambers. It's among the best, I think. Hope you enjoy!
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    Re: Aventus Projection and Longevity ... OMG!

    I know there's lots of discussion about batch differences, but I don't seem to get much longevity out of mine. Maybe 6 hours max. I still think it's a great fragrance, though. Interlude Man is...
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    Re: How much of a sample vial do you put on?

    I probably only use 1/4 (or less) of a 1ml vial (wrist or neck or whatever). I think that's generally good enough to get a feel for the fragrance. I know a few sprays in an atomizer are probably best...
  46. Poll: Re: On a scale from 1-5, how important is presentation to you?

    You asked for 1-5, but to be absolutely honest, I'd say 0 if I could. I'd rather pay only for the fragrance itself - even if it meant I had to bring my own atomizer into a store to fill myself. This...
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    Re: What is your favourite Oud?

    I really like Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud. But there seems to be SO many to choose from, all with very different characters. I'm a little oud-ed out, I think...
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    Re: Most Un-Sexy Fragrances You Like

    I'd have to +1 heavy vetivers: they all strike me as strictly business. +1 for Odeur 71 (and 53) by CdG too - interesting fragrances, but far from sexy in my opinion. Heavy incense fragrances (maybe...
  49. Re: Can someone explain how the grey market for perfume works?

    One thing I do know is that "grey market" products often rely upon distribution channels not necessarily intended or condoned by the manufacturers. For example, a fragrance intended for a middle...
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    Re: Individual note sampling

    The Perfumer's Apprentice offers kits of individual notes (both naturals and common aromachemicals) that might be helpful. That way you can smell what pure benzoin, pure tuberose, etc. smell like....
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    Re: Sonoma Scent Studios..

    I sampled a bunch of them. Fireside Intense smelled exactly like a fireplace, but soon grew overwhelming to me. I'd +1 on Tabac Aurea and Winter Woods, but prefer Tabac Aurea.
  52. Re: Another I need your help thread. Frapin,etc.

    Of the Frapin, I personally like 1270 the best.
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    Re: Suggestions for a leather based fragrance

    I'd be careful with Tuscan Leather because, as was said, you need to like fruit too (raspberry) and it's not cheap. I'd avoid something like ELdO's Rien if you don't like Knize Ten. Still, TL is...
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    Re: Blindbuy Encre Noire for a gift?

    I don't necessarily think that Encre Noir is difficult to like--especially if you like woody-vetiver. Still, blind buys for other people are pretty risky. A blind buy for yourself is fine because YOU...
  55. Re: Christmas comes but once a year--what are you wearing this holiday season?

    Carlos Santana for men - spiced lavender-apple cheapie. Avignon when I'm feeling reflective and Advent-like. Otherwise, Kouros to Christmas parties involving people I dislike.
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    Re: The "I don't get it" thread

    *Ouch. Bad comments about Interlude Man and IB sting me to the core! ;)

    I wore Prada's Amber Pour Homme today, and was shocked at how much I disliked it. They actually went ahead and made an...
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    Re: Fragrance houses you generally dislike

    All houses have their winners and their duds, I think. I guess I have little brand loyalty (or disloyalty, for that matter) since I'm always willing to give any new fragrance from any house the...
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    Re: Pineapple Paradise - Jacomo For Men

    I remember being surprised at how pleasant I found this one. It's been available for forever on major online retailer websites, so my guess is that it's still in production. I'm glad you reminded me...
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    Re: Incense recommendation

    +1 for Avignon, hands down. 2Man is good too, but I much prefer Avignon. Runner up: Bois d'Encens. Keep in mind that these are more straight up "smoldering incense" fragrances than just frankincense...
  60. Re: Best fragrance to wear when a girl asks you to tie her up and do naughty things to her?

    Hahaha! Well, at least this thread made me actually "lol." As for a recommendation, maybe S-ex by S perfumes? Plus the name seems appropriate...
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    Re: A first world Christmas dillema...

    Good luck and have fun! I miss places like Lenox and Phipps - there isn't much in the way of high-end fragrance retailers where I live now, so I'm jealous.
  62. Re: Fall/Winter Fragrance for Physically Active Days?

    +1 Terre d'Hermes
    +1 Bleu

    I don't personally love either, but like them both well enough. I agree with the "simple yet wearable year-round" comment. I don't think either would start to feel...
  63. Re: Layering: Aventus and Tuscan Leather. It is good.

    I'm not a big fan of layering, but maybe I'll try it out. My first impression is that TL would totally overwhelm Aventus. Then again, maybe it all depends on my "weak" (?) Aventus batch - etc. etc....
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    Re: A first world Christmas dillema...

    I recently relocated from Atlanta - lived there for 6 years. I always thought the SAs at Saks in Phipps Plaza were pretty knowledgeable and really helpful (the SAs at Neiman in Lenox are okay too)....
  65. Re: Am after a Tobacco fragrance with Zero Sweetness

    +1 for the Vermeil and can't beat the price
    +1 for Aramis
  66. Re: How to order perfume from Paris, France (Caron, Lutens, etc.)

    By potable, does that mean it's just plain ethanol + a bit of distilled water rather than the "denatured" U.S. version? If so, very interesting. Had no idea.
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    Re: Just blind bought L'Instant Extreme!

    Congrats! It's really a great fragrance. I sold my bottle last year, and (as usual) now regret it. Oh well. The price sounds good too.
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    Re: my opinion on the creed fragrances

    I really like hearing overall impressions like this! I think all houses have their own hits and misses for the most part (that's why I've never really understood the die-hard Creed lovers v. Creed...
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    Re: Encre Noire and CDG 2 Man. Similar?

    I don't see much similarity myself. Any particular accord or ingredient that you might be basing the similarity on? I could see how they're both a little solemn? No denying they're both good, though.
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    Re: Which Is Better??

    In my experience, HiM lasts longer - but I've never been sure if it's just because Bleu causes more olfactory fatigue? (others say they can smell it on me when I can't). Still, my preference is for...
  71. Re: Ever embarrassed to reaveal which fragrance you're wearing if its expensive?

    This is exactly what I do - particularly to people I know well. I am a little embarrassed to say Aventus, Interlude Man, Tuscan Leather and even some rather expensive (but great value) Chanel...
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    Re: Bond I Love NY For All Bottle

    Yes, those caps that simply look "riveted" on might be a sign of tampering or a fake. Inexpensive Coty frags like Aspen use that same cheap way to attach the atomizer (as do dollar store knock-offs)...
  73. Re: I can not stop buying fragrances so I am thinking about selling my collection!

    I definitely agree with this. Perhaps limit yourself to a reasonable number, then get in the habit of selling (Ebay, etc) when you go over that number. That's always what I've done; plus when you get...
  74. Re: Which do you buy backup because you like it so much

    Kouros, Azzaro PH, Dior Homme, Mouchoir De Monsieur
  75. Re: What are your picks of natural smelling scents for summer, but designers only?

    It's the exclusive line, so I don't know if you count it as "designer," but Chanel's Eau de Cologne is great with a lot of natural citrus. Too bad it doesn't last very long. I'd also go +1 for...
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    Re: Would a novelty/gag fragrance lineup sell?

    I think a nice Durian fruit note in a dry down would be pretty funny. I don't know if they make Durian absolute though. Somebody better call up the folks in Grasse ;)
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    Re: PUREDISTANCE BLACK... anyone else tried it?

    Initial oveall impression compared to M? Which do you prefer? I'm still looking to sample Black soon, but curious about an opinion...
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    Re: Niche fragrance testing (samples) - pt2

    Very good sample list--it's sort of a "who's who" list of niche fragrances. I'm a big fan of Sycomore, 1270, 2 Man, Aomassai, M extract, Invasion Barbare, Feminite du Bois. You're bound to stumble...
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    Re: S.O.T.D. - Friday, 22 November 2013

    Thanks, Foustie. That makes me more confident of maybe venturing into public wearing Bois des Iles... someday ;)
  80. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur DZING and Byredo Parfums Pulp

    Yes! That is EXACTLY how I would describe it. Perfect description.
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    Re: S.O.T.D. - Friday, 22 November 2013

    Bois des Iles. Does it really work on a guy? Who cares. I just know that it smells great. ;)
  82. Re: L'Artisan Parfumeur DZING and Byredo Parfums Pulp

    As for Dzing! I have never quite understood the "it smells like paper" comments. I do understand the comparison to the smells of a circus, though. I definitely respect the fragrance--especially when...
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    Re: Weirdest Name For Male Fragrances

    Gaultier's "Kokorico"
    Cofinluxe "Taxi" (yes, the bottle is as tacky as you'd imagine)
    J del Pozo "Halloween Man"
    Just to add a few more. Plenty of strange names out there. ;)
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    Re: Ormonde Man Substitutes?

    I was also on a search for something like Ormonde Man after going through three samples of it a few years ago. No dice. I haven't personally come across anything really similar to it. I figured that...
  85. Re: 1 Million & A*Men...which one attracts more female attention?

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    I think you're probably going to get answers all over the place on this one. It's pretty difficult to quantify "female attention," and my impression is that some...
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    Re: Opinions Lomani Pour Homme?

    I recently bought it blind. The Drakkar comparison is apt. It's okay--I figure that'll I'll give it some more time to see if it grows on me, but I don't think I would've personally bought it if I...
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    Re: Iso E Super and Calone...what fragrances?

    I don't know; I think there are trends for synthetics ever since the beginning of modern perfumery. Coumarin was synthesized and used very early on (late 19th and early 20th centuries). Heliotropin...
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    Re: Guerlain SDV in high school?

    SDV is a great scent. I agree that going real light on the trigger and seeing how you feel will give you a better idea. I just know that personally, no matter how much I love a fragrance, if I don't...
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    Re: Have i made a right choice

    I think you made good choices. There's still something about La nuit that I really like, though...
  90. Re: What are the next frags you plan on testing out?

    I still haven't tried anything from Histoire des Parfums. They're up next on my list.
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    Re: frags you couldn't live without!

    Interlude Man
    Azzaro PH
    Patchouli 24
  92. Re: Anyone else biased towards strong scents? (Kilian "Straight to Heaven")

    I like Straight to Heaven. Still, I think it might depend on exactly the occasion/location you want to wear it, if you're unsure. Out to the park? Perfect. In a crowded movie theatre? Maybe...
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    Re: What " Niche Brand " is your favorite?

    If you were to count the Chanel Exclusifs as "niche" (though I know they aren't), they'd be high on the list for me. Amouage is among my favorites. I'm certainly no Creed hater, but to be honest,...
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    Re: Fake Diesel Plus Plus?

    +1 for thinking that Diesel Plus Plus is probably not profitable enough to be faked. Maybe it's really, really old stock? I know that the bottle is opaque (which normally helps preservation), but...
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    Re: The Best Cuba Paris fragrances?

    I don't know if it's the "best," but Cuba Gold seems pretty popular and inoffensive.
  96. Re: Top 5 Inexplicably Cheap yet Good Fragrances for Men

    1. Jovan Sex Appeal
    2. Azzaro PH
    3. Rochas Man
    4. Quorum
    5. *insert any Caron here

    STILL trying to figure out why I don't love the Lapidus. I've been trying to get along with it for a few...
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    Re: Need help finding a gourmand

    +1 for checking out PG Aomassi. Also, if you like New Haarlem, you may like Rochas Man--plus the Rochas is relatively inexpensive.
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    Re: S.O.T.D. - Wednesday, 13 November 2013.

    Hi everyone. Trying out Chanel's Eau de Cologne today. Testing whether it can turn a dismally cold day into something more bright and pleasant.
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    Re: DIOR HOMME : nine different batches review.

    Very interesting. Thanks!
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    Re: rose cologne for men a do or dont.?

    Yes, rose is definitely fine for men. Some men are ready to pay top-dollar for a nice rose (see Amouage's Lyric Man). I haven't smelled Cartier's Declaration D'un Soir, but I do know that if you...
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