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    Re: SotD Tuesday 6 October

    CDG Quarzazate(sp) for the morning and L'Artisan Piment Brulant for the afternoon! trying out some decants and samples ;0
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    Re: - S o t D - Tuesday, 10.06.09

    CDG Oazzazate (sp)? for the cold day and L'artisan Piment Brulant for the afternoon! Mmm spicy pimento!
  3. Re: What would Spike from Cowboy Bebop wear?

    I see a leather-loving man, so Knize Ten! ;0
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    Re: SotD Monday 5 October

    Etro Palais Jamais here! The spices are a bit weird for my nose but I'm liking the mosy, leathery drydown!
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    Re: S o t D Monday 5 October

    Etro Palais Jamais! Nice smoky, vetiver and other all good things green!
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    Re: Aramis Gentleman's Collection

    I agree with this member's post! We should be a positive community and not fight over issues like blind-buying and trusting basenotes' reviewers! ;0
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    Re: A BEST MAN scent

    New york is awesome as well! Not too strong of silage but its just enough to make a statement and its refined enough!
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    Re: A BEST MAN scent

    Light wearing of Heritage or L'Instant
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    Re: Your Cheapest Goldies?

    I second Vibert:
    Pour un Homme by Caron
    The Third Man

    and add Bulgari Black, Versace Dreamer, Hermes Rocabar and most of the ones in my wardrobe haha ;0
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    Re: Yatagan Compliments

    I haven't worn it out enough to see what kinds of compliments I get and don't hang around enough blondes to see if the feral smell gets to them lol ;0 I hope you don't really think that hair color...
  11. Re: Is there a better citrus chypre than Eau De Patou?

    + for the original Chanel Pour Monsieur ( for Men)
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    Re: Robert Piguet

    Yea I've gotten the idea around here that Bandit EDT (vintage) is great and the newer formulas are good but not as good!
  13. Re: Youtube Review Thread #21 : Brit For Men by Burberry (Sept.15th)

    I used to like this fragrance but I realized I didn't wear it often because the drydown wasn't that great but it is a great choice for a rookie basenoters though! I may have sold it off but I still...
  14. Re: New poster, may I have some advice on my next purchase based on my wardrobe?

    You got a solid wardrobe there! It;s hard finding a good modern leather scent. These are some good ones that have some leather note in them.
    -John Varvatos has some suede/leather scent going on in...
  15. Re: Something feels VERY missing in my wardrobe.

    Hey Timothy! Great designer scents that are cheap and that I highly recommend are Dior Homme, Cartier Declaraition, Hermes Equipage (older scent but is a goodie), M7, Chanel Egoiste, and Caron Third...
  16. Re: BN WORLD MEET: all the reports in one place & vote for next year's date!

    San Francisco Basenotes meet-up represent! ;0
  17. Re: Should I stick with the new Caron formulations?

    Nipples! Yea i had a lot of fun, even though I ended getting a fever the following day so I couldn't enjoy wearing my sample smellies haha! We should definately make a thread in off topic for times -...
  18. Re: Should I stick with the new Caron formulations?

    Nipples to 3xasif! I didn't want to go through the hunting of the Carons so I think I'll try to keep myself satisfied with the formulations! And 3xasif, why don't I see you in the community Chat...
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    Re: best sweet classic frags?

    +1 Habit Rouge, Heritage, Caron pour un Homme and Third Man!
  20. Should I stick with the new Caron formulations?

    Hello fellow basenoters! I have a question for ya'll. I just received Caron pour un homme and Caron Yatagan from and had ordered the vintage formulations (3.3 oz and 3 oz,...
  21. Re: If I like Gucci Envy and M7 what should be my next purchase?

    You should check out other YSL/Gucci Tom Ford commissioned scents like Rive Gauche pour homme, and Gucci pour homme ! Great scents! You might also like Tom Ford for Men and his new Grey Vetiver.
  22. Re: Which is Patricia de Nicolai's Masterpiece ???

    Just got New York not too long ago and it is slowly growing on me. The top notes were a bit too old school for me but the middle and base notes are amazing. The only resemblance I see to BDP and...
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    Re: San Francisco Meet-Up

    Was great hanging will fellow perfume enthusiasts and getting to meet some basenoters in person! JaimeB and Oudgirl lived up to their basenotes persona and more haha! Oudgirl was marvelous and if her...
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    Re: San Francisco Meet-up, 29 August

    I just found this post after searching through it! I was wondering where the Bay area folks were at haha! We got to represent around basenotes ya know!! Anyways it was nice finally meeting JamieB,...
  25. Re: Help sought for making a rounded scent collection

    Caron Number 3 / Le 3me Homme / The Third Man is may favorite of your list and a unique but lovely scent! I have the previous formulation before the current but I hear the current is still as good!
  26. Re: need opinion on choosing 2 frags to purchase out of my list

    Can't go wring with any of those. If you must blind buy, I recommend either Body Kouros or
    Rive Gauche because they're so cheap in price yet so rich in scent!
  27. Re: Which are the most classy/sophisticated of these 4?

    Another vote for Equipage here! It's just so unique and classy~!
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    Re: Does anyone use the CHAT room?

    Nippleeeee! I had fun too! I'll try to leave my chatrooom window open as much as possible so I'll try to keep people company and annoy you when I can! Just come check it out, there are a lot of great...
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    Re: Encre Noir

    This cologne is definite in my "must buy" list when I find a good deal for it! Though it's already cheap, I can wait until cheap testers show up in ebay! :0
  30. Re: Which Fragrance will you NEVER get Tired of?

    First one that popped to my mind was YSL M7 :0
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    Re: Does anyone use the CHAT room?

    Yes I have since your post haha!
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    Re: Hermes Equipage Question

    I suppose I'm not the only one angry at Herme's doing this? Thanks to these new Chanel-like policies their classics have tripled in prices and the reformulated versions are frankly not worth the...
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    Re: Kiwi Recommendations?

    Davidoff Cool Water Deep has a top kiwi note! I was never a big fan of it but I imagine a better quality note would be good!
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    Re: Hermes Equipage Question

    Vintage Equipage is one of the more unique and old-school scents in my wardrobe and it has be wanting for more of the cold-pipe scents. As has been said, it's longevity could be better but when it...
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    Re: Review of 9 Years of Basenote Awards

    That's one thing I've learned from checking out the forums daily - the basenotes awards doesn't reflect the overall consensus there. The awards, as most, should be taking only as a starting point for...
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    Re: My niche purchase today :)

    Congratulations! I've still only got designers but I've looking for a good price on a niche scent from L'Artisan, Serge Lutens or Parfums de Nicolai. I'm hoping my first niche to be PDN's New York...
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    Re: Countdown to 100

    You got a great wardrobe there, definitely influenced by the basenotes community! I would take a few off your 21 , like Allure homme. I used to have it and though I liked it I wouldn't say it's a...
  38. Re: Lurker needs 3 fragrances for all around effect

    That's a pretty good list! I have Aqua and like it but i have grown bored of aquatics now that I;m into others but it will be a good go to aquatic scent! Maybe you can swap it for Mugler Cologne or...
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    Re: The Odd Way

    Great to hear! Isn't Givenchy III well-liked around here? One thing I want to do when visit another city, state or country is a perfume shop or an antique store to check out the perfumes haha! Thanks...
  40. Re: New Fahrenheit Absolute sounds gorgeous

    I was excited to hear the news too! Dior isn't that bad at flankers so there is much hope!
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    Re: Habit Rouge Dry by Guerlain

    Nice one Scentemental! How does Scentemental do it folks? Does he work for Guerlain or something haha ;0
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    Re: Walgreens has creed on website

    What a shame they can't be had for cheap at the website either. Not surprised since Walgreen isn't that cheap of a drugstore anyways haha. Would probly be cheaper at Longs Drugs ;0
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    Re: Regarding

    Same here, I've had no problems with them!
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    Re: New Caron Website

    One of the most beautiful perfumery sites! I like its simplicity and find it more clear then the previous one - especially when it comes to perfume descriptions. I also noticed the celery note for...
  45. Re: Is this a Vintage Guerlain Heritage 4.2 oz EDT?

    Another question for the Guerlain heritage fans - do you prefer the vintage EDT or the new EDT formulation? And does it's new longevity and silliage suit your needs? Thanks for feedback to this new...
  46. Re: Had Basenotes changes your taste in fragrance?

    Yea and for the better! Though I haven't dipped my hands into Niche yet, I've abandoned the aquatic scents for Guerlains, Diors, Hermes and YSL's. Can't say I regret my aquatic phase, I only had ADG...
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    Re: Guerlain Heritage - EDT vs EDP

    How many hours do ya'll get on the EDT? I seem to get around 3-4 hours on my vintage 4.2 oz EDT but that's probably because it's old ;0
  48. Re: Is this a Vintage Guerlain Heritage 4.2 oz EDT?

    Thanks for the replys folks! At least it's not a fake haha ;0 It seems to have lost some of its potency like you've mentioned but it's still worth the wonderful first 2 hours. Plus from reading...
  49. Is this a Vintage Guerlain Heritage 4.2 oz EDT?

    Hey ya'll! I was hoping someone could use their detective skills and help me figure out if this Guerlain Heritage 4.2 oz Splash bottle I got off ebay is really a vintage....
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    Re: Guerlain Heritage - EDT vs EDP

    Just scored my hands on a "vintage" 4.2 oz EDT and gotta say I find it pretty subtle after its initial top notes. It has a few stages and eventually drys down to a tonka and vanilla mix that is...
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    Re: YouTube Cologne Reviewer

    Yea I've seen his videos from time to time and see that he's been doing some research on basenotes and probly other blogs! Can't blame him for that but he's been pushing in his recent...
  52. Re: Buying 5 Frag's online in One day: Need Help to trim down list

    I'd also go with this list:
    Pure Coffee
    Allure PH Blanche
    Gucci PH
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    Re: Why YSL, why?

    I know a small comestics/perfume show in San Jose's Vietnamese mall had M7 and its tester! I tested it to see how it compared to my tester and was glad to see the similiarities haha! It also had rive...
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    Re: Doing the happy dance again!

    Oh how much did u get it for and what are your first impressions of it? ;0
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    Re: Kouros - First Time in Public

    Last year I ordered a Body Kouros from drugstore.comfor $20 but got Kouros3.3 oz instead! After reading all the negative reviews on basenotes I decided to ebay it and sold it for like $30 ;0 I...
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    Re: Fragrance Nightmares

    Being allergic to perfumes and having to get rid of my collection :( I've been having allergies this past year so I hope its not my colognes and its just the weird Berkeley weather! :00
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    Re: The $100 Fragrance Wardrobe challenge

    Late to the game as well but this isn't too hard if you look at the online discounter's and have your pick through Yves Saint Laurent and a few other houses that you can find cheap prices online....
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    Re: Has Versace Dreamer been reformulated?

    I bought Dreamer a few months ago and it still smells great! It's one from my collection that get's the most compliments!
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    Re: Best of The Modern Designer Fragrances

    I'll have to agree with Aromabar's picks:
    Gucci Pour Homme (woody)
    Terre d'hermes (vetiver)
    Dior homme (sweet iris)
    L'instant PH (oriental)
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    Re: Yo ho ho and a bottle of bay rum!

    I always wondered if pirates back in the day actually wore bay rum? It's hard for me to picture old school pirates wear fragrances, but I suppose you'd get sweaty and smelly out there in the ocean...
  61. Re: ever bought a scent based on how it wears on others..?

    I make the mistake of confusing Axe body sprays for fougere scents at work (like Cool water, Beckham) but that's probly because a lot of fougere scents smell that cheap ;0
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    Re: A question for the devout.

    When I forget and sometimes when I shower before I sleep - I don't wana wake up with the scent in the morning since it might mix with the fragrance I put on in the morning ;0
  63. Re: Would You Wear CURVE by Liz Clairborne?

    I used to have a bottle given to me by my mom ( was first my cologne given to me) and didn't really like it much. I found that I like it more now that my fragrance hobby has improved my sense of...
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    Re: Least appropriate summer fragrance?

    I'm wearing M7 today and its a nice sunny day - It's oudy nature is wonderful but I'm experiencing the drydown now and it's not the most appropriate thats for sure lol. Amen probly would'nt be a good...
  65. Re: Has Hermès remarketed some old men's classics?

    I'm hoping I can one day find a good deal on a Equipage or Bel-Ami :) Maybe I'll come by a good deal for a swap or someone here will be selling them for a good deal haha ;0 .
  66. Re: Top 10 Masculine Fragrances for Fathers Day?

    I find myself loving a lot of the classic masculine Guerlains, Dior and Hermes, yet I'm only 23 now haha! I wish I could get some of the harder to find classics(i.e. Equipage, Bel-Ami, Jules) but...
  67. Re: If I like Versace Pour Homme but not Aqua Di Gio what else will I like?

    There's always the cheap and dependable Bulgary Aqua pour homme ;0 It's one of the better cheap aquatic scents out there. Another alternative is the original Chanel Allure - its top notes have a...
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    Re: Bought Rive Gauche PH and......

    I've been on the fence on buying RGPH but keep holding back and buying another. I figure its so cheap to get online that I can wait a bit later to buy when I have calmed down from a buying spree...
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    Re: A*Men vs. B*Men

    I've got Amen and though it is tasty scent and great for a night out, I find myself choosing other clubgoing colognes instead. It's one of those scents that I have the urge to put on once in a while,...
  70. Re: Anything bottle worthy (mostly old scents)

    Another vote for Gucci pour Homme (original). One spray is enough and the drydown is mesmerizing. It's a good cheap buy ;0
  71. Re: Reputable Online (Discounted) Perfume Sellers?

    Never had any problems with Scentiments or
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    Re: 2 or 3 fragrances for under 60$

    What I do now that I'm an experience fragranatic is I do most of my shopping through reliable websites from the likes of Scentiments or amazon. If I can find a price cheaper on ebay, I spend some...
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    Re: Luca Turins vs Basenotes

    Though I haven't read the book, I got an excel file from their site that lists the colognes, scores and their 2 word description that I use to check out the 4's and the 5's and use it as a base on...
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    Re: Help needed with what to get next?

    I'd go with the Lolita ;0 It's sweet and nice and cheap to boot ;0
  75. Re: Another small wardrobe recommendations thread.

    Welcome to basenotes!
    I reccomend the following:
    - John Varvatos by John Varvatos for the gourmand though its more of an oriental but it fits the bill with its date and vanilla notes. It goes for...
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    Re: SotY: Our Top 20 vs. Others

    Good stuff here! You don't happen to do polling or work in some sort of stats-based career?
  77. Re: Few Cologne Suggestion / Help for newbie

    From what people say around here, I'd go with Perry Wllis 360, its an improved Aqua di Gio, though honestly the only one I'd seriously consider from your list is Hanae Mori, though that one is an...
  78. Re: Hi everyone, Totally New to Cologne/Fragrances, Need some Help/Suggestions

    Welcome to the perfume hobby world!If you like non-musky tobacco scents you can try these:
    -Versace's the Dreamer: Give it an hour before you make your judgment on it, it dries off to an abstract,...
  79. Re: Post A Picture of Your Scents - Edition II

    This is what I aspire to have one day! Great pics everyone haha!
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    Re: SotY: #10 Chanel Egoiste

    This makes me wana get Egoiste even more! Anyone selling a bottle for a good price?
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    Re: Ordered M7 received M7 fresh instead

    M7 is great during the cold nights and can get cloying during warm humid time!
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    Re: Best men's cologne for summer

    I second the Bulgari Aqua and reccomend Mugler Cologne, Terre'd Hermes, Chanel Allure Homme
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    Re: S o t D: Friday, 3rd of April, 2009

    Chanel Allure Homme! It's good for a summery day here!
  84. Re: Worldwide Basenotes Meet-Up Weekend August 28-30, 2009

    Anyone in the California Bay area? , like Oakland, San Francisco, etc.I'm in Berkeley ;0
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