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  1. Looking to swap my Frapin 1270 for Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche.

    1270 is about 80% full (

    Looking for a 3.4oz Edition Blanche that's close-ish to full.

    Not really interested in any other swaps at the moment but feel free to send...
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    Frapin 1270

    Kept in a cool and dark place, just doesn't get enough use from me.

    Willing to ship most anywhere.

    Asking $100

    Might be able to find the box in some storage (I...
  3. Re: Which of my fragrances should I wear to Prom?

    Out of what you have, I say Platinum Egoiste. But if you live near any high end department stores (Barney's, Saks, Neiman Marcus) or a Nordstrom that has higher end frags like some near me, go to...
  4. Re: Most Underrated/ Overrated Creed Fragrances

    Overrated: Aventus, Himalaya, Royal Water
    Underrated: SMW (really starting to like this one), Alcier Aluminum
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    Re: What deodorant do you use?

    I've tried Pit Boss, Menscience, all the mainstream brands. My far and away favorite is the eucalyptus deodorant by Malin+Goetz. No aluminum, doesn't irritate me like menscience did, and smells...
  6. Re: New Tom Ford Lavender Palm - I have it - Pic inside!!!
  7. Re: New Tom Ford Lavender Palm - I have it - Pic inside!!!

    I know they're selling it at Nordstrom in Seattle, as well as the Nordstrom website.
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    Re: Pure Malt Release?

    I understand why people say they like keeping the hype and exclusivity of their fragrances up. But Thierry Mugler isn't seeing a dime from some schmuck selling Pure Coffee on eBay for 300...
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    Re: - Legit for Creeds?

    what about fragrance net?
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