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  1. [US + CANADA] Re: SUPER SALE -- Creed Original Vetiver, Nautica Voyage, Azzaro Chrome (Free Samples w/ Purchase)

  2. [US + CANADA] SUPER SALE -- Creed Original Vetiver, Nautica Voyage, Azzaro Chrome (Free Samples w/ Purchase)

    US only, please!
    For sale, three bottles, buy them all or one. I can send pictures when I get home in the morning.
    Payment accepted through PayPal Friends/Family.
    Shipping is $5 within the US,...
  3. Re: YSL L'Homme Cologne Gingembre alternatives?

    +1 on Cartier Declaration Cologne. The ginger note in it is fantastic.
  4. Thread: Lush

    by King Michael

    Re: Lush

    I've ordered two samples of Lush fragrances, Weather Turning and Dirty. Upon first smelling them, the mint note is immediately apparent, so much so that for about the first sixty seconds, the pair...
  5. Re: Creed Virgin Island Water or Millesime Imperial

    VIW is the clear winner for me. Projects just a bit more and lasts a whole lot longer than MI. It doesn't help that I thoroughly dislike MI in and of itself.
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    Re: Are you a collector?

    I'm not necessarily a collector in that I purchase every scent a house has made, but I do have a relatively large wardrobe (not by Basenotes standards, but larger than any of my classmates) that I...
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    Re: What Causes the "Crushed Ant" Smell?

    I know exactly what you're talking about. It's very much a "chemical" scent, not like many others. I have found Burberry Weekend for Men to smell quite similar to this very topic.
  8. Re: Name your Holy Grail. Have you found it yet?

    Proud owner of Creed's Original Vetiver. Haven't found anything that might surpass it yet, though I shall venture on in search of one better.
  9. Re: Do you have any 5 star fragrances with really poor longevity?

    From my collection of sample vials, I would say Virgin Island Water, though I haven't had the opportunity to test it from an actual sprayer. I also find Le Labo's Rose 31 to have poor projection and...
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    Re: what notes do you struggle to detect?

    Definitely cedar and leather for me as well. It isn't that I don't find these notes to contribute to their respective scents, but more that I can't detect them individually based on the real life...
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    Re: So... Just sampled Spicebomb...

    I do get the cinnamon bubblegum accord you're talking about, OP, and while in certain conditions it can get cloying, I disagree on the condition that it's something a 13 year old girl would wear. ...
  12. Re: Deal-breaker notes, What are your least favorite perfume notes?

    I've had a particularly difficult time with:
    -Juniper berries
    -Strong apple notes
    -Tomato leaf
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    Re: Top 3 Creed Fragrances

    1. Original Vetiver, not even close.
    2. Aventus
    3. VIW
  14. Re: Your favourite from the Hermes Un Jardin Series ?

    1. Mediterranee
    2. Sur le Nil
    3. Sur le Toit

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to find la Mousson to test it out. I'll most likely be purchasing Med once spring comes around, though.
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    Lily Direct Review

    I realize that many folks in the online fragrance community and elsewhere are a bit skeptical when it comes to ordering from smaller sites, especially when the distributor offers mostly a limited...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Well, you all finally did me in. I knew that I was going to be around this girl I'm into during class today, figured I'd wear something safe a la YSL L'Homme or GPH II. Time comes for me to start...
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    Re: Pure Havane

    Longevity hasn't been an issue for me in the least bit. I put it on at 1 PM today before heading to class, and at the current time of 2 AM, I can still smell it on my wrists and shirt. Great...
  18. Re: Perceived Dominant Notes That Aren't Listed In Perfumes ?

    It's not listed, but I can't help but be convinced that there is cherry in Pure Havane, and I love it. It seems so put out there that it's hard for me to think otherwise at this point.

    I also get...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite honey/beeswax?

    While honey is not listed among the notes in Lush's The Smell of Weather turning, beeswax can be found in it if you know what you're looking for, and is quite nice although it might take some getting...
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    Re: What Is Your Most Wanted Fragrance?

    Creed Original Vetiver by far. I'm just waiting for the right time to pull the trigger on it, but I know for a fact that it will be one of my next three purchases.
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    Re: 360 Green Perry Ellis?

    Grapefruit, vetiver, and tonka bean make me think this may be their version of Chanel AHS.
  22. Re: What fragrance would "Donald Draper" of MadMen wear to work?

    I believe they have brought up Eau Sauvage on the show at one point or another, though it wasn't introduced until what would be the latter part of the series.

    Joan wears Shalimar.
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    Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    Not entirely related to fragrances, but a couple summers ago I worked in a water treatment plant in my town doing some electrical work (possibly why I can not just tolerate some of these "burnt wire"...
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    Re: Do you know how to discuss fragrances?

    That's just the thing, though, it is her job. If I'm being sold a car by a car salesman, I'd expect them to have an idea of what they're selling me rather than having to look out of a book. Of...
  25. Re: Faithful No Longer: Newbie Looking for New Fragrances

    +1 on Legend, it's Fierce's twin that none of your friends know about, and if you pair it with Versace Dreamer and you've got a couple year rounders that compliment each other nicely while staying...
  26. Re: What scent does this cold, urban song and image reflect?

    Divin'Enfant by ELdO seems to capture the transition that takes place in the first minute of the song.
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    Re: Eight & Bob

    Couldn't have put it better myself. Had I only sampled the fragrance and heard nothing of the obtuse story and actually beautiful packaging, I don't believe I would have been as impressed with Eight...
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    Re: Job Interview

    Another for Bleu de Chanel. Safest of the bunch, and the GIT/Cool Water/AdGs are far too sporty for a library if you ask me. D&G The One would also be pretty good, as it's not so fruity like...
  29. Re: Now that the hype may have died down... Spicebomb?

    I did not get that similarity, no. The tobacco note in TV is much more pronounced, and the scent overall is much more of a milky sweetness (think mocha ice cream) than the zesty sweetness (apple...
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    Re: If only it lasted longer?

    1) Cartier Declaration Cologne lasts about an hour on me, then it's gone. Glad I only got the sample even though it's such a lovely scent.

    2) +1 D&G The One. This is the most disappointing of...
  31. Re: Now that the hype may have died down... Spicebomb?

    Love the scent, love the bottle. The longevity is pretty average, but otherwise no complaints. Like kende said, I think it's one of the better designer fragrances out there. Thinking about buying...
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    Re: Vetivera Herbacea by Berdoues: inputs?

    It is available on Amazon in the US.

    Edit: My mistake, it is available through Amazon from
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    Re: Where do you keep your samples?

    I keep the carded "official" samples simply inside the card, I just love having any sort of packaging for them. Others that I've kept in generic, unlabeled atomizers are sealed inside small plastic...
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    Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    I once had a dream in which I smelled Original Vetiver by Creed, though strangely at the time I had yet to actually smell it. Luckily, my dreams didn't disappoint and now it is one of my favorites...
  35. Re: My Midnight in Paris EDP bottle looks funny

    Is the collar loose at all? It seems to have been nudged a bit to one side, but the bottom of the cap and the bottom of the bottle itself are both parallel while the collar is lopsided.
  36. Re: I've Never Listened To A Single Word From A Sales Associate

    Like most others in this thread, I've gotta say that I've had my fair share of both fantastic and awful SAs, and in the end it really has just come down to finding the right person at the right time....
  37. Poll: Re: Best work fragrance out of the following?

    +1 for TdH, it's nice and clean, should help you stand out from the sweaty folks in your gym. Bleu would be my second choice out of the rest, very close, though.
  38. Re: Help me choose between Burberry Touch, Mont Blac Individuel, CK Obsession

    1. Burberry Touch
    2. Individuel Mont Blanc
    3. CK Obsession

    Girls I know go crazy for Burberry Touch, it's really nice and I'm a fan of it. However, I'm not entirely sure if it's the best for a...
  39. Re: Which famous designer brand sucks in fragrances the most?

    Aside from the Adidas and other post-workout scents out there, I'd go with Boss. There's not been a single fragrance of theirs that I've enjoyed at all. Even to my mostly untrained nose, the...
  40. Re: Would you buy a fragrance with this history ?

    Not knowing keeps us unbiased, but I do agree that it would help in making the decision that much easier.
  41. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    Coming in, I think I was in a pretty similar mindset as many of the folks in this thread, that being a love for spices and citruses. On a whim one day I decided to swing by the mall and smell a few...
  42. Re: Would you buy a fragrance with this history ?

    Haha! If only they knew about all the pollen currently creating a thick blanket over my car, they'd refocus their concerns!

    On topic, though, the only thing that concerns me is that it's spent...
  43. Re: If you had to be a one-cologne guy, which one? In other words;what is your most versatile fragra

    From my own collection, I'd choose Franck Olivier's Sun Java due to it's versatility in weather and the overall tameness of the actual scent. It has the subtle sweetness of watermelon and vanilla,...
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    Re: Do you think Rochas Man smells feminine?

    I agree with the sentiment that Rochas Man is a unisex fragrance. While I find the bergamot and lavender/jasmine combination to be, strangely, distinctly masculine, it transforms into that great...
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    Re: Hey y'all!

    Great suggestion. Sampling is a great way of getting to know what your taste preferences are and is especially good for figuring out which of those suit your skin. If you've got a Sephora nearby,...
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    Re: Which fragrance for beach feelings?

    A couple months back I decided to layer V&R Spicebomb and Nautica Voyage just for kicks... As strange as it sounds (both the combination and the result), the vibe I got from the mixture was...
  47. Re: Cologne experts what cologne smells like watermelon all day long

    I've got Franck Olivier Sun Java which has an awesome watermelon note in it. It's got pretty decent longevity and can be worn year round in really any kind of weather. Also, it's very cheap.
  48. Re: Help me chose a choose a spring fragrance please!

    +1 Terre d'Hermes and Dior Homme Sport, both really nice in the spring.
  49. Re: Cartier Declaration d`Un Soir. What can we expect?

    I snagged a sample at Nordstrom a couple months back, and I've worn d'Un Soir on occasion when the weather was neither too cold nor too warm. It's a very appropriate fragrance for spring weather....
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    Re: John Varvatos - Which One?

    Vintage is definitely my pick for favorite. Artisan was pretty special too as far as the overall scent goes. Original was good, but didn't really come across as anything particularly special to me.
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    Re: Gourmand Shoot Out, which one do I pick?

    Rochas Man, without a question.
  52. Re: Fragrances you love that doesn't last on your skin

    I've been pretty lucky as far as longevity goes on my skin, but the two that I absolutely love but just can't get more than a couple hours out of are Cartier Declaration Cologne (gotta love that...
  53. Re: Looking for something similar to armani code that isnt armani code

    In my own experience and from smelling the two on different people, I would say that Gucci Pour Homme II has some similarities to Code, particularly in the drydown. It may be from the olive...
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