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    Re: Gift decision help please

    How about Fleur de Chine by Tom Ford?
    Or Amouage Gold?
  2. Re: please help with fragrance name. have bottle photo

    Could this be the innards of Trussard Uomo?
  3. please help with fragrance name. have bottle photo

    What fragrance might this be? Thank you so much!
  4. Re: Looking for something a bit unique - please help

    Serge Lutens Daim Blond - softer
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur - more intense
  5. Re: Excellent smelling ladies perfume with longevity(shes 46 yrs old)

    Any of the Amouage, but prices are high.
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    Re: S.O.T.D. - Friday, 18 April, 2014.

    As it is Good Friday, I am in the mood for something serious and with depth: Amouage Gold Woman.
    Am planning to get some hot crossed buns at the bakery first thing tomorrow morning - sually you...
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    Re: Diorella & Le Parfum de Therese

    The brunette Diorella advertisement is exquisite ! Citrus chypre is my favorite category (philtre d'amour). Diorella has that duality of fresh / funky that I really enjoy. Those sparkly top notes...
  8. Re: What is your true feeling on a guy wearing Musc Ravageur?

    Personally, I dislike this scent on anyone.
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    Re: What women shouldn't do...

    Marijuana is absolutely a gateway drug. Stay true to your values and leave it alone - along with those who smoke. Those who smoke and those who don't - seriously, there is not a lot in...
  10. Re: Your favorite sexiest male scent for the summer.

    Eau Sauvage
    Any vetiver
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    Re: The Girlfriend Challenge

    Agree with the posters who are saying she gave you the answer as to what she wants to wear. Why make the decision so difficult? She couldn't have been more straightforward!
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    Re: A little help please

    How about Jour d' Hermes? It's the new Jean Claude Ellena scent - a little more interesting than a light cherry blossom, and more modern.

    Whatever you purchase, see if they can set you up with a...
  13. Re: Is it okay for a guy to wear a woman's scent - HONEST ANSWERS PLEASE!

    The very frequent comment "...and could be easily worn by a man...." tells us that this is still very much an issue. Otherwise, that comment would never show up - it would be presumed! We see it...
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    Re: Jennifer Lopez Glowing is fantastic!

    Despite not being a musk fan, I agree with you this was very well done. It seemed to me to be what Love's Baby Soft was to my generation. Nice, young, clean, not too complicated.
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    Re: What should i get for my mama ?

    I vote for A Scent over L'eau d' Issey because it's newer, more modern, and it isn't as well known - and it smells great!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Noirdrakkar - you make good point, but most folks...
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    Guerlain Muguet 2013

    Has anyone had a chance to sample this yet?

    One thing is really turning me off....that white paper label on the front.

    I've been reading about other's reactions, exclamations of the white...
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    Re: help me fnd a perfect wedding scent

    Nothing too strong - save that for after the wedding!

    Your idea of muguet is a great one - Guerlain has the special once a year Muguet they release on May 1 - would that be in time for the...
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    Re: Free to a good home

    There was just one PM ahead of yours, VintagePoison, I'm sorry. The Caron samples have a new home.
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    Re: Free to a good home

    Caron samples - all the fountain exclusives in the little Caron cardboard boxes. I've collected them over the years.

    Warning: most of the scents have been reformulated, but at least you'll know...
  20. Re: Liquid soap that smells... uhm... sexy? Or, at least, attractively intriguing?

    I use shower gels in place of hand soap most of the time - better selection! One of the best was Nu by YSL.

    The huge, Prada shower gels come in big, rectangular plastic bottles and last forever...
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    Re: What was Opium Like?

    Will do! thanks for the heads up!
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    Re: What was Opium Like?

    Check out the "Perfume Shrine" blog; I think it's one of her favorites:
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    Re: Incense/herbal female scents?

    Amouage Silver Cologne for dry incense.

    Nikki St. Phalle for herbal/green.
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    Re: Lipstick of the Day - What ya wearing?

    BB Uber Nude
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    Re: Favorite Lotion Versions of Scents

    Angel lotion is as good as the fragrance - perhaps better!
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    Re: NU by Yves Saint Laurent: blind buy ?

    If you like soft incense and musk, go for it! It's a very nice scent and I always received a lot of compliments when I wore it.
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    Re: What women shouldn't do...

    Hi Knit - indeed we are! Those are the only "authentic" tatoos, in my mind.

    Yes - kid's names and faces, particularly if they died. Strange behavior. Oh, well, it's not my body and I'm not...
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    Re: What women shouldn't do...

    Same for the men, Kagey!

    Just a quick remark about the tatoo issue from my perspective:

    I don't mind seeing jail tatoos or tatoos from a concentration camp (obviously we see these less...
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    Re: Have you tried MPG- Cuir Fetiche?

    Agree - quite docile in the drydown!
  30. Re: What do you think of the basic Landsend Style?

    It's a good look - kind of collegiate, but practical and no-nonsense. If that's the kind of person you are, then go for it! (I also prefer LL Bean b/c of fit).
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    Re: Have you tried MPG- Cuir Fetiche?

    Is anyone wearing MPG Ciur Fetiche? Got a sample quite awhile ago and I tried a bit on yesterday.

    It's a softened Ciur de Russie; for me, that's a good thing! Somehow the - is it "birch tar"?-...
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    Re: Gift for my wife

    L'eau d' hiver by Malle - now that's as skinny as they come. Why, even a skinny teenage boy could wear that one! No curves required!

    Of course, I'm joking. It's a lovely fragrance and it's...
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    Re: Caron Alpona

    Agree - it was, in my opinion, the best urn fragrance. Diane warned me of its passing a few years back and I stockpiled.
  34. Re: Guerlain Exclusive Fragrance Experience with Marie Line Patry

    Hi mikeperez - it was my first experience with LHB parfum. It is the only parfum I've ever worn that makes me wonder if I am up to the task of being its wearer - and that surprises and intrigues me....
  35. Re: Do you think Montale Aoud Damascus can be worn by men?

    That's an excellent attitude! Once you decide who you're wearing perfume for - or why you're wearing it - you don't need to concern yourself about the gender focus of the marketing.
  36. Re: Guerlain Exclusive Fragrance Experience with Marie Line Patry

    Finally, I had the pleasure of meeting the Guerlain fragrance whisperer, Marie Line Patry.

    This took place at the Las Vegas Guerlain boutique, where I've worked with sales associate Chuck, prior...
  37. Re: Do you think Montale Aoud Damascus can be worn by men?

    No, I personally don't...but if you like it, wear it.

    Many male members on Basenotes wear scents designed originally for women. I think a lot of the remaining male population, at least here in...
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    Re: Top 3 unisex fragrances

    Guerlain Vetiver
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Dior Eau Sauvage
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    Re: A new Friend

    Hello and welcome!
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    Re: Most feminine frag??

    Une Fleur de Cassie

    Iris Poudre

    Armani la femme bleue

    Amouage Dia

    Of these, for me the most feminine is Une Fleur de Cassie, hands down.
  41. Re: Reconciling differing tastes in a marriage - 24, Faubourg vs. Cashmere Mist

    First things first: please list all fragrances your husband has designated Frech whorehouse. Those go on my "to try" list.

    Okay - now to your question: it seems as though he likes powdery /...
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    Re: Need some advice on "gothic" perfumes

    When I think Goth, I think edgy and pushing the envelope: Bandit, MKK, maybe that Secretions Magnifique (never sniffed that one) - but that is direction I'd go. Goth is not stereotypically pretty,...
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    Re: fake or natural!

    To me, there is a difference between temporary dramatic makeup (for face or hair) and the over the top world of hair extensions, plastic surgery, and fake nails.

    Makeup is fun - and removable. ...
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    Re: Your favourite notes in men's colognes

    Prefer: vetiver, citrus, woods, leather

    don't care for: vanilla, tobacco, flowery, aquatic, amber
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    Re: you girls were right

    That's all part of the fragrance journey, Nosebud.
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    Re: new malle fragrance this Spring?

    A green floral by Mr. Ropion in the Malle line - at least a year in the making? Seriously, I don't need to sample, just send it out the minute a bottle is available.

    Cannot wait!
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    Re: Tuberose + Oud

    Good one, Cacio - someone needs to get this idea to Amouage. Can you imagine how beautiful? And it would lend itself well to their feminine / masculine pairings.
  48. Re: Ma Collection lovers - your impressions wanted

    No. 1: Caline
    No. 2: Vacances
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    new malle fragrance this Spring?

    Does anyone know anything about the new Frederic Malle fragrance to be released this Spring? I'm hoping for a green, dry, woody, iris type floral (please, please, pretty please.... and Mr. Ropion...
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    Re: Tuberose + Oud

    While I am not a layerer, truly I wish I had some oud to try this combo out! I can imagine how incredible that must smell as long as the oud is nice and dry and has that same "medicinal" facet as CF.
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    how to enhance hazel eyes

    What is your favorite way to enhance hazel eyes? I've read gold eyeshadow can help highlight the color, but I'm concerned that may not overall flatter me.

    Do you have any advice to share?
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    Re: Your Beauty Regime

    With sensitive skin, you probably don't want to follow my minimal routine, but here it is:

    1. Cetaphil cleanser.
    2. Abeille serum /moisturizer by Guerlain

    sunscreen: sensitive skin...
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    Re: Your latest make-up/cosmetics purchases?

    Makeup Forever High Definition foundation. It's a little heavy, but I flip flop between natural and dense coverage and apply with Laura Mercier makeup sponge.
  54. Re: Favorite Nail "Houses" Who do you like and why?

    Dior and OPI. If I had to chose one, probably Dior as I find fewer choices easier to navigate and they tell me what's hot that season. I usually just wear the Dior pale pink/white; one coat.
  55. Thread: All Black

    by seattlelight

    Re: All Black

    As long as textures are distinct, it's a good look. Appropriate almost anywhere.

    I wear a lot of black and charcoal grey. Neutrals make your personality stand out more because your clothes don't...
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    Re: Peep toes and tights?

    Agree with Lilybelle. I love that look and have a pair of plain black peep toes I wear with meanswear pattern tights / stockings. It's quirky, fun, young, covered, and feminine.

    Perhaps dark...
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    Re: Anyone else giving up on "vintage"?

    Oh, if something nice happens to be in front of me (Rive Gauche or something like that) I'll get it; however, no, I don't search out vintage. My love of older frags has limited my acceptance of, and...
  58. Re: A desperate call for help!! Cristalle is no longer Cristalle on my skin. Need a change.

    YSL Y. It doesn't have the green apple fruity nature that Cristalle used to have, but the dry, fresh context is there.
  59. Re: Which perfumes make men melt when you walk past?

    Probably most perfumes by Dominique Ropion; that man is a genius.
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    Re: your best orange parfume

    Roger and Gallet Bois d' orange is my favorite and Cartier Essence d' Orange is a close second; the Bond no. 9 orange (Little Italy) is an EDP and long lasting, but it's almost too orangey!
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    Re: Herbal Feminines?

    Niki de St. Phalle has an herbal quality.
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    Re: Herbal Feminines?

    There is a Caron, but a men's - I think it's Yatagan
  63. malle: une fleur de cassie=dans tes bras?

    What do you think - are these nearly identical fragrances?
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    Re: Fresh/sheer vanilla frag?

    Hermes Vanille Galante - sorry if it's mis-spelled!
  65. Re: What is the most OVERRATED fragrance for women?

    Count me in, too. Not a huge fan of the numero cinco in any formulation. More for the rest of you!
  66. Re: Has anyone or anything (food, for instance) ever ruined a fragrance for you?

    A popular scent by Bvlgari worn by someone I just don't care for.

    Armani Sensi worn during a dinner with a couple I don't care for.

    There's a pattern for you! It's totally emotional on a...
  67. Re: Orange lovers: Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs / Cartier Essence d' Orange

    Hi Ken Russell,

    Sure, the Cartier is unisex - I just saw an older thread (back in 2010 or something) on the men's forum and was surprised by how dismissive nearly everyone was - it is refreshing...
  68. Re: Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please

    A little sharp for what I want right now; I've always like it, though.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wore this beauty for about three years (every day), so despite how much I loved it, I want to move...
  69. Re: Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please

    Nocturnes - I haven't tried that in ages - wonder if it has been reformulated?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi mikeperez - Bel Respiro was the first exclusif that attracted me when they were introduced...
  70. Re: Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please

    Hi Donna - it is pretty and it does have longevity. I guess I hesitate b/c of the sweet factor, but maybe I'm mis-remembering.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'll stop in to the dept store and give...
  71. Re: Guerlain Liu and Guerlain Vega: your advice, please

    Oh, yes - in those beautiful bottles, too. Makes me envious. My apologies to folks who collect all of the variations - I just feel kind of left out of all the fun!
  72. Re: Guerlain Liu and Guerlain Vega: your advice, please

    Anything the least bit refined that actually smells great has gone or is going away (Philtre - that STILL irks me, Vet pour Elle, Sous le vent, Mitsouko fleur de lotus never really made it out into...
  73. Re: Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please

    L'eaulita (great moniker): of your suggestions, I will try En Passant. Eau des Merveilles doesn't "dance" for me. thanks!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Thank you for the contributions - these are...
  74. Re: Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please

    Fleurine, I was actually thinking of Coeur Joie when I was writing this!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi Cacio! Do you think Chanel 31 Rue Cambon is at all sweet? I really do like La Pausa, but it is...
  75. Delicate, complex, sophisticated...your opinions, please


    Please lend me your assistance; I'm looking for a dry (not sweet) fragrance that would be classified as "delicate, sophisticated, and complex". Also, if it has some development and...
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    Re: Coco Noir de Chanel

    Received a carded sample from a local dept store. Be very careful with this one - the top notes are the best (seductive) part and you may be tempted to make a purchase - one you will later regret -...
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    Re: Best Chypre

    Yes - Parure is beautiful! If you can't find that (tough to find), give Chant d'Aromes (Guerlain) a try - it's a little softer than YSL's "Y", another beautiful scent. Mitsouko is gorgeous; it is...
  78. Replies

    Re: The noir of all noirs?

    Agree with Serge Noire; only smelled it once but the feeling is unforgettable - dark.
  79. Re: Guerlain Liu and Guerlain Vega: your advice, please

    mike perez, atsu, classics lover, and arwen elf: so it's unanimous! The samples arrived today, so here goes....!
  80. Replies

    Re: Masculine female fragrances?

    Jil Sander Woman III
  81. Re: What makes some frags "spiritual", others sensual?

    An aside: maybe the descriptor word we want is "sensuous", rather than "sensual"?

    I like those scents that cover both aspects: cerebral and sensuous. Maybe what makes them that way are cultural...
  82. Replies

    Re: Chanel Cristalle, suitable for men too?

    Agree with the above statements.

    While I personally wouldn't label Cristalle as "masculine" (most of us don't pay much attention to the marketing labels), I think whether you should wear it...
  83. Re: Guerlain Liu and Guerlain Vega: your advice, please

    Donna - I also cannot wear No. 5, particularly the EDP. Joe - your mention of amber pretty much seals the deal. Liu it is - going to get a sample...thank you for your help!
  84. Guerlain Liu and Guerlain Vega: your advice, please

    A read through the reviews and threads indicates that perhaps Vega is the overall favorite and people mention Vol de Nuit often when referring to it. VdN is not one of my favorite Guerlains as it...
  85. Re: Orange lovers: Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs / Cartier Essence d' Orange

    Hi Quarry - orange is wonderful and it seems to have been making a comeback of sorts the past few years. It has replaced bergamot as my favorite citrus this summer.

    Kiliwia - thank you for the...
  86. Re: What should i buy for my mother as a gift?

    31 Rue Cambon is beautiful and sophisticated and makes a definite statement.

    La Pausa is also beautiful, but some find that it doesn't last very long. Same with Bel Respiro, another beauty from...
  87. Orange lovers: Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs / Cartier Essence d' Orange

    Neiman's had a tester bottle of the new Houbigant Orangers en Fleurs on the counter last week. Stock is expected to arrive soon. I gave it one quick spritz to the wrist - much to my surprise, it...
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    Re: Sexy and clean fall fragance for women

    Not anything sticky sweet - maybe more crisp like L'eau Ambre by Prada?
  89. Replies

    Re: blue color nail polish

    A beautiful deep steel blue (I think it was from MAC and called "jet", something cool like that - years ago). It was gifted to a younger co-worker, who admired it.
  90. Re: Bobbie Brown lipstick: blush 65 / T Le clerc transparent lipstick

    You are so right, those BB lipsticks turn quickly. I've purchased some that have already turned! They have a quality control problem. Maybe they don't clear out old stock routinely enough, I don't...
  91. Re: Which is your favorite Frederic Malle fragrance and why?

    Noir Epices and Portrait of a Lady: both are dry and sophisticated, just lightly floral
  92. Replies

    Re: EnJoy by Jean Patou

    Misheka - where do you live? Perhaps I can send you my unfinished bottle (purchased in the past year, about 80% remaining). It smells great, just like the normal Enjoy. PM me if you're interested.
  93. Re: What fragrance should a female investment banker wear?

    This week, I am testing Sisley no. 2, Panthere Eau Legere, and Rive Gauche EDP (vintage).

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sisley no. 2: fresh and clean, but perhaps a little too light-hearted and fun....
  94. Re: What fragrance should a female investment banker wear?

    What do you think of YSL's Rive Gauche?

    I love habit rouge, but it just doesn't last very long for me.
  95. Re: What fragrance should a female investment banker wear?

    Whoa, Dienase - right down the masculine path. No, I don't have a problem with non-feminine scents. It's interesting that you took this route! I keep spritzing Bel Ami, but it doesn't smell that...
  96. Re: What fragrance should a female investment banker wear?

    Ah, finally Bandit makes the list - easy to find and I'll give it a try!

    Le Temps too cloying and sweet for me; gave my decant away awhile back.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yes - used to wear...
  97. Re: What fragrance should a female investment banker wear?

    The reply I attempted yesterday did not post!

    Alityke: Sounds like the voice of experience!

    Pelle: I always forget about Jolie Madame; it surprises me how frequently the softer leathers /...
  98. What fragrance should a female investment banker wear?

    So, a conservative working environment with a lot of responsibility and implied trust (I'm not an investment banker, by the way).

    Your top three suggestions are much appreciated, however, Chanel...
  99. Re: Actually heard someone say "old lady scent"! About a Tauer!

    I'm with darkdreams and L'eaulita. If I were to hear that remark, I'd ask why they thought so and see if they could get more specific so I could learn what they mean exactly when they make the...
  100. Re: the new corps et ames edt apaisante - anyone try it yet?

    Oh, thebeck, now I cannot wait to sample - you had me at the first sentence. Thank you for the description!
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