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    Re: Your favorite powdery scent?

    Love, Chloe and Louve- Serge Lutens.
  2. Re: Which of these French perfumes do you like best?

    L'Heure Bleue- Guerlain soft, powdery, dreamy, definitely "classic", sophisticated.
    Samsara- Guerlain exotic and mysterious (although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for every day wear; it can...
  3. Re: What Scent Evokes the Strongest Memories For You?

    Re: scent it will be (probably always) the smell of freshly polished parquet floors. It is a smell that always takes me somewhere wonderful, no matter where I am in the world. Add a hot summer day to...
  4. Re: Are there any reformulations you actually like?

    I quite like the new "Ivoire" de Balmain- I much prefer it to the previous version (s).
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