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  1. Re: Policy change - consumer reviews on Basenotes

    Knee jerk reflex working just fine thanks!
    Alswys pays to read a post carefully before replying dunnit?
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    Re: Casual Workplace Frags

    I wouldn't wear YSL Pour Homme to the office as when I've tried it I have received some negative comments. Also, Guerlain Vetiver is TOO precious to wear to the office IMHO, much better kept for...
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    Re: Fragrance Promiscuity

    Rampant materialism (fuelled by the media) has created in us a deeply emotional craving for new purchases. Witness this and other threads dealing with compulsive buying behaviour. I can speak from...
  4. Re: "The blind-buy game"; anyone else who can`t stop playing it?

    Options paralysis I think they call it. So many choices can make your mind go numb so sometimes we just do a blind-buy simply because we feel unable to make an intelligent decision in face of a...
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    Re: Blvgari Black

    I think the multifacted nature of this frag' accounts for it's success (at least inside the realms of Basenotes). Tea? Rubber? Everyone seems to be getting different notes here and some people are...
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