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    Re: Alternatives to Joop! Nightflight?

    Nightflight is a blatant imitation of Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men --- at least the original version of it. If you can find a bottle of original formula Eternity, you've pretty much got the same...
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    Oh come on --- any list of best Christmas movies...

    Oh come on --- any list of best Christmas movies HAS to include Billy Bob Thornton's "Bad Santa." Billy Bob's character would have to wear something cheap and American, since his impaired sense of...
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    Re: Your holy grail of designer scents.

    I'm sticking with the classics:

    Dior's Eau Sauvage
    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    Halston Z-14

    Runners-up: Cacharel pour homme, Bijan for men, Pierre Cardin, Monsieur Balmain
  4. Re: Fragrances which are similar to Venezia Uomo?

    Paloma Picasso's Minotaure and Mediteranneum by Fabio have similar structures.
  5. Good grief! How is it that peanuts and shellfish...

    Good grief! How is it that peanuts and shellfish are still available? There are people who have fatal allergies to those substances; yet they are harmless to most others, and somehow the human race...
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    Re: Zino - Heritage

    Both have a patchouli/amber/vanilla/musk accord at the base --- I suspect that's what you're picking up as a similarity.
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    Re: Aramis & Giorgio Beverly Hills Red

    Both are of the same family, called "chypre," characterized by citrus top notes and a base of oakmoss and patchouli, but the other notes are quite different. As others have noted, both are dry,...
  8. Re: Guerlain Heritage question: Similarities to other Guerlain masculines?

    The original Guess for men and Elizabeth Taylor's Passion for men are both close relatives of Heritage, with a strong citrus-amber-vanilla chord.
  9. Amen! Some people are violently allergic to...

    Amen! Some people are violently allergic to peanuts, shellfish, or other foodstuffs, and can even have a fatal reaction to them. Yet nobody is calling for an outright ban on any of those, and they...
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    Re: Jess Bell Colorado Sage

    I have a little of this left from a sample bottle I got quite a long time ago. To me it always smelled like a somewhat dryer, woodier version of Canoe by Dana --- very similar overall, but without...
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