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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I did the exact same thing: I blind bought Z01 because of the hype. Honestly it was worth every penny regardless of what happens. Either
    1) I wear it a bunch and it does not get positive responses,...
  2. Re: First Creed. Aventus bought online. Is it real?

    Yeah, this
  3. Re: Article: "New Smell Discovered"

    ^ I love this explanation. Probably because I see myself at the top of the male bell curve, and thus it completely makes sense that I am vastly more talented than all those around me. In all...
  4. Re: Article: "New Smell Discovered"

    Yeah it's gotta be different for different people. It's like how they say women have *triple* the sense of smell as men.
  5. Re: So today it's freezing cold so I decided to wear.....

    This is not allowed
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    Re: A*men bottles are awful

    I think they were trying to say something about the duality of man.
  7. Re: Cheapest place to get Acqua Di Gio?

    But for only $50 you could get Essenza!
  8. Re: Can perfumers control sillage or longevity?

    Let's say you have the blend of ingredients you want. What happens when you take it from 10% aromatic compounds/90% alcohol and proceed to double everything to make it 20% aromatic compounds/80%...
  9. Re: Niche rec needed...more details within.

    Well put, heh.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here are a few legit suggestions that fit what he wants:
    - Tom Ford - Tobacco Vanille
    - something amber-y like Mona Di Orio - Ambre

    There are a few...
  10. Re: First Creed. Aventus bought online. Is it real?

    Yeah man it'd be hard to fake a bottle like that from the box all the way down to the digitized lot number at the bottom. If it were a fake, it'd likely be fake juice in a real bottle.
  11. Re: Calvin by Calvin Klein...just how rare is this?

    I feel like ericrico has been transported from another era into an internet forum. His politeness is unprecedented. :wink:
  12. Re: honey fragrances, are there any out except Pure Havane ?

    Learn something new every day.. :grin:
  13. Re: Walking By Projection Designer Colognes

    This question is so ridiculously vague. "Noticed in a good way", I mean it's like do you think people are going to recommend scents with great sillage that suck?
  14. Re: I just ordered a bottle of Midnight in Paris from Neimans

    I definitely ordered this one. Delivery was attempted on Nov. 24 (while I was on vacation), so it's definitely not 3-5 weeks. I would love to tell you guys whether $40 for the EdP was too good to be...
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    Re: light and fragrances

    What about this bottle of Tom Ford Extreme

    The bottle's very dark, but it's not solid. Can I leave this out on the counter in...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    8.4oz for sale at Saks right now..
  17. Re: Nassomatto Black Afgano being discontinued?

    ^ hah
  18. Re: Ralph Lauren Blue; Massively underrated / unknown? Or is it just me.

    You're talking about this:

    But yeah OP does link to Polo Blue.
  19. BaseNotes Mystery #1: The Case of Spectral Fragrance

    Suppressor, I think in order to get to the bottom of this, you're going to need to buy a little bottle of Aventus or three (definitely get a few dif batches) and wear it many many many times. The...
  20. Re: The Mystery of Aventus.... Exposed?

    What's up with the trolls in the Aventus Conspiracy Thread?? I'm unsure what you expected...
  21. Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Yeah, I just had that with Divine - L'Homme Sage. Loved it, then got bored of it.
  22. Re: That illusive Urinal cake/ bathroom deodorizer smell...

  23. Re: Fahrenheit no longer availabe in 30 ml bottles?

    +1, just walked into an L.A. Sephora and they were using the 30ML as their tester. Confirmed handy4travel. Definitely exists.
  24. Re: I don't belive it. IT'S BACK !!!!!!!

    Yes. It can: He buys the frag, then freezes to death in the ocean.
  25. Re: Ralph Lauren Blue; Massively underrated / unknown? Or is it just me.

    Polo Blue is crazy popular, a lot of people liked it when I was in high school :coolold:
  26. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    ● - boom!

    No Tuhfa, but you can see prices and *actually* buy things there. How quaint. Still no way to get samples. Is there a site, even ebay, that offers...
  27. Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    I've seen some epic opening credits. :laugh: I'm confident judging a movie as great based off of an amazing opening sequence.
  28. Sticky: Re: In need of something most girls will call "Sexy"

    Srzly. There's a couple really solid ones on there that I can't see not working for what OP wants.
  29. Re: Creed MI extreme and aventus Extreme

    Okay after this annoying post, I don't care anymore.
  30. Re: Creed MI extreme and aventus Extreme

    I don't know what to say... other than that I'd like to sample it. (haha sample split, anyone??) I'm wearing Aventus currently and trying to imagine this dry-down with more pineapple. Curious. It'd...
  31. Re: More sprays = increased projection?

    Interesting advice, I'll try this. I have Dolce & Gabbana - The One with the same issue.. it just dies off so quickly.
  32. Re: Didn't expect a compliment from this one...


    OP, please wear Aventus and report back.
  33. Re: first full day wearing a fruity floral

    Yeah, I've tried to be accommodating with the floral scents but I can't find a single one that appeals to me. They strike me as something a girl would wear, thus as a guy I'm not into wearing it...
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    Re: Whats similar to Tom of Finland?

    Yeah the thing with Tom of Finland is there aren't many other leather scents that are that powdery and leathery at the same time.
  35. Re: how do you decide which fragrance is next to own?

    Buy a bunch of samples. Decide I dislike or are ambivalent to most of them. Put the one's I really like on a to-buy list. Buy later when opportunity arises.
  36. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    I went to and I am in love with their bottles. I assume that's where you got Tohfa? Does anyone have an account there? I can't view prices or buy anything. I get "Access Denied"...
  37. Re: What was your first niche fragrance? How did it make you feel?

    I entered niche scents almost out of necessity a couple months ago. I only liked 5 scents in the entire Sephora collection (Tom Ford Extreme being the only amazing stand-out, imo) and started...
  38. Re: Which scent would you define as "Nothingnness Bottled"?

    Steidl - Paper Passion
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    Re: Stopped me in my tracks

    I really wish you would've, haha
  40. Re: I'm off to a wedding tomorrow - what shall I 'Wear'

    ^ Is that a good one for daytime?
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    Re: Creed Aventus bath products

    Lolol 52 for deodorant. Now I want it. Must. Have. Aventus. Everything.

  42. Re: VC&A Midnight In Paris: EDT versus EDP?

    Does the EdP come in anything other than 4.2oz? I'll be much more interested in this scent if the EdP has a 1.7/2.5/3.3oz option.
  43. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    ^ Only 8 bottles? Lame. Based on your review it sounds like an awesome frag I'll never own. A unicorn of fragrances.
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    Re: Ortigia Fragrance Line

    No Ortigia on the Gumps website. Does anyone know if they're still carried there? I'm going to get some samples off of First in Fragrance, but they only have half their line available.
  45. Re: What was the last comment you received?

    ^ Ahaha, this is hilarious
  46. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    Her website intimidates me, haha. Is there a way to order samples of her stuff?

    This looks like a woman's fragrance, or is it unisex?

    Do they have a website or anywhere to buy it? I...
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    Re: Parfums de Marly?

    I can barely tell the difference between Godolphin and Mark Birley Charles St, they seem really similar. I loved Pegasus, but I'm not familiar with any other vanilla-scented frags, so maybe they're...
  48. Re: What are your thoughts on Mark Birley's offerings?

    I don't like MB, but I enjoy Charles Street. I haven't bought a bottle of it, but if I did it would be for wearing around people who "don't like fragrances" so I can be as subtle as possible.
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    Re: Iconic perfume/cologne bottles

    ^ While Le Male may be attractive to some people, and I do find it interesting, that bottle design is actually what stopped me from copping the fragrance
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    Re: -Sigh- eBay fake...

    Do you guys think this is a fake?

    It fits the criteria mentioned in this thread,...
  51. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    Oh, completely agree. I always give extra points for cool bottle design.
  52. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    Because maybe I forgot to factor in something important, such as their longevity or their annoying ad campaign or their variance.
  53. Re: If you could only choose one cologne, what would be your choice?

    Agree :) . Also, I have no input.
  54. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    ^ Yeah, I'm aware a lot's not going to be covered. In the AdG thread Bigsly mentioned there were 1000 frags released in 2011. A crazy amount of product on the market. My point of making this thread...
  55. Re: ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    Those Ortigia bottles look really cool
  56. ◊ SUPERNICHE - Best Frag No One Has Heard Of ◊

    Post Frags That:
    1. Smell incredible (ldo)
    2. Are rare/not hyped on Basenotes (I would say that if the fragrance has a BN listing and a picture and 5+ reviews it probably doesn't qualify)
    3. Must...
  57. Re: "Hi Haters" - Your guilty pleasure scent that you have no shame in sharing!!

    Dolce & Gabbana - The One (from '08/'09)
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    Re: Best scent for sex?


    The fact that you post on a fragrance forum (nothing wrong with that :coolold:) and have never thought that, I honestly find weird. You spend so much time thinking about scents, and...
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    Re: Iconic perfume/cologne bottles

    Who makes this?
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