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    Re: Bleu De Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel - the smell of consumer capitalism. Yummy!

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  2. Re: Is Abercombie & Fitch Fierce going to be considered a classic?

    For the US of that period it is definitely a classic, and that tells you a lot about the US of that period.
  3. Re: Oliver & Erwin Creed vs Jean Claude Ellena Hermes Budget

    Creed would simply hire Bourdon. It's not like they are REALLY trained perfumers. More creative directors like M. Lutens or Kilian Hennessy. And if Bourdon had unlimited funds I assume you would get...
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    Re: Best oud for under $250

    Not locally available but you can order samples: La Via del Profumo Oud Caravan No. 2 or 3. Natural alcohol-based perfume, strong oud, affordable. edit: forget it, out of your price range. Just get...
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    Re: Is Amouage Finished?

    Like many a niche house Amouage went from the true exclusive luxury of its beginnings (really costly ingredients and formulations not made to please everyone) to a huge diversified (and creatively...
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    Re: Oud invasion of US high end malls

    I think the industry has simply found a convenient and sufficiently exotic label to stick upon their new generic-synthetic wood base, which, as correctly noted, is supposed to offer a trendy...
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    Re: Molecule 01

    Those are a German and a French line. Why exactly should they be cheaper in the US, if the have to be imported?
  8. Re: Aromatic Citrus or Fougere Fragrance Suggestion

    Goutal's Eau du Sud is a beautiful traditional aromatic citrus with a chypre base
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    Re: Grey Flannel - Why the dislike?

    Really, they should have issued that flanker: Fifty Shades of Grey Flannel and made a million. GF reminds me of the cheap synthetic violet oil from Pier 1 Imports I had as a kid in the 70s - just...
  10. Re: how to preserve a vintage splah bottle?

    If we are talking costly rare vintage I would suggest what they do at Osmothèque. Decant a small amount for use, cover the juice in the flacon with protective gas. You can get this for preserving...
  11. Re: 5 specific scent fragrances every man should own

    Real Man :rolleyes:

    1. Leather: Knize Ten
    2. Oud: Oud Caravan No. 3
    3. Incense: Norma Kamali Incense
    4. Tobacco: Tabarôme Private Collection
    5. Citrus: Acqua di Parma Colonia
    Fresh: Eau...
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    Re: Cuir Ottoman - Female or Unisex??

    It's a butch feminine :D.
    Really now, why would you care about labels, just wear the stuff, if it feels right and don't, if it don't.
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    Re: What happened to Katie?

    She has a show on BBC6, wouldn't you know?!
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    Re: So... leather isnt really leather

    Leather can
    1. either refer to the smell of treated leather using
    a .actual substances also used to treat leather (birch tar), or
    b. chemicals such as isobutyl quinoline
    2. or refer to...
  15. Re: What are some scents you ONLY wear for others?

    I think the question frames the issue the wrong way :). You never wear a fragrance for yourself or others exclusively because it is an intersubjective act. If you wear something on behalf of others...
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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    Fixed that for you :D

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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    yes indeed. thanks.

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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    Well, the vast majority of perfumes are simply slightly tweaked prefab formulas from the 4 aromachemical giants that control the market. This applies to many so:called niche brands as well. Creed...
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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    MI - generic melon aquatic
    OV - Mugler Cologne
    OSantal - Joop homme
    OSpice - Kouros
    Wood & Spice - qed

    They have consciously been playing off generic designer frag patterns since the mid 80s....
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    Re: My personal opinion on Guerlain

    "Guerlain used to be a great - the greatest - house" sums it up. Of course, this not a singular instance. The Golden Age of classical perfumery petered out in the 90s. Perfume as art now primarily...
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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    Proposition: Creed's particular success among a certain consumer milieu is based on the the fact that they offer enhanced male designer scents (standard formulations with little sophistication and...
  22. Thread: Tutti

    by the_good_life

    Re: Tutti

    The company is Corania
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    Re: SOTD Wednesday 11th February 2015

    I was intrigued by the raves on and bought 20 mls in a split. It is very complex and sophisticated, but without a cheap oud note, cashmeran or iso, that "fuzzy woody lukewarm" vibe you...
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    Re: Petition to ban acronyms

    Of course it would not be difficult to make a case for email, texting and twittering as the epitome of Western cultural anemia - the Boss Bottled of language. I know they have been used artfully (the...
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    Re: Interview with Erwin Creed.

    If I ever get to interview Erwin Creed, it will make Guantanamo Bay look like an excercise in observing human rights.

    "Now, Erwin, before I extract your complete toenail, HOW old is Royal English...
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    Re: CREED Is The Best?

    Anybody who wants to understand the majority of Creed threads on BN just needs to read some de Tocqueville and Thorstein Veblen. I'm pretty sure Olivier Creed has :D.
  27. Re: A shocking fact : Creed is completely unknown in France's perfume shops

    For clarification:

    1.Creed does not currently hold any royal warrants anywhere. They are all of the past, in fact, none I have seen is more recent than the 19th century. I believe the British...
  28. Re: A shocking fact : Creed is completely unknown in France's perfume shops

    The history and lineage is fake as relates to perfume. The fragrance house dates from 1975. There's really no reason to know Creed if you're not a perfumista. While every French person will recognize...
  29. Re: Contradictions between SOTD and financial positions

    If everyone thought like you, where would America be? This great country was built on deficit spending (plus slavery and killing Indians :D)
  30. Re: Contradictions between SOTD and financial positions

    If you were wearing vintage L'Heure Bleue I'd say that's the true Dandy Spirit (of course it helps to remember under what circumstances Brummel died). But Aventus? Olivier Creed is laughing all the...
  31. Re: Duke of Windsor with a vintage CREED bottle?

    Yeah, ideologically he was a total dickhead, but nonetheless he's a style icon and one of the key influences on classical menswear in the 20th century. Style, genius etc. in no way make you a decent...
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    Re: Will Lavendar Rob Your Manhood

    Sex Panther
  33. Re: Ephemera: Geza Schoen + Kode9 + Ben Frost + Tim Hecker

    The percpetion of the frags (and the accompanying soundscapes/video) is at least as interesting as the project. It certainly shows from what distinct angles perfume as a concept can be viewed and...
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    Re: Today I bought: February 2015

    1939 sealed pure perfume flacon of Millot's Crêpe de Chine. Very dark juice, but no evaporation, boxed and with a centennial sticker (celebrating 100 years of F. Millot, 1839-1939). It's one of the...
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    Re: Best 'Eau de Cologne'?

    Hard to settle on three.
    1. Villoresi
    2. Eau d'Orange verte (vintage only)
    3. Acqua di Parma

    However, if I had a fully intact version of 1950s Johann Maria Farina, that would be up there, too....
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    Re: Aberdeen Lavender?

    I personally found it horrible, a castrato version of the ballsy Royal Scottisch Lavender. Actually, Woods of Windsor does this style better for 10 quid. And by the way, Mr. Creed, it's 500 bloody...
  37. Re: Duke of Windsor with a vintage CREED bottle?

    No, not a Creed bottle. Creed was launched in 1975 as a perfume house. Their historical references to perfumery are figments of marketing imagination. The Duke of Windsor may have had some clothes by...
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    Re: Frags with an ultimate GOTHIC vibe?

    Vintage, most particularly!
  39. Re: Creed Cuir De Russie and Royal English Leather

    I've only sampled Creed CdR and was not much taken by it. Chanel's is (or used to be) far better IMO, as is Knize Ten, in terms of birch tar / quinoline -style leathers, though some knowledgeable...
  40. Re: Looking for some memory assistance. Circa 1960's

    If it was 4711, then it's the neroli (= steam distilled orange blossom) note your recalling (largely synthetic and very prominent in 4711 and present in many other old-style EdCs).
  41. Re: Which fragrance is a "Hype-king" or "Overhyped"?

    Aventus has been overhyped since 1781. Of course this is from a vantage point that sees Tabarôme Private Collection as the best ever Creed. I think Knize Ten totally justified the hype it engendered...
  42. Re: Which perfume is close to the " Jean patou pour homme"

    Original Pph would not meet with much acclaim in today's market, fail IFRA regulations and contains hard- to-source and way-too-costly
    ingredients. And there is nothing on the market even remotely...
  43. Re: The legendary recipe for Eau de Cologne Revealed!

    There's no water per se, Hungary Water is itself a destillate. Here is an old recipe:
    "Rosemary, flowering tops: 14lbs, rectified spirit: 11.5 gall., water: 1 gall. (imperial British measures I...
  44. Re: are there any fragrance's that date back hundreds of years that are still in production?

    Creed has been a perfume house since 1975. I know that may as well be ancient Egypt to my undergrads (Was that President Chrysler or Ford?). REL is a leatherized chypre in the style of the 1920s....
  45. Re: Which scent would you break the bank for?

    I'm sure there's a sealed jar of 1912 L'Heure Bleue somewhere, for which I would gladly sacrifice my daughter's college education... just kidding, she'll have to put herself through anyway.
  46. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

    The whole Gobin-Daudet line
    Crown Perfumery in the 90s
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    Re: New Bogue Profumo: MAAI

    where can i get thid elixir in EU land? The Italian outlet is apparently sold out.

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  48. Re: Ephemera: Geza Schoen + Kode9 + Ben Frost + Tim Hecker

    Thanks for the indepth reflection! Which thanks go to the thread starter as well, of course :-)
  49. Re: Lit pipe in a bottle, preferably designer.

    Lit pipe: Odori Tabacco. Not designer, but quite amazing. When it comes to tobacco scents, I find that mass market scents never deliver. This is avalaible for a laughable 55 Euros from a German...
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    Re: Caraceni 1913

    Ah yes, those Forester bases. I love vintage No. 88 to bits and 1913 was fantastic as well. I still have half a bottle, AS balm and a bit of shampoo :rolleyes: . I believe Tremlett's Black Tie was...
  51. Re: Perfume that smells of Indian spices, chai tea etc.

    Laura Tonnato Amir is 100% Indian cornerstore with that unique mixture of spices, incense, sandalwood soap and hair-oil. Amazing smell, though I could not wear it on my body, it was simply too much.
  52. Re: I made it!!! Duplicated Virgin Island Water by Creed!

    Geez, do you know how many frags Creed has copied? Not to speak of Bond No. 9 and all the others? Plagiarism is a key aspect of the business, always has been, and if you put something on the market...
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    Re: Which is the Xerjoff I must try?


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  54. Re: Whys is Creed Tabarome not well liked?

    Listen to the man. In reference to Vintage Tab it's a classic case of what Germans call Verschlimmbesserung (something like a disimprovement). Not a good tobacco, not a good aquatic, not even an easy...
  55. Re: Ephemera: Geza Schoen + Kode9 + Ben Frost + Tim Hecker

    That's why we're all such happy people here on basenotes :)
  56. Re: Ephemera: Geza Schoen + Kode9 + Ben Frost + Tim Hecker

    Berliner Mischpoke :D. No doubt he's a good nose, just not my style.
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    Re: What are your Top 3 Creeds??

    1. Vintage Tabarome
    2. Royal English Leather
    3. Selection Verte

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  58. Re: Ephemera: Geza Schoen + Kode9 + Ben Frost + Tim Hecker

    I find this quite interesting as a project, all the more so since I'm getting involved in sensory studies academically (with a focus on smell), but the approach, in terms of synesthetic art, does...
  59. Re: Looking for a "bad boy" rum and oceanic fragrance.

    Idole de Lubin. Very voozy and spicy, definite pirate vibe, not overly aquatic (a good thing IMO), but does have a modern watery transparency to it.

    VIW is a coconut lime, beach party but no...
  60. Re: Timbuktu ruined? New packaging & reformulation

    So, I bought myself a bottle of the most recent version (at half the official store price) and the juice is, IMHO, godawful. Basically, it's a synthetic mess and I have great difficulty smelling...
  61. Re: What is the most you've ever sprayed at once?

    Perhaps 50ml or so of Acqua Classica di Borsari :). It was hot, the bottle was big and cheap & I wanted to do "the Napoleon" once in my life.

    sent from a mobile device - please excuse any smelling...
  62. Re: Creed Spice and Wood vs Malle French Lover

    I was about to point that out.
  63. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    I never paid much for these, but with current market prices either vintage Patou pour homme or dito Privé or Tabarôme Private Collection, I assume.

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  64. Re: Which fragrances remind you of a Grandma smell?

    I rest my case. Bye bye!
  65. Re: Chanel Sycomore: Lots of Negative and Unusual Complements

    Vetiver - tobacco combos do make me nauseous (Guerlain, Lubin), but Sycomore always comes across as ultra-sophisticated, with a filigreed smokiness not at all abrasive or funky-weedy. Your colleagues...
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    Re: Is it worth chasing more sandalwood?

    I'm quite a lover of sandalwood and sadly it is has become nearly impossible to find a good mysore note in most perfumery. The purest I ever experienced was vintage Floris Sandalwood, but the later...
  67. Re: Which fragrances remind you of a Grandma smell?

    You may have gathered from my post that my concern was not primarily with decent behavior towards people from different walks of life or whatever PC may mean in your book, but exclusively with the...
  68. Re: Which fragrances remind you of a Grandma smell?

    So it would once again seem that "grandma scent" is intended as some kind of derogatory cliché denoting classically constructed haute parfumerie with an emphasis on powdery florals? A poor show for a...
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    Re: What is your favorite Creed and why?!

    Private Collection Tabarôme. It is a perfect recreation of an opulent 1920s style perfume by a very competent nose (not OC) using some amazingly good bases and oils. The dark stern tobacco, the...
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    Re: Lit pipe tobbaco frag?

    Odori Tobacco

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    Re: Smelling fragrance is a skill.

    Yes. One historical conceit for degrading smell has been that we're so bad at it (plus it's uncivilized :rolleyes:) - but this is actuallY a result of the cultural privileging of sight and sound....
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    Re: Most minty fragrance

    Wrigley`s has no frag yet?
    Farfalla uomo (organic), L'Eau Neuve by Lubin, Fath Green Water (preferably vintage).

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  73. Re: A spicy/oriental scent for the colder months. Which one of these 3?

    Opium, the older; the better. Needless to say there are lots of interesting alternatives, from La via del Profumo (Sharif and others) to Lutens (Ambre Sultan) to JHL and gazillions more.

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    Re: IFRA Bootlicking

    I am highly allergic to IFRA regulations. Must sue for damages to my aesthetic sensibility.

    btw.: You are invited to join my newly founded religion called Jickyism, whose core rituals include the...
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    Re: Other male fragrances with jasmine

    Third Man - classic, beautiful, affordable. Dukes of Pall Mall Cotswold has an incredible jasmine-ylang heart but is impossible to find these days.

    sent from a mobile device - please excuse any...
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    Re: Pure Malt burns my skin

    Had this once woth an obscure old Roberto Capucci perfume that had a cayenne pepper note AND effect.

    With tight IFRA regulations today this is an unusually strong reaction. Any neurodermitic...
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    Re: A spooky, sensual forest perfume?

    Rather theoretical, as very hard to find, but Bogner's Deep Forest does its name proud. Jaguar Mark II, despite its name, also has an enchanted forest thing going on, with fewer sorcerers and more...
  78. Re: Timbuktu ruined? New packaging & reformulation

    Well, that would be a relief. Can't figure out why they'd be dumping their best-seller at half-price, though.
  79. Re: Timbuktu ruined? New packaging & reformulation


  80. Re: Timbuktu ruined? New packaging & reformulation

  81. Timbuktu ruined? New packaging & reformulation

    As if the actual assaults on the proud city of Timbuktu weren't bad enough, L'Artisan's finest has been repackaged (when did this happen?), and I fear, reformulated. It is also being dumped on the...
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    Re: Creed - help me understand

    I concur as well. Vintage Tab, REL - when Creed aimed at reconstructing vintage style perfumes in its first phase in the 1970s they were using excellent materials and formulas. Ever since the 90s,...
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    Re: You're Greatest Citrus Fragrance

    I agree this is never a bad choice. One of my favorites, in fact. In terms of greatness, few would surpass vintage Signoricci, a masterpiece of genteel sophistication. Classic Aqua di Parma is also...
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    Re: What was your first Niche fragrance?

    Creed's Royal English Leather. At the time I still actually believed it was an 18th century fragrance, I knew nothing about perfume or its history. It just simply smelled amazing - it still does,...
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    Re: Cherry pipe tobacco??

    If you can find it: Vento Canale by Gianni Campagna.
  86. Re: Can a scent be dated if no one wears it?

    As noted, "datedness" is highly contextual as it is a cultural construct based either on indivual or collective assocations of certain scent patterns with specific persons or eras. It requires a...
  87. Re: Article: Floris to launch new men's scent 'Jermyn Street' in October

    So they've taken Penhaligon's Juniper Sling, added Richard James EdT "starched shirt accord" and added some tobacco? It might just work, but I fear the "cotton note" will just be generic "fresh...
  88. Re: Fragrances that you have made a profit off of

    Back in the day I was a rather reckless blind buyer, so lots of stuff went straight to ebay and contrary to clothing I find (the right) perfumes tend to sell there for pretty good prices. I once sold...
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    Re: Terre D'Hermes smells like piss?

    Your pee may smell like TdH if you eat a pound of flintstones and twenty grapefruits...
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    Re: Pick 2 from your collection

    I'll be banned from basenotes for this, but I'd rather save my child :eek:.

    No, actually I'd have her carry two more frags out. :D

    The seriously perfumist answer is vintage Tabarome and Dukes...
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    Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia

    Yes, it use to explicitly state this. I notice the wording has become more ambivalent: "Recalling use from previous centuries. Based on natural essentials oils. Ingredients include Bergamot, lemon,...
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    Re: Lorenzo Villoresi Acqua di Colonia

    If you like classic Eau de Colognes (which, by their very nature neither project nor last) Villoresi is a no-brainer. It is one of the few EdC out there that is all-natural and Villoresi gave it his...
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    Re: Shay & Blue London

    I noticed that Marks & Spencer offers a small selection of the line online.
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    Re: EU regulation and lavender

    We shall live to the see banning of air as an allergen and toxin (and after all, oxygen is quite volatile)
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    Re: Clive christian colognes-i don't get it

    CC is a lesson in branding / marketing. You take a company (Crown Perufmery) that made great classic scents at decent prices and turn it into a fashionable retro-Victorian niche thing claiming "most...
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    Re: Richwood or Kobe?

    Kobe. Richwood is a well-made but rather generic spicy wood to me and the synthetics shine through just a bit too much for the price IMO - Dominique Dubrana has better natural scents in that vein....
  97. Re: New times for Guerlain: better start looking after something new?

    No start-up niche company or individual artisan perfumer has the resources Guerlain can draw on - century-old links in the essential oils trade, the family-owned plantations, the formulas. Even if...
  98. Re: Dark Incense Close to Norma Kamali Incense?

    Agree. Messe, Shal Nuur etc. are great, but completely different animals. And Portos :eek: ? Not the old Profvmvm either (which was thick and dark but pretty synthetic as well).

    sent from a...
  99. Thread: Bygones

    by the_good_life

    Re: Bygones

    Green Irish Tweed. It was the only one of the "modern" Creeds of that period (MI, SMW, Himalaya) I liked, but I sold my bottle a few years ago and have not missed it even for a moment. The whole...
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    Re: profumum roma

    Mediocre fare stuffed with synthetics where they don't belong. Half-baked unbalanced compostions with niche pretensions. And ridiculously overpriced. In other words, the Italian Bond No. 9. If you...
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