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    Re: Your most frustrating scent

    Eau Sauvage.

    I love how it smells, I think it's a perfumery legend, and my late grandfather wore it exclusively for thirty years so there's real sentimental value. But I get 4 hours tops. So no...
  2. Re: Fragrances You Intend to Wear More in 2018.

    The increased wear will be of summer scents, and for good reason.

    This past summer, much of it was spent indoors due to a broken foot that didn't truly heal until very recently. In addition, I...
  3. Re: Presenting a revolutionary idea. Which fragrance?

    A little update: the idea was rejected. It was not, however, due to the idea itself. I was pitching to an academic institution, and while they loved the idea, the timing was poor and they had higher...
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    Re: Great fragrance but bad name

    No mention of Marc Jacobs Bang yet? Let me be the first. A great vetiver/pepper/ISO E combination from a house that desperately needed to be established in men's fragrances (it still does) spoiled by...
  5. Re: Letís discuss Creed Royal Mayfair, how does it rate compared to Royal Oud, Aventus etc

    As has been said earlier, you have to love eucalyptus and rose in order to pull this one off - for some here in America, eucalyptus is associated with flu season and rose is often considered a...
  6. Re: Made in France Dolce and Gabbana pour homme new reformulation out?

    Saw a couple of Made in France D&G scents at a local department store.

    French-made bottles made at Shiseido International France are marked with Beaute Prestige International as the manufacturer...
  7. Re: Presenting a revolutionary idea. Which fragrance?

    In the end, I chose Royal Mayfair.

    While dressed in all black, I wanted a fragrance that exuded confidence given the nature of the presentation. I can't talk about the outcome yet, but I will say...
  8. Re: Dior Privee Discontinued? Launching new Scents?

    Leather Oud discontinuation in 3... 2... 1...

    Honestly, that wouldn't surprise me even though I have a 125 ml that will last me for eons even in the event of discontinuation. Back in 2015, the SA...
  9. Presenting a revolutionary idea. Which fragrance?

    Next week, I will be presenting a revolutionary idea to a local firm. Because of the nature of the proposal and the fact that the firm is in a highly competitive sector, I cannot give specifics...
  10. Re: What frags have you sold/given away only to end up re-buying again?

    Four times: Bvlgari Aqva, Guerlain Vetiver, MI, and SMW.

    All had to take a hiatus in my collection due to bad memories from over a decade ago.
  11. Re: I think Marshall's has started making their own fragrances

    Tru also does private label scents for Buckle and rue21. Theyíre no strangers to the business.

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    Re: Grief and (perfume) gifting

    I had a different kind of grieving this year. Four months to the day when my former employer closed, the ex-owner committed suicide. Over the years, he had gifted me several fragrances.

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    The Campus Oud Oil Black Market

    No, youíre not seeing things.

    As I continue work on my MBA, I paid a visit to our campus gift shop. We both talked fragrance, and learned something that was surprising, but not. Our campus has a...
  14. St Johns No. 77 Review: Deliciously Weird

    To put it simply, I was probably the very first Basenotes member to own a bottle of this. It was launched last year, but isn't in the directory.

    But let me tell you: St Johns No. 77 is the...
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    Re: What fragrance matches these notes?

    Try By Kilian Flower of Immortality. Listed on here as a feminine, but the manufacturer considers it unisex as do I.

    Peach, vanilla, and woods in a light scent that can be worn in the summer.
  16. Re: Salary / Hourly wage for Fragrance Sales Associates

    In my city, the second largest in Indiana, one retailer that shall remain nameless starts at $10 per hour base rate plus commission for every bottle sold with a full benefits package. Depending on...
  17. Re: What do you guys think of Kilian Straight to Heaven?

    IIRC, Von Maur (another upscale US retailer) will be adding Kilian to select stores in certain markets that don't have the brand soon.

    This growth into Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, and Von Maur is...
  18. Re: Any love for St Johns Bay Rum and No 77 fragrances?

    Tonight, I broke down and bought a 4 oz bottle of No. 77... even though I had a self-declared moratorium on fragrance purchases until my MBA was over. (And in all likelihood, I will be the first or...
  19. Re: What do you guys think of Kilian Straight to Heaven?

    Kilian himself personally introduced the scent to me 9 1/2 years ago and said that it was the scent from his then-young line that fit me best.

    To this day, it's my favorite fragrance.

    It's a...
  20. Re: Any love for St Johns Bay Rum and No 77 fragrances?

    I just noticed that No. 77 is not in the Basenotes directory, so I submitted it. And if I like the No. 77 soap, I suspect that a full bottle of the cologne will be on my Christmas list.

    I will...
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    Re: what are some best jeans?

    My favorite brand by far is Rock Revival. Never mind the funky embellished pockets or the fact that they're made in Vietnam: these are incredibly high quality jeans that are worth the $160 price tag....
  22. Re: Any love for St Johns Bay Rum and No 77 fragrances?

    No. 77 was only released last year as part of the company’s new owner and rebranding. There were some changes to the packaging of the line - for example, soaps no longer have a band around the bar....
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    Re: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

    Gucci: Pour Homme II - Gucci by Gucci PH - Gucci Guilty Black

    Calvin Klein: Obsession for Men - Euphoria for Men - Crave

    YSL: M7 - Live Jazz - Y

    Dior: Fahrenheit - Dior Homme Eau for Men -...
  24. Re: Fragrances You Should NOT Wear On A First Date

    This one's easy, even though I love it to bits: Leather Oud.

    It's earned a reputation as one of the most controversial fragrances on Basenotes for a reason.
  25. Re: Do You Like or Frequently Wear Any BORING Fragrances?

    The only "boring" fragrance that I wear is Bvlgari Aqva. (The original and best, not the megaton of flankers.)

    A stock-standard aquatic? Yes. But on a hot summer day, it's one of the most...
  26. Any love for St Johns Bay Rum and No 77 fragrances?

    Out of curiosity, I ordered the bath soaps of St Johns Bay Rum and No 77 from a certain retailer that is nicknamed "the everything store". I'm a sucker for great scented soaps, and I wondered if they...
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    Re: Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man

    I own a recent made-in-France bottle of this, a gift for starting my MBA recently.

    While I smell some similarities to Aventus in the top notes, the base is an ambroxan bomb. Remember B*Men? Yeah,...
  28. Re: Discontinued fragrances - Please post your clones/alternatives!

    While Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche lacks the oud of M7 Fresh, it still has a remarkably similar grapefruit-meets-earth/patchouli feel.
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    Re: Harry's Razors...uh, no

    Used a Fusion for eons before "downgrading" to a Mach 3. Surprisingly, my shaving irritation went down with no impact on closeness. Picked up 28 blades for $36 at Costco on clearance a while back, so...
  30. Sudsnotes: Reviewing Bath Soaps, Basenotes-style

    As you're probably well-aware, I declared a moratorium on buying new fragrances until my MBA is over (though fragrance gifts are still fine). So my fragrant obsession had to take new directions. One...
  31. Never say never: seriously thinking of taking the Roja Dove plunge

    If you've been on Basenotes for a while, you may remember my thread on banning Roja Dove fragrances from sniffing.

    Times change. Out of curiosity, I went on Luckyscent and found that it was the...
  32. Re: What was the scent that got you into this hobby?

    This one's simple: Acqua di Gio, over sixteen years ago in high school. Then Mugler Cologne very shortly after joining Basenotes in 2004.

    Don't own bottles of either today, but I still love both...
  33. Re: Made in France Dolce and Gabbana pour homme new reformulation out?

    There's a reason why D&G fragrances - all of them - are now made in France.

    Dolce & Gabbana opted out of the P&G/Coty deal and signed a deal with Shiseido's Beaute Prestige International division...
  34. Poll: Re: Scent to wear in honor of a boss that passed away

    True to the results of the poll today, I chose Aventus as my SOTD.

    And while one era ends, a new one may start tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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    Re: Most counterfeited fragrances on ebay?

    The word on Kilian fakes made me think a few things.

    First off, Kilian is a very popular niche brand in Russia, which explains the Russian sellers of the brand. I had heard once from Kilian...
  36. Poll: Re: Scent to wear in honor of a boss that passed away

    That was the problem - he didn't have many friends. His mother died a month and a half before the suicide, his father died several years prior to that, and his primary surviving family member was a...
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    Re: Dior Sauvage EdP Coming Soon

    Great. Sauvage already dethroned Le Male as the cologne oversprayer's weapon of choice here - and the stuff was loud to begin with.

    It's like switching your Spotify playlist from Avenged...
  38. Re: Which Creed fragrance do you find yourself grabbing for the most?

    Probably MI, with #2 being Royal Mayfair as of late, though I do reach for Aventus a lot in cold weather.
  39. Poll: Scent to wear in honor of a boss that passed away

    My former Mad Man boss passed away several weeks ago. Apparently, he committed suicide, but he had been unstable when we were working together and didn't get treatment until it was too late....
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    Re: Fragrance Feud thread

    -Name a fragrance that contains a leather note: Fahrenheit

    -Name a fragrance commonly associated with younger men: Versace Eros

    -Name a fragrance that is often imitated, but never...
  41. Re: Fragrances You Bought And Went On To Love!!............Despite The Reviews??

    This one's simple: Leather Oud because of the controversy over how animalic it is and comparisons to fecal matter. And it wasn't just the fact that it was one of the three most controversial scents...
  42. Re: Thoughts On Jo Malone Fragrances? Too expensive for what they are?

    I have a bottle of 154 that my former boss gave me two years ago. He was a huge Jo Malone fan - most of his personal scents came from the brand.

    I don't find myself reaching for it that often...
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    Re: NEW: Acqua Di Gio Profumo Special Blend

    Von Maur had it on their "coming soon" list that was distributed to fragrance department employees several months ago, but with "limited" distribution. This is understandable because their selection...
  44. Re: What was the SINGLE best purchase a forum member convinced you of?

    This has to be one of the toughest choices since I joined Basenotes.

    But I'd say Terre d'Hermes. Started with the EdT and have since moved onto the parfum, but either way, truly a unique and...
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    Re: Masculine Gourmands again

    All this and no mention of Straight to Heaven?

    Gourmand with rum, cinnamon, and vanilla; masculine with woods (cedar, rosewood) and patchouli. While officially classified as unisex, definitely...
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    6,000th Post: A Reflection

    As I plan to mark a new chapter in my life journey, I decided to make my 6,000th post on Basenotes special by looking back.

    I've always focused many things in my life on quality, not quantity....
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    Re: I'm done with Dior Sauvage

    Sauvage's popularity has exceeded my expectations. I thought that given the modest success of the Dior Homme line in the States, Sauvage would be a modest seller. Boy, was I wrong. And I think that...
  48. Re: What smells great on others, but not on yourself?

    I have to change my old opinion to Tobacco Vanille.

    Amazing on the smelling strip and others, a cloying chemical mess on me.
  49. Re: Tom Ford - Black Orchid....Is this fragrance Unisex? Or for females only??

    Although our local Von Maur hasn't started selling the line yet, they got a sell sheet of men's Tom Ford fragrances in preparation for forthcoming shipments (along with sell sheets from other...
  50. Re: Let's Play.......Which Single Fragrance Have You Bought The Most Bottles Of?

    4 bottles:
    Mugler Cologne

    3 bottles:

    2 bottles:
    Bulgari Aqva
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    Re: Theme music for your favorite fragrance

    Straight to Heaven - SING by My Chemical Romance
    Leather Oud - Stressed Out by twenty one pilots (this scent destresses me in the winter)
    Royal Mayfair - Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin...
  52. Re: Has anyone or anything (food, for instance) ever ruined a fragrance for you?

    During my first experience in college in 2005, I picked up a bottle of L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme during spring break in Costa Rica. Loved the stuff to pieces... until a very short second year....
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    Re: What Is The Ultimate Office Scent?

    Ditto. I would never consider a scent that controversial to be an office scent, and the huge reason why I wore it to that one company (fewer than 6 employees, defunct) was because of my boss loving...
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    Re: Creed Viking to Fragrance.Net

    Don't be surprised if it ends up there fast.

    Case in point: It took 2 months from the launch of 100 ml bottles across the brand at bricks-and-mortar for them to get 100 ml SMW. (I bought the 120...
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    Re: What Do People Make Of Your Perfume Passion?

    Overall, people think that it's as legit of a hobby as collecting Pokemon cards or Chevy Corvettes. And some people that I've ran into find it one of the more interesting hobbies that one can partake...
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    Re: What Is The Ultimate Office Scent?

    I've worn some pretty bold fragrances to the office over the years. But at one job, a female coworker insisted on Straight to Heaven (fittingly, it was an ad agency). The other had an oud nut - even...
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    Re: Creed's trying to take my money.

    Don't feel bad. It's happened to me with not just Creed, but Kilian and Mugler as well. But Creed is the most viscous - after getting Aventus as a gift from my former boss, I bought three bottles...
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    Re: Most complimented fragrance worn?

    As of the past three years, either Aventus or Leather Oud (I kid you not).

    But the all-time compliment king for me since I started wearing stink water regularly has long been Straight to Heaven....
  59. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    Egoiste! Egoiste! EGOISTE!
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    I sniffed Gabrielle

    Today was day one for Gabrielle at Chanel counters that also carry their skincare and cosmetics. Lucky for me, the local Von Maur has one.

    And my impression: As usual, Chanel didn't disappoint. It...
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    Re: $500 bottle of fragrance

    Aside from gifts and not counting fragrances sold at a high MSRP and discounted heavily online (i.e.: Creed), the only bottle that I've paid over $200 for is Leather Oud (a 4.2 oz bottle).

    I was...
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    Re: New Tom Ford Fragrance: Fucking Fabulous

    Believe it or not, the notes sound up my alley. And I don't see any problem with the name, even though I curse very minimally - it sounds very Tom Ford.

    But as it's an online/boutique exclusive,...
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    Re: Scents that fell by the wayside

    One tops the list for me: A*Men Pure Malt.

    At one time, it had a subforum a la Aventus. And probably the only fragrance I have ever seen where the box said "Do not drink".
  64. Pick a scent (or a few) from my wardrobe for my next Mad Man journey

    Same here. I had a bottle of this on my desk at my last job. Loved the cognac connection because our agency had a winery account and thanks to "Mad Men".

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    Re: The Opposite of L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme


    And Rien is a kitten compared to Leather Oud.
  66. Pick a scent (or a few) from my wardrobe for my next Mad Man journey

    In all likelihood, I will be reentering the field of marketing and advertising shortly - an industry that I have long loved. After all, it isn't everyday that the brother of your first-grade teacher...
  67. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    Fittingly, I'll "steel" mrcologneguy's Acier Aluminium.
  68. Re: Perfumes that give you Chrismast/New Year vibe?

    Ditto. This one works its magic best in winter, on a snowy Christmas with the fireplace on.

    CdG 2 MAN with its "fireplace wood and incense" feel is another good one.
  69. Re: Millesime Imperial, the perfect, underrated (by me) summer scent...

    My SOTD, and one with special memories. During the polar vortex of 2013-14, this was my warm-weather vacation in a bottle as I had to walk between classroom buildings in -20 F temps. I ran out right...
  70. Thread: Scentbird

    by MFfan310

    Re: Scentbird

    Haven't seen an ad for Scentbird in a while, but I have mostly cruised perfume websites via my iPhone as I've been focused on my MBA. But their pricing of $15 per month is expensive considering how...
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    Re: Perfumania Files for Bankruptcy!!

    Ditto. Back in May, they abruptly closed their store here because they lost their lease due to a non-compete clause being broken. Was able to score a 1.7 oz Bvlgari Aqva for $22.

    I'll be...
  72. Re: Niche is coming to Fort Wayne... from an unexpected source.

    A little update: Although Opal & Ruby does not have an e-commerce site, they will be happy to ship Etat Libre d'Orange fragrances (or any other product sold by them) to you by placing a phone order...
  73. Re: Niche is coming to Fort Wayne... from an unexpected source.

    They will, however, try to get You or Someone Like You in as part of the initial shipment.

    Now this is one that has me intrigued.
  74. Niche is coming to Fort Wayne... from an unexpected source.

    While it's basically confirmed that Von Maur's Fort Wayne location will be selling Creed soon, another store - and an independent at that - is getting in on the niche action as well.

    By Christmas,...
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    Club de Nuit Intense Man vs. Creed Aventus

    I'm getting a bottle of this from a Shipshewana flea market. And as I already own Aventus and am getting my MBA in marketing, I plan to incorporate both into a class project.

    Think along the...
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    Re: NEW: Coach for Men

    Been a while since we last talked about this, but testers and stock are finally finding their way into local stores. Macy's had a tester, but no bottles for purchase, while Von Maur was starting to...
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    Re: Oh, that popularity thing..

    While my collection is mostly niche, I will say that I do like some designer fragrances. There are still a small but surprising amount of guys that wear Fahrenheit around here, and I'm fine with...
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    Re: Bought a Counterfeit Cologne on eBay

    Chanel controls distribution tighter than anyone else in the mainstream fragrance industry. This is a company that requires returns and excess inventory to be returned back to Chanel to be destroyed....
  79. Re: Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    Another update: Talked to the department manager today, and yes, Creed will be launching there too. No timeframe for either Tom Ford or Creed except end of this month/early next. And it should be...
  80. Re: Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    Although Von Maur does their marketing via their headquarters in Davenport, Iowa, I will get out the word for the SA. The easiest way to do this is wear the products and tell them that they can get...
  81. Re: Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    Agree. And I am deep friends with a very intelligent man that has nothing more than an associate's degree.

    But it will be interesting if the Creed rumors at this store pan out as well too. They...
  82. Re: Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    Food for thought: If the Private Blends hit Von Maur, they won't be the first niche in Fort Wayne since the same store dropped Truefitt & Hill.

    Mr. Polymath downtown is now stocking Juniper Ridge,...
  83. Re: Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    Just up Interstate 69, Macy's now has testers of several Tom Ford fragrances and is just waiting for stock to put them out.

    And with the exceptions of Dior, Bvlgari, and Parlux brands save for...
  84. Re: Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    I won't get my MBA until fall 2018, but I will say that my classes at Indiana Tech (another Gotham user, I must add) are going very smoothly. I will add that I got my bachelor's with a 3.64 GPA from...
  85. Using Your Brain (aka Helping an SA about Tom Ford)

    I was at Von Maur today. I know the fragrance SA of our normal store very well - it's become a fragrant friendship.

    They had just gotten Azzaro Wanted in, as the year-long exclusive with Macy's is...
  86. MBA Fragrance Update 1: I Smell Vendor Rep

    I'm in the second week of my MBA. And during the first week, scent played a huge role in calming me down as I was awaiting my first grade. (I got a perfect score.) Given the nature of the weather...
  87. Re: MBA first, work second, life third, fragrance buying last

    A bit of an update:

    I'm in week one of my MBA, and I haven't bought another bottle, nor do I have plans to. My new scent fix is currently coming from inexpensive bath soaps that I buy at TJ Maxx,...
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    Re: Emporio Armani Stronger With You

    It's now at Macy's in the US - at least our local store. Which is odd because here, the other Emporio scents are exclusive to Kohl's. L'Oreal does the same thing with YSL - the L'Homme line goes to...
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    Re: Silentrich Tribute - Saturday 29th (7/29/2017)

    I will wear Silver Mountain Water on tribute day.
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    Re: What was your worst blind buy?

    Fougeres Marine by Montale. And a full 100 mL bottle of it.

    The only fragrance in history that gave me heartburn - not to mention that Tommy does the concept better at a fraction of the price.
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    Re: Suggestions for aromatic aquatic

    With a warning if you want to sample first: While I can't speak for Greece, AdG Essenza is getting harder and harder to find around here in the US. At least three of the five retailers that sell...
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    Re: Fragrances that burn your nose

    No nose burns yet, but I did experience coughing from ELDO Rien to the point where I had to scrub it off.

    A shame, because it's a great scent.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell unique

    Here's a big one that no one has mentioned: Joop! Homme.

    I can detect it as such on just about anyone.
  94. Re: Confusion over Hermes Terre d'hermes edt - same as H flacon for 2017?

    While Terre d'Hermes has come in collector bottles, the juice is the same as the matching regular bottle (example: a collector bottle containing EdT is the same as the normal bottle EdT).

    This is...
  95. Re: A fragrance that smells like Dove Men Clean Comfort

    Personally, I can smell similarities to Le Male with this one, though the Dove gel isn't as potent or sharp.
  96. Creed's Royal Mayfair - My new favorite Creed

    Bought my 4 oz from FragranceNet for under $170 shipped after one of their 35% off coupon codes.

    And I have to say that this is now my favorite Creed.

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    Re: If you could have just 1 fragrance...

    Add me to the Royal Mayfair camp.
  98. Re: Let's talk: The most fraudulent fragrance houses with extreme marketing


    Xyrena did a scent called "SCAM" that made fun of perfume marketing campaigns with "the world's first unscented perfume". It was basically a carrier oil diluted in perfumer's alcohol in a...
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    Re: Thoughts on Creed's Royal Mayfair ?

    This was my final fragrance purchase prior to the beginning of my MBA. And I'm glad I got it.

    It's one of the most unique fragrances in my collection. The "VapoRub" top notes didn't scare me for a...
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    Re: Your top 3 most worn this year?

    Leather Oud, Aventus, and Straight to Heaven in that order.

    I will add that I don't wear Leather Oud in warm to hot temperatures (cold weather brings out the best in it), but the others can be...
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