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    Re: Suspect Creed Acqua Fiorentina


    From the pics, I would say it looks genuine. The arabic writing is not something to worry about, especially since most bottles sourced from the grey market (fragrancenet) have that...
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    Re: This isn't good

    Yikes! That doesn't look too good my friend.

    I would def. report it to the seller you bought it from.

    Just goes to show that our perception of the fragrance industry is so different than the...
  3. Re: Fragrances that you will continually replace/never be without


    For me it would have to be L'eau D'Issey Issey Miyake. I imagine it is what heaven must smell like. :P

  4. Re: Which male fragrances do women really, really hate?

  5. Re: Which male fragrances do women really, really hate?

    I think that this is very subjective. Different women will be attracted to different scents, and what one women will like, not necessarily another would enjoy, etc.

    Most designer fragrances are...
  6. Re: Scents with which you have an on/off relationship?

    Well for me, i usually go through this love/hate thing. When I buy a new fragrance, i'll wear it for two weeks straight without wearing anything else. At the end of that time, i will be absolutely...
  7. Re: I'm reaaaally tempted to buy Creed MI and GIT...

    Honestly, It all depends on you. If you have the finances, go for it. Give yourself a treat! If not, then wait, lol at the end of the day it is just a fancy bottle, consisting 90% alcohol, and a...
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