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  1. Re: Guerlain Heritage Edt or Santos de Cartier Edt.

    Hi all.Many thanks for advice.I finally decided on Heritage and it arrived this week from Escentual-i paid £51 for it 100ml EDT Spray bottle(Silver Cap).I have to say I truly love the fragrance the...
  2. Guerlain Heritage Edt or Santos de Cartier Edt.

    No better excuse than ones birthday to buy a new fragrance.Its either going to be Guerlain Heritage edt or Santos de cartier edt.I have heard heritage smells like Zino(which I have).What would be the...
  3. Guerlain Heritage Edt or Habit Rouge Edt.

    Christmas looming and all that and am looking to afford myself just one fragrance-either Guerlain Heritage edt or Habit Rouge edt what would be the best one to choose? Smell,Sillage,and Longevity?...
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    Aramis Devin

    Hi folks.I am a big fan of Aramis fragrances-i have the following by Aramis: Aramis concentree.Aramis J.H.L. Aramis 900. Aramis tuscany.Aramis havana.Am looking to add Aramis Devin to my collection...
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    Aramis 900-should i blind buy this?

    Looking to buy this but never smelt it before.tell me why i should blind buy this.Is this fragrance a masterpiece? Thanks.wirral guy.
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    Re: My fragrance storage solution

    Thanks all of you :-) have to add there is a lid to adorn the top of the box and it does close.somedays the bottles are quite cold(is that ok?)most dominant smelling fragrance(s)when i open the box...
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    Re: My fragrance storage solution

    Photo of plastic underbed storage box for fragrances
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    My fragrance storage solution

    I recently decided to edit my fragrances(so to speak)and after much heart searching i decided to keep the fragrances that i truly enjoyed wearing and i decided to purchase a suitable box/container to...
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    Minotaure-has it been reformulated?

    In recent years Minotaure seems to have dissapeared from the fragrance radar-only ever seen it once or twice on e-bay for shockingly high prices and despite my love for this fragrance i was unable to...
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    Re: What do you get out of L'Instant Extreme?

    I bought this fragrance last xmas i get an earthy cocoa from it and its a sublime fragrance.on me the projection of this fragrance is massive so much so i was told it could be smelt on me from 30...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    heres a photo of my current fragrance collection.
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    Re: Post A Picture of Your Collection

    heres my current fragrance collection.:-))
  13. first ever fragrance was kouros...years later heres my current fragrance collection!!

    My first ever fragrance was kouros....and after discovering so many fragrance collectors on basenotes here is my current fragrance collection.....and am dam proud of it!! would love your thoughts on...
  14. Lauder for men(1985)-is it a safe blind buy??

    Seen several reviews on this fragrance and a lot of people consider it to be a truly great 1980s fragrance-am seriously considering buying this fragrance(my last 1980s fragrance i will buy this...
  15. the best ever 1980s fragrance ever is?(smell,longevity,sillage)

    My choice would be aramis JHL(1982)-it simply is the heavyweight champ of all 80s fragrances.what would your choice be if you could pick just one?
  16. yatagan(1976) vs Gianfranco Ferré for Man(1986)

    Am considering buying one of these fragrances yatagan(1976) or Gianfranco Ferré for Man(1986).which fragrance would be the best to buy in terms of smell,sillage,longevity? i know theres 10 years...
  17. Re: paco rabanne tenere,azzaro acteur,or krizia uomo?

    hey guys.many thanks for all of your fragrance advice.sadly i couldnt find any paco rabanne tenere(my first choice after listening to your advice) so i have opted for azzaro acteur(a 100ml edt...
  18. paco rabanne tenere,azzaro acteur,or krizia uomo?

    Thinking of buying one of these 80s fragrances but not sure which one to opt for-never smelt any of them but am willing to blind buy one of them which in your thoughts would be the best fragrance to...
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    Re: Questions concerning Gucci Nobile

    i bought a bottle of gucci nobile many years ago(from the perfume shop)its a truly great fragrance.still got it but not much left in the bottle so i use it sparingly.heres a pic.
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    Re: Holy Grail: Deserted Island Revisited

    1)Aramis JHL. 2.)Giorgio Beverly Hills. ...
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    Re: Aramis JHL or Givenchy xeryus?

    well my bottle of jhl arrived(after a 2 week wait)and i think its an awesome fragrance and for me it ranks alongside caron thid man and giorgio.jhl lingers on me even just one spritz behind each ear...
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    Re: Aramis JHL or Givenchy xeryus?

    many thanks to you all for your advice-i have ordered JHL-(£41.50)for a 100ml bottle..........cant wait.
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    Aramis JHL or Givenchy Xeryus?

    That time of year again when a fragrance crimbo treat is in order-this xmas i have opted for either Aramis JHL or Givenchy Xeryus-which fragrance should i choose and why? many fragrance thanks.
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    Aramis JHL or Givenchy xeryus?

    That time of year to afford oneself a fragrance treat and i have opted for aramis jhl or givenchy xeryus-which one should hand over my money for and why? thanks folks .
  25. Re: I have caron third man-should i also blind buy caron pour un homme?

    Thanks for all of your replys.well i have had caron pour un homme for several days now.on me the top note of lavender is sour dry and herbal its not a sweet lavender by any means-it lasts on me...
  26. Re: I have caron third man-should i also blind buy caron pour un homme?

    Thanks very much to all of you for your comments i have ordered caron pour un homme-will let you all know what i think of it.
  27. I have caron third man-should i also blind buy caron pour un homme?

    Hi folks.i blind bought caron"s third man fragrance and it is outstanding.Am considering blind buying caron pour un homme as i believe it has a beautiful lavender accord and it was carons debut...
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    Re: Zino Davidoff or Prada infusion d" homme?

    Many thanks for all of your advice and words of fragrance wisdom.It seems that Zino has quite a few friends on basenotes!! I think on this occasion prada infusion d"homme is just not for me at this...
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    Re: Zino Davidoff or Prada infusion d" homme?

    Thanks for your response folks.It seems that zino has quite a few fans!! does the fragrance smell anything like carons third man? is zino a characteristic 80"s powerhouse?
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    Zino Davidoff or Prada infusion d" homme?

    Not too long until christmas and already my girlfriend has asked me what fragrance i would like-been having a long think about this and i have decided to choose either Zino davidoff or Prada infusion...
  31. Re: giorgio beverly hills for men 1984(original)VS giorgio beverly hills for men(re-i

    I didnt realise that giorgio is of a green colour-the bottle i have(even if it is an aged and discoloured vintage version)smells pretty damn good.i cant smell any off notes and it certainly doesnt...
  32. giorgio beverly hills for men 1984(original)VS giorgio beverly hills for men(re-issue

    My girlfriend recently bought me(from e-bay)a used bottle of giorgio beverly hills for men(1984).I know that this fragrance was discontinued a number of years ago but quite recently it was re-issued...
  33. Re: On the brink of buying 'The Dreamer' blind...any advice?

    I think your getting some sound advice here.i myself bought the dreamer blind-and i regret not testing it first(before shelling out any cash).i have to say out of my entire fragrance collection it is...
  34. Re: jacques bogart pour homme(2004)-VS-cristobal pour homme(2000)

    I have never tried Bogart Pour homme-but i do have a bottle of Cristobal,it is very sweet and on myself the note progression is not that defined-i smell something in Cristobal that is in Body...
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    Azzaro Acteur-is it really a Masterpiece?

    Recently seen this fragrance quite cheap online and i am thinking of purchasing it-i dont know that much about it there seems to be very little information floating about-i did hear it described as a...
  36. Caron L'Anarchiste or Cristobal pour Homme?

    My partner is going to buy me for our upcoming anniversary a fragrance to celebrate our first 2 years together she asked me to choose just 2 fragrance(to which i will give her the nod on which one to...
  37. Re: hugo boss sport edt-any different to boss number 1?

    Many thanks for all of your replys.I have finally received hugo boss sport and i can confirm that it is an EDT splash bottle.I can also confirm that it is nothing like boss number 1-whereas that...
  38. Re: hugo boss sport edt-any different to boss number 1?

    Many thanks for your replys.I haven"t received the fragrance as yet(waiting for the royal mail to deliver)-i didnt know that boss sport was that rare(i am quite intrigued by its scareness).I will...
  39. hugo boss sport edt-any different to boss number 1?

    My girlfriend has just purchased me(from e-bay) a hugo boss fragrance called boss this fragrance any different to the classic boss number 1(which i am a great fan of).your comments would be...
  40. Re: what fragrance would pete townshend wear?

    two quite nasty comments there guys.
  41. what fragrance would pete townshend wear?

    I reckon it must be a powerhouse-something like boss number 1-or chanel antaeus!! what do other basenoters think?(townshend is a powerhouse on stage!!)
  42. Re: caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    many thanks for your replys.with regards to my purchase on e-bay of caron le 3rd homme(it was my first ever purchase and i paid in total £35.99 for a 125ml edt bottle of third man-which also included...
  43. caron le 3rd homme-have i been scammed?

    Folks i know a lot of people rave about caron le 3rd homme-and i recently purchased a bottle of it through not sure if i have purchased a fake copy of it or what but on the reverse of the...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite Caron for man?

    i quite recently purchased(from e-bay) caron third man and i have to say i am not that impressed with it.on me it has poor longevity(4 hours maximum).its quite a soft scent.i havent tried the other...
  45. Re: Giorgio for Men: Oh My, Blind-Buy Surprise!

    i am quite envious of you obtaining giorgio for men,and for only 17 dollars!! in the uk giorgio for men can not be found anywhere-its that scarce!! i would love to obtain a bottle of this as i am a...
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    azzaro chrome VS azzaro visit

    One of the first fragrances i ever purchased was azzaro pour homme(1978)-i really loved the anise accord in that one,however times have now changed for me(fragrance wise)and i am now looking to buy...
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    bulgari black versus roberto cavalli black

    My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and my girlfriend is going to purchase me a "black" fragrance-she said that bulgari black is a unisex fragrance(i havent smelled this or cavalli black as...
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    12 by Jean Couturier

    I have seen this fragrance(12 by Jean Couturier) online very cheap(£9.99 for two 100ml edt sprays)i cant seem to find out any information about it(year introduced,fragrance composition and so on)...
  49. giorgio red for men vs versace black jeans

    cant quite decide which one of these fragrances to buy.i have read lots of reviews on both of these fragrances in basenotes and am afraid i have hit a brick wall on which fragrance to buy-i want to...
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    Re: 1 million? no thank you

    i quite recently sampled not just 1 million but also aramis too(i spritzed both on my wrist)-i have to say 1 million lasted a bit longer than aramis.i think 1 million is going to be on my xmas list...
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    Re: Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    Ronin? the list of ingredients contained in boss number 1 are as follows.(top notes) Bergamot, Lavender, Sage: (middle notes) Honey Jasmine, Rosemary: (base notes) Patchouli, Sandalwood, Oakmoss: ...
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    Re: Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    ronin? am sad that you have returned your boss number raised some interesting points in your post.i myself have a 4.2 oz bottle of boss number 1(its the edt version)and i paid £22.99 for
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    Re: Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    Hi sorry your a little underwhelmed by boss number 1.i myself have this fragrance and i simply love it.from initial spray it can last at least 12 hours on me.its a very masculine smelling...
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    Re: Montana and Blue Jeans blind buy

    I had a bottle of blue jeans some years ago and i didnt really like it that much-as for montana(red box)i recently managed to buy two bottles of it and i have to say its an amazing and very sexy...
  55. What is the most sexually smelling fragrance?

    kouros and montana parfum d"homme(red box) spring to mind,and also boss number 1 aswell.can any basenoters give me there thoughts on what they consider to be a sexually smelling fragrance,many thanks.
  56. Re: rare LARGE 3.4 oz. spray Ungaro III Eau de Toilette Cologne for Men

    Quite an interesting post is this.I have just checked my bottle of ungaro pour l"homme 111 and i have the black capped formulation-and mine is made in italy-so i dont know if i have the vintage...
  57. Re: montana parfum"d homme natural spray(red box eau de toilette)

    i think if any aroused female got a whiff of montana parfum"d homme then its inevitable wetness of knickers will follow.:)
  58. Re: montana parfum"d homme natural spray(red box eau de toilette)

    the bottle of montana parfum"d homme natural spray(red box eau de toilette)i have purchased is 125 is an amazing and pungent scent-and the dry down is seductive sexy and knicker wetting!!
  59. montana parfum"d homme natural spray(red box eau de toilette)

    One or two basenoters recently suggested to me if finding aramis havana edt is proving difficult to obtain then try and get montana parfum"d homme natural spray(red box eau de toilette) as it is very...
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    Re: No Magic in Ungaro III

    i bought ungaro 111 some two years ago now(based on reviews on basenotes)and i have to say it is simply a devine fragrance-i get a rose note in it albeit a gothic and mysterious rose note(infact one...
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    Re: Your favourite 1980's fragrance?

    for me it has to be boss number 1,followed by antaeus,kouros,sung homme,and i have recently purchased montana parfum d"homme(red box).these classics can not be matched by todays current fragrances.
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    Aramis Havana Aftershave-How Good Is IT?

    I have heard a lot about this fragrance and how scarce the edt version is to find(and how expensive the edt can be) i was just considering buying the aftershave splash version of this fragrance(in...
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    Oscar Pour Lui-any thoughts?

    Many thanks to all of you for your advice on the threads i have posted on here.It really is great knowing that there are such helpful people to go to for advice-so many thanks again.I am thinking of...
  64. Can anybody recommend a "wedding" fragrance?

    I have a wedding to go to in 2 months time and was wondering if any basenoters can suggest a scent fitting for the occasion.I want a scent that people are going to twitch there noses at-something...
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    antaeus-new thoughts

    A few week back i bought antaeus by chanel-initially i was quite dissapointed by it.A few weeks have gone by now and i have to say that my initial dissapointment with it has now-merged into a great...
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    Re: Gucci Nobile...anything out there similar?

    Gucci nobile was one of the first fragrances that i ever bought(i still have 1/3 of a bottle left of it so am using it quite sparingly considering it has been discontinued).You asked if there was...
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    xeyrus by givenchy

    Recently seen xeyrus by givenchy quite cheap on some websites-i am thinking of buying it and was wondering if any basenoters have any thoughts on this fragrance.
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    Poll: Re: How many bottles do you own?

    These are the fragrances i currently own.kouros.paco rabanne xs extreme.paco rabanne xs.curve.versace l"homme.fred hayman touch.ungaro 111.halston z-14.liz claiborne mambo.bora...
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    Re: The Best Scent in the Hugo Boss Line?

    boss number 1 the original is the best scent in the hugo boss line.
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    Re: Worst. Smell. EVER.

    I have a few candidates for worst smell ever and i think at the top of the pile for me is versace "dreamer"-it reaks of almonds-with a touch of stagnent vanilla thrown in for good measure-a truly...
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    antaeus-a mediocre buy

    After absorbing lots of advice on antaeus,i decided to purchase it.I have to say i am mildy dissapointed by antaeus.At the very last ebbs of its drydown antaeus seems very similar to ysl"s m7-and...
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    Re: antaeus vs third man vs yatagan idea why the sad icon is on my thread.
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    Re: antaeus vs third man vs yatagan

    Many many thanks for your response(s)to my vs third man vs yatagan).All of your advice and kind comments have been warmly appreciated by me.I think on this occasion yatagan is not...
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    antaeus vs third man vs yatagan

    I am thinking of buying one of the above mentioned fragrances.Which one of these legendary fragrances would choose? Obviously i would like to buy all three-but finances being the way they are at the...
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    halston z-14

    Many thanks to those of you that have posted replies to my question on the best lavender scent(lots to choose from you recommendations-thanks).I am also considering buying halston z-14-anybodys...
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    The best male lavender fragrance

    I am looking to buy a great lavender fragrance(male)and i was wondering if anybody could recommend a suitable one.I have got around £50 to spend.If anybody could help i would be very greatful.Many...
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