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  1. Re: Dior's Fahrenhiet VS Metal jeans man by beverly hills 90210

    I have 3 vintage bottles. Got 90210 today.....they're like 95% identical in every way on my skin...3 bottles of this stuff. I ALMOST want to sell my vintage bottles for the hell of it.
  2. Re: Seeking masculine Fruity, but not too sweet

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    Re: A*Men Pure Leather

    There are plenty of threads that have been about this frag including one thats like 6 pages long...anyway if you cant smell leather, Ive come to the conclusion that you have never smelled FINE...
  4. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    I recently bought some Gucci sneakers. When I opened the boxes, the smell of the leather of the shoes reminded me very much of Pure Leather. I also got a similar vibe from one of their belts I have,...
  5. Re: Fahrenheit 32.. I just can't stand it.

    When I first got 32 I really loved it and wore it for about 2 weeks straight. Now its just OK. Absolute is also nice but its not something I personally would wear
  6. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    I also now have the angel version....personally i like the A*men version a little bit better, but i wouldnt sleep on the angel version. Both very nice IMO. Worth full bottles.
  7. Poll: Re: What to wear to a Buddy Guy concert and meet-up

    Congrats on getting to meet Buddy Guy. Saw him in Richmond, Va in 05. I was in front of the stage with my mom. ALMOST got a chance to play on stage with him, but he picked the little kid that was...
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    Re: I'm addicted to designer.

    Well guys just when I thought it was over....bought yet another Gucci polo (along with Angel Pure Leather and ToF Angel). I keep telling myself I'm done and then something else comes up. I at least...
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    Re: L'Eau D'Issey Summer

    I like the original A LOT more. Summer 09 is weird for me. Some days I like it and other days I'm ready to sell it.
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    Re: I'm addicted to designer.

    HAHAHAHA! Two of them to be exact...and the also the the two crest polos that are currently on the website. The other polo is diamante from the 2011 for some reason....Gucci sent me the wrong polo,...
  11. Re: How similar are Coromandel and Angel/A*men?

    Currently wearing Coromandel. I gotta say I LOVE it. VERY different from Angel. Im actually considering buying the big bottle right now. Thank everyone who suggested it in one of my other threads.
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    Re: Waiting for Chanel Sycomore...

    Congrats! Ive never smelled it but I just got Coromandel yesterday. I LOVE IT.
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    Re: I'm addicted to designer.

    $1800 on polos. $300 on a belt... Gucci polos DO NOT look like others. Anyway yes the biggest problem is that I LOOK for things to buy. I'm slowly getting over it though. I keep going over various...
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    Re: I'm addicted to designer.

    Thanks everyone for responses and support. Speaking of wallets btw I have a Louis Vuitton florin wallet....$614.. Dont even let me get started on belts. And I always buy at full retail (usually...
  15. Re: How similar are Coromandel and Angel/A*men?

    When i think of patch and coco/chocolate i think of angel and a*men is why i asked.

    - - - Updated - - -

    When i think of patch and coco/chocolate i think of angel and a*men is why i asked.
  16. How similar are Coromandel and Angel/A*men?

    Been reading a bunch or reviews of Chanel's Coromandel and just took the dive and ordered it along with Chanel No.5 premiere for my GF. I was just wonderin how close it is to Thierry Mugler's Angel...
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    Poll: Re: Favourite polo shirt brand?

    Burberry and Gucci, but RL has Undeniable quality.
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    I'm addicted to designer.

    I cant seem to stop buying designer clothes. In the past 15 days Ive spent $2100 (5 polos and 1 belt) on Gucci. I should be more responsible with my money, but my bills are always paid ahead of time....
  19. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Im considering that second bottle again...I really enjoy this fragrance. To me it bounces back and forth from the original A*men to Pure Malt with the leather in the background. My ranking has...
  20. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    I got my bottle yesterday afternoon. I sprayed it on paper, and of course, like everyone else I smelled something extremely similar to A*men. I went to sleep for a couple hours before work (night...
  21. Re: What's the most bottles of any one fragrance you own?

    5 bottles of fahrenheit....all different formulations that if that counts?

    2 bottles of Pure Malt and another 2 of Angel Liqueur de Parfum
  22. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Bought mine. What samples did yall get? I got Alien, and Through the Looking Glass and Mirror of Secrets from the Mirror Mirror Collection.
  23. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Im ready!
  24. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Ok just 1 bottle. Still excited though.
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    Re: Do you get as excited

    I get excited when Im expecting ANYTHING in the mail....but to answer the question, since most if not all of my purchases were/ are blind buys I have to pick the obvious.
  26. Re: Mugler to bring A*Men Pure Leather!!!
    join us
  27. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Just got an email about this. Sept 7th 8:30 is the release date. Im ready to get 2 bottles.
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    Re: Issey Miayke Summer 2009

    I have it and dont like it much. Too much citrus when combined with my skin an gets very cloying. The original is much better IMO. Imagine the original and add citrus notes on top. It reminds me of...
  29. Re: Favorite(s) Designer Brands Jeans/Denim???

    I recently bought 3 pairs of Burberry Steadman slim fit jeans....I was hoping for a fit like Levi 511s, which I wear two sizes bigger than my actual waist for a slightly looser fit, and sag a little....
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    Re: fahrenheit reformulated

    I like all the formulations. I actually like them in order of formulation, but I wear the current one the most.
  31. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    I know Im buyin 2 bottles
  32. Re: Best face products? Best line? Best from each line?

    clinique mens line. the best thing ive used yet.
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    Re: "Female" fragrances that arnt too feminine for men.

    Hey guys thanks for all the speedy responses. Looks like my fridge has got some emptying to do to make space for some of these frags. I actually picked up 2 bottles of angel liqueur de parfum for...
  34. Re: To the gentlemen with wives/gfs a simple question, does your lady prefer no cologne?

    Ide say C. with my Gf. She thinks i have too many bottles though, but shes never given me bad feedback...and shes HONEST.
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    "Female" fragrances that arnt too feminine for men.

    I saw a thread earlier this morning about Angel Liqueur de Parfum, and it got me wondering about other frags marketed towards women, that guys can pull off. Can you guys list some that arnt too...
  36. Re: Your latest fragrance comment by others; positive or negative

    A few days after a coworker passed me in a hallway he come up to me and says "Its Mr. Smellgood over here. Man you smelled so good the other day I think I got wet." ...I was wearing the 3rd...
  37. Re: Define what a fall (autumn) fragrance is for you...and some examples of favorites.

  38. Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    Im pretty excited for this. Ive had all except for pure coffee (which I'm holdin out just gettin a bottle off of ebay in hopes they re-release it this year), for a while now. I'll always get the...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler B*Men

    i love B*men...just not like i love A*men....or anything in the pure line or ToF. I def pull it out in the fall, and a few times in the winter. I honestly think A*men is more wearable, but thats just...
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    Re: My pure malt has marks on the bottle?

    bought 2 bottles of pure malt 2 years or so ago from fragrancenet. 1 bottle is scuffed up and I will assume the other is, as I havnt opened it up yet. thats just how it is.
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    Re: What is your favorite deodorant scent?

    any unscented antiperspirant at the cheapest price
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    Re: Fake Fahreheit

    Ide say fake. Newer box but older bottle. Plus eau de toilette should be the length of the word fahrenheit unless its the original which the box indicates is not
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    Re: Fahrenheit smells feminine

    its funny that the OP said the watermelon note, because to me the top smells like when i walk into my nearest safeways fruit and veggie section. feminine? not to me, but thats what the current...
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    Re: a fragrance that smells like ice

    For ice either ice men or pure shot. For a warm feelin snow smell try fahrenheit 32.
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    Re: Basenote Hype Victims?!

    I blind bought every one of my frags. Reviews and hella research keep me safe. Out of 40 or so bottles (all big bottles not counting 3 1.7oz bottle of vintage fahrenheit) none of them i would...
  46. Re: Are fragrances "fresher" and "newer" at Sephora/Nordstrom/Macys than at the online discounters

    I think as long as the fragrances are stored properly they will be fine. I have fahrenheit bottles from 87, 89 (maybe 99?), 98, and 04. All fine. You will be fine with gucci pour homme
  47. Re: Dior's Fahrenhiet VS Metal jeans man by beverly hills 90210

    The current fahrenheit isnt bad at all like some say and IMO the heart of the fragrance is still there. Ive got all the formulations (unless it was /will be reformulated again this year). The...
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    Another Vintage Fahrenheit thread...

    Hey guys,

    Ive recently acquired 3 bottles of vintage Fahrenheit (at least in the original box). The 3.4oz I JUST got today, I know for sure is from a 1987 batch as the code is 3466L. The other 2...
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    Re: Fahrenheit flankers

    I LOVE 32...Im actually wearing absolute on one wrist and the original 1987 (just got a 3.4oz in today) batch of Fahrenheit on the other. I like absolute, but not as much as 32...havnt tried aqua yet.
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    Re: DIOR!!!!! What have you done?????

    all i can say is i have the either the 1st or 2nd formulation, the 3rd, and the current and yes to me as they get more modern they smell "less good" but by no means bad. the current formulation isnt...
  51. Re: What fragrance has expensive smelling?

    cartier roadster
  52. Help suggest a Chanel fragrance for GF

    Long story short Im 23, and dating a 37 year old korean woman (specifying ethnicity may help??). Could you all help me with a Chanel fragrance that you think she may like/ would be appropriate as a...
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    Re: Pure Malt June 28th

    Just got the email too. Ive got an extra box i bought with my original just waitin for that very reason....i guess ill buy it again. But its got me thinkin maybe pure coffee is next?
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    Poll: Re: Pure Shot now available online at Mugler USA for $85

    Im glad i bought my bottle....but am i the only ony that gets a chanel edition blanche feel? I only sprayed it on paper but after about 5 mins or so it started to remind me of edition blanche. I may...
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    Re: New Angel/A*Men Formula!

    Different lightin= different colours. My metal flask can go from blue to purple to green dependin on lightin and angle
  56. Re: Where has all the Pure Havane excitement gone ?

    I can understand why ppl say it smells like pure malt, but to me they are 2 different fragrances. I do love PH in addition to all the mugler colognes i have (Amen, pure malt, pure havane, and soon...
  57. Re: Why do some people get a lot of compliments and others get none?

    IMO like adonis said body language does help. I know of people who are considered "ugly" by the masses that get compliments. I think its about overal attitude and the fact that people have to be able...
  58. Re: Money spent on fragrances vs money spent on clothes

    I havnt spent a cent on clothes in maybe a year. On the flipside ive spent at least $1000 on cologne. I dont care about my clothes too much. Ide actually rather wear thrift store fits than i would...
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