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    Re: Fresh, aquatic? Rose scent

    Two that spring to mind are Cabaret by Gres and Azzaro Acteur. Great prices on both and there is a lightness of touch in the Cabaret which alludes to an aquatic heritage with a lemon fizz. The Acteur...
  2. Re: Are any gents enjoying Dueto's Golden Boy parfume?

    A nice leather - with a gasoline note which at times comes across as rubbery. I can't help but notice a strong similarity to cuir de lancome which has a little more depth and interest. I wouldn't...
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    Re: Creed is all you Need..

    Being pushed over the edge into a state of catatonic inertia round about now! In the big wide wonderful world of fragrance from all corners of the earth why oh why would you settle for such a limited...
  4. I find all the folderol masquerading as a...

    I find all the folderol masquerading as a narrative around these fragrances hilarious - do these people really sit around tables with a 'creative' team and come up with this pulp fiction dross to...
  5. Re: fresh+powdery+good sillage+ very complimented+for men (not unisex)

    If you can find arpege pour homme cheap online please tell me where. It seems its all but dissapeared from all online retailers.
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    Re: fresco by ilum deam (an aventus clone?)

    And this is the best comment! Hilarious
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Today i was complimented for the first time in years by a female friend - enthusiastically so. I was wearing tommy girl.
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    Re: Traditional Fougere

    Have a sample of the alpa fougere which is easily available online here in the Uk. It opens with a beautiful hesperidic note that is bright and effervescent, I also get a soft hay like note which...
  9. Re: What fragrance MUST I smell to make my small collection better?

    Have you sampled the Carons, Yatagan, Pour un homme, Troisieme, l'anarchiste and Yuzu man? The first four are particularly fantastic!
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    Re: Nag Champa incense fragrance?

    the perfume oil you want is the one that says satya sai baba nag champa. its the best and most authentic.
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    Re: Do we REALLY want to smell like sex?

    [QUOTE=change1;2749950]Some people like the smell of the genital part of the opposite sex... /QUOTE]

    And lest we forget some like the genital smells of the same sex.

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    Re: pure perfume oils

    I use perfume parlour all the time. As well as oils they do edp in 25ml bottles. Their version of Gucci pour homme I is fantastic. Spot on and lasts for hours. Their creed vetiver the original not...
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    Re: Sample in the UK, why such high prices?

    If you're in london and pop into Les Senteurs they will give you samples for free. The last time I checked they only charge for posted samples from their website. In store you can have a chat explore...
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    Why not choose someone like Gaspard Ulliel. Much...

    Why not choose someone like Gaspard Ulliel. Much younger than brad and coming into his adulthood very nicely thank you very much in that beautiful smouldering gallic way. Or if they wanted someone in...
  15. Re: List your favorite/secret fragrance combinations

    Hilarious!!! Such a divine Fan :0)
  16. Thread:

    by chorando


    Update on So Lippy. It seems they are even more chaotic than before. I ordered from them two weeks ago and a week later recieved a mail telling me the order (both items) were unavailable and I...
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    Re: 1 Fragrance you can't live without.

    Yatagan. It holds too many memories and associations to let it go :0)
  18. What a load of old rubbish. They probably were...

    What a load of old rubbish. They probably were restricted by how much time they had with Jude law. Perfume advertising really does tread a well worn and boring path in the Main and this one ticks all...
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    Re: The word "fougere"...?

    There are some great perfume blogs which address your question. Here is one that is informative and interesting while acting as a jump off point for your own discoveries :0)
  20. Re: A scent that is intriguing, comforting, sexy, classy, bold and enchanting, all in one!

    Habit Rouge covers many of the bases you mention, warm, comforting, sensual, not in your face, distinctive and equally appealing on a man or woman. Also Omnia Bvlgari - a warm spiced chai tea scent.
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    Re: A new Chanel men's fragrance this spring

    "Allure Homme Sport Fraiche Sensuelle Extreme de Nuit Ennui"
    Thanks for the laugh! You had me in tears.
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    Re: Fragrance sales

    Here in the UK department stores tend to heavily discount gift sets in the sales. In larger chemists like boots where there is a large range of Fragrance you will find sale items also. Before now...
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    I've been ordering from cheapsmells for years now. I've never had a problem with them and I would be very surprised if they were selling fakes. One of the best online retailers for price and speed of...
  24. Thread:

    by chorando


    Solippy are a little Chaotic, however I have ordered from them and they are incredibly eager to please. Mistakes are put right usually in the customers favour and when you do get through if you have...
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    Poll: Re: Creed Aventus vs Lapidus Pour Homme

    Lapidus for sure
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    Re: Favorite spring fragrance?

    Diptyche philosykos or vetyverio or tommy girl
  27. Re: I want to blind buy Body Kouros... a safe blind buy?

    If you wear Lolita lempicka masculine, Rochas Man, Jacomo de Jacomo Rouge or Le Male and enjoy them you will also enjoy body kouros. That said if any of these are in your wardrobe it may be worth...
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    Re: How much do you like YSL M7

    I love M7. It is understandable that folk find the opening a bit difficult and medicinal. Another option could be M7 fresh which opens with a lovely bright citrus/spice opening with oud in the heart...
  29. Re: Article: First Look: Givaudan updates iPerfumer app

    The android version that is available is version 1.0. This version is still up in the android market. The new version is not available as yet.
  30. The android version that is available is version...

    The android version that is available is version 1.0. This version is still up in the android market. The new version is not available as yet.
  31. Re: Avon Jet/Coty Stetson black/Bogart One man show

    It's true about Jet, I love fig and bought 2 bottles on ebay a while back. Pretty dissapointing stuff really. It lacks and stucture or bite and is as light as anything and not in a good way. The...
  32. Re: Why do I smell like the bottom of a rabbits cage with most perfume ????

    If through a process of enquiry you realise that others don't smell you as you smell yourself then at least you know you are actually smelling ok to others. As we all know, much of the pleasure of...
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    Re: Daily Rose Scents for men?

    Azzaro Acteur
  34. Re: Discontinued or gone: Few frags you're still mourning

    Tenere is still widely available
  35. Re: Discontinued or gone: Few frags you're still mourning

    For these discontinued frags I run to They produce perfume oils and their What about Adam is particularly good. The fantastic tomato leaf note is great!
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    Re: Alfred Dunhill 51.3N (2009?)

    By the way,could anyone guess the meaning of 51.3.N ?

    I knew it was a latitude or longitude marker - from spending time on google earth. But have since found out it's the latitude for london.
  37. Re: Mature Men (45+ ) What are your top 3 fragrances?

    Can I add one more ? Yatagan
  38. Re: Mature Men (45+ ) What are your top 3 fragrances?

    Giving top three a stab but the list changes as the mood shifts. At the moment it's :

    Caron Pour Un Homme
    Guerlain Habit Rouge edp
    Dior Homme
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: November 2010

    Mena By Al Haramain
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    Re: Top 10 rarest discontinued fragrances

    Joop - What about Adam is a hard one to find, and of course Ungaro I and Ungaro II. Then there is Dior Jules....ho hum.
  41. Re: Do You Ever Re-Blend or Tamper With Fragrances?

    I love Philosykos by Diptyque. Fleur de Figuier by Molinard is a lot cheaper but lacks the green leafy woody note. By combining Fleur de Figuier by Molinard with Grey flannel by Geoffrey Beene I get...
  42. I have to say I find the ad amusing and somewhat...

    I have to say I find the ad amusing and somewhat joyful. The target audience could be's a very broad church. I love that the ad isn't using sex to sell, isn't particularly aspirational on...
  43. Re: Please recommend: best floral perfumes for men / unisex out there.

    I Agree with Le 3eme Homme de Caron. Also Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle - A Heady Tuberose but very green upfront.
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