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    Don't blink or it's gone, er, discounted

    In the latest snail mail I got from Macy's was an insert for a Rihanna perfume. I cannot remember if it was Rebelle or Reb'l Fleur (is the latter supposed to suggest "Rebel Flower?" Perhaps it...
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    Re: Article: Chanel unveil Brad Pitt campaign

    It used to be true in the US that doing commercials was viewed as "selling out," and the perpetrator, er, star lost credibility. I remember when I first saw a commercial featuring Bill Cosby. "This...
  3. Re: Which two scents are the closest to identical?

    Chanel Allure Homme & Polo Big Pony #4. There is a central accord that's very similar for both, though CAH has more complexity or "decoration" surrounding the center.

    For me, Gucci pour Homme II...
  4. Re: Article on Male Perfumery (Le Monde, in French)

    In English (sort of 8-):

    Free automatic translation clearly has a way to go....
  5. Re: New Fragrance : Sexual Noir Pour Homme by Michel Germain

    Only the larger Macy's are carrying it here in Denver. I tried a spray on skin a couple days ago. It's kind of spicy/woody, inoffensive, not very distinctive, doesn't make a big statement. I'm...
  6. Thread: 1 Million

    by Wheelman

    Re: 1 Million

    It's not as bad as the haters make it out to be, but needs a light application. I see it as belonging to a group of scents all having a strong core similarity (cherry cough syrup, or more kindly,...
  7. Re: Allure Homme Eau Fraîchissante pour l'Été

    Bump. Anything new on this one? I would like to do a comparison of the entire Allure Homme line, but this one is beyond obscure, and time is not on the side of anyone wanting to sniff it 8-(.
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    Re: Why aren't all perfume ads this sassy?

    See for more info on Azis, the Bulgarian artist. Reading this made me wonder how risky the ad was for the perfume company. Azis ran for office, but an edgy part of...
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    Re: What are some nice Aquatics to try?

    I checked the usual sources (including eBay) for samples of this, and Google came up empty. This frag gets unanimously rave reviews here (although there are only 9 reviewers) ... and the stuff is...
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    Re: Is "boring" normal?

    Hmmm ... there are some differences in the frags listed, but otherwise I could have made this post. My current faves are things cough-syrupy-complex like Sexual Sugar Daddy (I know, I KNOW, ok?) and...
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    Re: Stuck Glass Stopper

    You may have already thought of this and had a reason for rejecting it, but hot running water applied to the "collar" may expand it enough to relax its grip on the stopper. Good luck ...
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    Re: Just saying hello!

    I'll add my greetings even though I've only been here about a week myself :smiley: ... Have fun!
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    And the reviews for it there at Amazon are worth reading ... 8-)
  14. Re: Niche fragrance that smells close to Aramis Devin

    Indeed. The drydown is all bland sweetness for me, so out of character with the over-the-top opening. I would wear Devin more often if the phases were more balanced with each other.
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