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  1. Re: Dating what I believe to be a very old bottle of Chanel Antaeus

    Great find. I vote for early 1980s.
  2. Re: Do you show off your vintage collection? Do you find others are interested?

    No, I'm never proud of showing these old bottles. I don't do that. My secret pride comes from the way they smell.
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    Re: What is your favorite vanilla fragrance for men

    Original Jaïpur is very good, but I'm very orthodox, so Habit Rouge EdC.

    Edit: folks, I've been out for a while and just noticed that now there is a different forum for vintage lovers. Sorry for...
  4. Thread: Derby question

    by smeller

    Re: Derby question

    For those who say the newer is alike the older in the first two hours, I confess I'm not acquainted with the current Derby, but I know well the original from the 1980s, and I suspect the main...
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    Re: Finally tried latest generation Egoiste

    I'm very sceptical about post-2000 reformulations, but this thread made me curious.
  6. Re: How narrow have you gotten your collection? Or do you keep adding?

    I currently have some 18 or 19 different fragrances (it took a long and hard downsizing process), all in bottles, all vintage. However, some of them are well backuped, so there are probably around 30...
  7. Re: Strange limited Guerlain Habit Rouge - Does anybody know more about this?

    Go for it If you are keen for bottles. However, if you are juice oriented like me, forget it and search vintage EdC.
  8. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    Knize Ten is the darkest I'm acquainted with, although "darkness" can be very subjective.
  9. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

    Very true. Most people buy fragrances due to good marketing, they don't give a damn if the labdanum note is dissonant with the vetiver or if the sandalwood is of low quality.
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    Re: What fragrance would the Prophet Muhammad wear?

    That was funny.
  11. Re: About the transparency (or not) of Antaeus vintage bottles

    Great advice. Thank you.
  12. Re: About the transparency (or not) of Antaeus vintage bottles

    My another vintage bottle is not translucid at all. There is no way you can see through it with the light sources we have in our homes. I've read some time ago that this is the way all (or most of)...
  13. Re: About the transparency (or not) of Antaeus vintage bottles

    Very interesting. I always thought opaqueness was the rule in 80's Antaeus.
  14. Re: Critically acclaimed but a commercial failure?

  15. About the transparency (or not) of Antaeus vintage bottles

    I have two Antaeus unboxed spray vintage bottles (100 ml). They are identical in looks and smell.

    The only difference is: one of them has some degree of transparency, just like a non-vintage...
  16. Please Guerlain experts: a very odd Héritage bottle found on ebay

    My guess: this was probably a woman-marketed fragrance, totally different from the men's Héritage, but I could be very misinformed.
  17. Re: Experts on vintage Chanel (especifically Antaeus) : help really needed

    Thank you, hednic and jason_newton! To be honest, I've been here before with the same nickname some years ago, and I think I remember you both...

    It's a tester box, so, unfortunately there is no...
  18. Experts on vintage Chanel (especifically Antaeus) : help really needed

    Hi everybody,

    Recently, I bought an Antaeus 100 ml tester bottle, unused, but supposedly old stuff.

    Here's the issue: it has "eau de toilette" written below "Chanel Paris", but... the cap has...
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