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    Re: Concerns about buying New fragrances

    Not worth getting all OCD over such an insignificant detail. I wouldn't worry about it. Neither should you. The more you focus on the 'faults' the less you get to enjoy this hobby.
  2. Re: Bottle up the smell of your granny or your recently departed - seriously....

    My dear Trebor, grief and loss are highly personal in nature. Different people handle grief differently. I really don't see where indoctrination comes into play for such a common psycho-emotional...
  3. Re: Following your nose around the world - where would you go?

    profumo's lab for one. :smiley:

    But really, just travel around the world with nostrils wide open. Lol
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    Re: Aren't Store Samples Misleading??

    Relax, no reason to get your knickers in a bunch. It's just business. A store needs to sell to stay in business. The average customer ( not your BNer) buys a fragrance on the strength of its marketed...
  5. Re: How many fragrances can you wear in a day?

    You can wear more. Try layering.
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    Re: An observation about bottle size...

    It really depends on the bottle design. Some bottles look better in 1.7 oz than they do in 3.4.
  7. Re: How good are these blind buys? I went on a buying spree...

    As long as you find something enjoyable about them, then they are good buys. Never let the personal preferences of other people get in the way of your own pleasures.
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    Re: Any good cheapie Leather Fragrances?

    Elsha 1776. I kid you not.
  9. Re: About to pull the trigger finally TFPN. Do you think it is overpriced/alternatives?

    I love the bottle and I really wanted to like Portofino Neroli but repeated sampling revealed its nature to me - a light simple fragrance which performs poorly on skin. Not worth it IMO.
  10. Re: something sensual/sexy but classy/timeless

    If you think you can ignore the marketed gender try these parfums:-

    Tabac Blond
    Cuir de Russie
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    Re: Lanvin Arpege

    +1. The first bottle I bought after discovering Basenotes. A solid all round performer.
  12. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    For iris lovers out there, go get some. Il Giglio is indeed reference material.
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    Re: Rose scent with green stems

    L'Ombre dans L'Eau - dewy green stemmed roses

    Voleur de Roses - rose with dirt & soil, but no green stems

    Une Rose - a rose bush

    Also get your nose on Serge Lutens Sa Majeste la Rose.
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    Re: Anyone ever tried this before?

    Sounds like a bloody waste of time. But it beats watching TV for sure. Up next: dressing for work - blindfolded. :wink:
  15. Re: 10 gallons of urine found in ‘perfume factory’

    This whole fiasco stinks. I guess Kouros -Arabian Pee edition won't make the market this year.
  16. Poll: Re: Best niche/high end house- line generally?

    I'm not about to generalize. Every house listed above has its share of dazzlers and duds, even Bond No.9. What set of criteria can we all agree on?
  17. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Ooh, love this one. Can't believe it's not already in my wardrobe.

    A distinctively contemporary oud composition by all accounts. Unfortunately the humidity here makes it a little tricky to wear....
  18. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    I'm game.
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    Re: Help: Best Site to buy Samples?

    I used to get mine from The Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance. But the recent hike in shipping fees has put a damper on my sampling sprees.
  20. Re: Sampling is for ninnies. Real men (women) but blind

    People tend to rationalize their purchases so no real surprises there.
  21. Re: Myrrh and/or Frankincense dominant fragrance that projects fairly well

    +1. Awesome fragrance, also in my wardrobe. For now you can only buy them from their brick & mortar stores.

    Notes: nutmeg, mandarin, cardamom, amber, labdanum, frankincense, myrrh, styrax,...
  22. Re: A satirical ad I made. (Inspired by Redolessence's latest video reviewing fresh scents)

    Thank you for making me chuckle. :smiley: Btw is that David Gandy?
  23. Re: Downsizing strategies - do you "face off"?

    If I've not worn a fragrance at least once in the last 6 months, I'd decant a 10 ml sampler and put the bottle up for sale. At least that's the plan. What gets it undone is all the hassle of packing,...
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    Re: Looking for "old man" fragrances....

    Old Spice
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    Re: Ladies, fragrance or shoes?

    Neither. Go with 'impeccable manners'.
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    Re: How do you deal with unfriendly staff?

    I'll cut them some slack unless they do it with persistent regularity, in which case I'll take my business and those of my family and friends elsewhere. Anyway, it's just fragrance.
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    Re: My recent samples purchase

    Nice bunch of samples! I'd have continued on this glorious sampling path were it not for the ridiculously stiff hike in shipping charges from StC.

    Listen to your woman; she has excellent...
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    Re: What to wear to Prom?

    Whichever fragrance you end up wearing, just remember to keep it light and close-wearing. If she could smell you from across the dance floor, rest assured you won't get to do any dirty dancing on...
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    Re: Niche Japanese Brands

    Wearing loud fragrances with heavy sillage or projection is generally frowned upon in Japan. Not surprising therefore to find local brands catering to such 'peculiarities' with light, close-wearing...
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    Re: Why are noobies ignored?

    When it comes to sales/swaps it is generally acceptable to ignore lowball offers. *shrugs*
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    Re: New fragrance house : Deco London

    Thank you for sharing your impressions, Joe_Frances. While I'd love to try these, there's no way I'd shell out 20 quid in shipping fees for samples that only cost 12.
  32. Re: Why the French´s fresh are not so fresh?

    You are right about the natural antiseptic properties of certain botanic extracts but I doubt they featured much in early perfumery. Perhaps we were referring to different eras in perfumery? A...
  33. Re: Quintessential English Gentleman's Fragrances?

    Something refined and unobtrusive. IMO Penhaligon's Sartorial has that old school/barbershop vibe and works better than heavier fragrances like Guerlain Derby /Heritage.
  34. Re: NEW: Givenchy Gentlemen Only Parisian Break

    If you feel that way chances are other customers might feel the same way too. The company knows this and takes advantage by marketing a flanker. Anyway customers like having more options to choose...
  35. Re: Why the French´s fresh are not so fresh?

    Fragrance styles have their cultural origins and history. And I'm sure back then, perfumers were restricted to ingredients available through trade and whatever's indigenous to their locales. Neither...
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    Re: What's on your 'To Buy' list?

    An Aston Martin or 2. :wink:
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    Re: New kilian royal leather

    I sampled this a few weeks ago. The impression I got was of a tamer Dior Leather Oud. Smoky, sawdusty-woodsy and just a touch animalic/indolic. Like the insides of a stable perhaps. Not sure what...
  38. Re: Good or bad it doesn't matter just name me "unique" colognes that you know of..

    Too many to list so I'll just name 3:-

    Horizon by Givenchy.

    White Linen by Estee Lauder

    Polo by Ralph Lauren
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    Re: Not really new, just new

    Welcome to Basenotes! Nothing wrong with wearing citrusy green scents in winter. In fact the dry cold atmosphere adds a certain crispness you don't find in the warmer months. :smiley:
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    Re: What is that "hype" scent worth to you ?

    Roja Doves at 50% discount. Just don't fancy the thought of paying for his smoking jackets.
  41. Re: News Flash!! FIVE NEW Atelier Colognes!! Collection Oriente!!

    Looks promising. But I'm not about to fill up my swimming pool with perfume just yet so I'll probably sample them and get in on some splits. Atelier pretty much impresses me with their marketing...
  42. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    Hahaha - crazy indeed. Profumo is living his passion, sharing his gift with the world with a generosity that is simply humbling. If I were to list the names of perfumers who inspire me the most, his...
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    Re: Nostalgia Purchases

    Awesome thread.

    My nostalgia-driven purchases:

    RL Polo ( vintage )
    RL Polo Sport
    Armani Eau Pour Homme
    CK Obsession edp
    Ferragamo Subtil pour Homme
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    Re: Knowing: A Chypre without Moss!

    IMO a CHYPRE without oakmoss is just CHYP ( 'cheap'?) as I've yet to come across olfactory illusions that are good enough to replace oakmoss. I feel sorry for fans of vintage Knowing and others that...
  45. Re: 2016 Designer Releases You're Looking Forward To

    Mugler's Pure Hype.

    On a more serious note, I look gorward to Louis Vuitton's debut by Jacques Cavallier no less, the nose credited for half of Zegna Essenze series, L'Eau d'Issey pH, L'Eau Bleue...
  46. Re: Versace Eros, thoughts, and similar fragrances

    God-awful, sweet chemical mess of a scent. There, I said it.
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    Poll: Re: Best Dior Privée fragrances?

    Can't vote for obvious reason. Funny that you asked for the best of the line yet left so many of the fragrances out. If you're interested to know the results based on your 2 criteria, it's better to...
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    Re: 24, female, perfumes for work?

    Bulgari Black or Dior Fahrenheit should be on your test list too.
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    Re: Luca Turin reviews 11 January 2016

    Brilliant. They remind me why I bought the A-Z guide to perfumes.

    Now I've added Sensimila and Gaiac Mystique to my sampling list. :smiley:
  50. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur v Armani Eau Pour Homme

    Based on current formulation, I'd go with Pour Monsieur.
  51. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    Thank you, Hoschti for that review on Sensimilla. It surely sounds intriguing.
    And to Safiy for re-igniting my interest in the kit. I look forward to your next blending experiment.
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    Re: Starting out @50 here - advice solicited

    Sounds like you might enjoy something from DS & Durga. Say, Burning Barbershop or perhaps Spent Musket Oil. If you're lucky, Broken Bank might well be their next release. :wink:
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    Re: If nobody talks about it dont buy it????

    Cremieux? Never heard of it. But thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Now that we have started talking about it, do you feel better about your purchase?
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    Re: Basenotes Kiss My Ass

    Hell, why not? Brilliant idea! Count me in.

    I'm surprised Angelo didn't offer us a free bottle like he did with Eva Kant. Eccentric he may be but he'd made some really interesting fragrances.
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    Poll: Re: BI vs OBVA

    wtf... Is Basenotes charging us by the alphabet now? :wink:
  56. Re: Is there discrimination against men and offensive fragrances?

    ...'offensive' fragrances. There's your answer, right there in the thread title.

    If you go around pissing people off, what do you expect? A group hug?? But if these are just your work buddies...
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    Re: The definitive aromatic fougère thread

    To be honest I find this 'aromatic fougere' classification next to 'useless'. If you'd smelled many of those listed here (and scratched your head while at it), you'd probably get what I mean...
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    Re: Starting to think I'm cursed.

    Could the pressure differentials in an aircraft cargo hold be responsible for the fragrance escape from the bottle? A BN splitter recently air-mailed me some samples but the decants were literally...
  59. Re: For a gentleman with class, style and elegance.

    Well-dressed? Yes.
    Elegant and classy? That's debatable. He seems clueless, or trying too hard. I'd place the blame on the photographer or art director though. It's the equivalent of wearing all...
  60. Re: For a gentleman with class, style and elegance.

    Esencia Loewe

    Am I the only one who could not help but snigger at the picture? The pose, the oversized croc skin bag, ...ugh!
  61. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    Wow! Sounds like an interesting fragrance. For a long time I've been looking for a lavender without the usual sweet basenotes. Awesome looking bottle btw! Just when I thought my shopping list at...
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    Re: The Shocking Scent Tom Ford Wears

    Hardly surprising. Personal tastes have little to do with the products you sell. A chef doesn't have to eat his own signature dish every time, does he?
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    Re: A good topic for the forum :)

    Most recent deliveries ( mostly end-Dec purchases):

    Penhaligon's Sartorial
    John Varvatos (original)
    Ferragamo Subtil pour Homme
    Ormonde Jayne Woman
    Creed Royal Mayfair
    Creed Original Vetiver...
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    Re: Bitterness In Fragrances

    Bitter facets may be found in coffee and oud notes too.
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    Re: Starting to think I'm cursed.

    That's one nice smelling box you got there...!
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    Poll: Re: guerlain derby vs. chanel antaeus

  67. Re: Dsquared2 Rocky Mountain Wood, discontinued, new bottle or new scent altogether?

    Maybe they ran out of wood...
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    Re: Best Xerjoff fragrances

    For the most part I find Xerjoff somewhat lacking in the base notes department, save perhaps the Oud series. It's not necessarily a bad thing as this is one house that knows how to extend their top...
  69. Re: Fragrances you really like, but can´t wear

    Quite a number of them, Gucci Rush and Chanel Coco for instance. I like these scents but I prefer to smell them on a woman.
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    Re: How do you test number of sprays?

    1. Decide the extent you wish your scent to project by the hour. More sprays for greater potency, though not necessarily greater reach.
    2. Ask the people around you with every passing hour.

  71. Re: Recommend Scents for Women to Men In This Thread

    To the list let me add one of my favorites:-

    Chanel 31 rue Cambon

    Do I wear it? Of course. I wouldn't have recommended it otherwise.
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    Re: "I wish..."

    I wish BNers quit whining over things they can't control...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    I've blown my 2015 fragrance budget...a few times over, I might add.
  74. Replies

    Re: Covering the "bases"

    Set aside some funds to buy samples to figure out your favorite amber/wood/ any genre of fragrances, before buying a full bottle of it.
  75. Re: The Industry-Wide Watering Down of Fragrances

    Might have something to do with the fixatives they use in recent formulations and a growing preference for top-loading, weak base notes, negligible drydowns. 'Last longer' as a concept is no longer...
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    Re: Happy holidays Basenoters

    Kaern, I think that could be another business idea. God knows some of these places need them STAT. :smiley:

    Safiy, I've tried a few Shoyeido and Pure Incense stuff. The former made my home smell...
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    Re: Testing Fragrances With My Wife

    It may have to do with the fragrance's projection and length of exposure.

    Recently my wife and I attended a full day seminar. She had on a single spray of Oud Jaune Intense so projection and...
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    Re: I'm done with Macy's

    Sorry to hear about that, OP. Makes me wonder who was put in charge of the shipping & packing section? Ace Ventura??
  79. Re: New LM Parfums - Scandinavian Crime! (Extrait De Parfum)

    Thanks, Hednic. Will check if they mail to my part of the world. :smiley:
  80. Re: New LM Parfums - Scandinavian Crime! (Extrait De Parfum)

    Anyone knows where to get LM samples?

    Lol. Now you got me craving for some, best eaten IMO with saffron glutinous rice. Indonesian Rendang by Demeter fragrances, anyone? :smiley:
  81. Replies

    Re: 2016 New Year's Fragrance Resolutions

    Spend less time on Basenotes. Give more. Of myself and my fragrant stash. :smiley:
  82. Replies

    Re: Happy holidays Basenoters

    Happy holidays, everyone. Glad to know you've found some real keepers, Safiy. I have a few fragrance deliveries coming in to usher the new year so I'm pretty set. Think I'll be looking at scenting...
  83. Re: As of now, is Armani Code still very popular?

    IMO it's well past its peak of popularity. I reckon it's a good time to break it out of the vault. :smiley:
  84. Re: New LM Parfums - Scandinavian Crime! (Extrait De Parfum)

    A laundry list of notes missing only the kitchen sink, lol. I've been wanting to sample the line if it wasn't for its relative obscurity.

    Scandinavian Crime. Danish Pastry. Bohemian Rhapsody......
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    Re: Cartier Roadster

    I too find Roadster enjoyable. The mint is prominent only in the opening minutes and pairs well with the bergamot. The central accord is almost suede-like, warm but not sweet, with minty-earthy notes...
  86. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    HORNS, congrats on Sharif. Amazing scent. But sleeping with Il Giglio on makes perfect sense as long as you're not a fast sleeper. There are times I fall asleep the moment I hit the pillows. Wearing...
  87. Re: How are the English Laundry fragrances? I really like their packaging.

    Hey I'm a real sucker for anything with a family crest or emblem. A shame the juice doesn't match up to the presentation style.
  88. Re: Endymion needs an EDP or Intense version

    Nah, it's perfect as it is. It wouldn't be Endymion otherwise.
  89. Re: Do you think Terre d'Hermes fits in well with the general aesthetics of Comme des Garçons?

    Valid points from both camps as CdG has employed 2 approaches: one more industrial and avant garde (Odeur series, Incense series, etc) the other a little more mainstream ( Man, Floriental, etc.)
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    Re: Training your nose?

    Fragrance wearing is first and foremost an experience. Identifying individual notes in a fragrance is more of an analytical exercise which may not have any significant impact on your fragrance...
  91. Re: Babbs "5 Fragrance Myths" video discussion.

    Umm... that's why it's called a MYTH. :cool: Though IMO even that is a real stretch since a myth refers to a widely held false belief. In this case his assertion is just one person's opinion.
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    Re: Is Salalah Green still available?

    Thanks for the heads up. I've been searching this gem for a while now. :smiley: I guess that means there's 2 left.
  93. Re: Would you by your hated scent on a Discount? :p

    YES, if I hate myself I would. And if I'm a sucker for punishment I'd even buy it (plus backup bottles) at FULL retail.

  94. Re: F Black by Ferragamo is proof women have horrible taste

    Self-edited: I have to be better than this. :smiley:

    Btw where are all the women?
  95. Re: Babbs "5 Fragrance Myths" video discussion.

    I'll give it a pass since the notes don't really bring anything new to the table. But thanks for the link and the summary. Could be more useful in the Just Starting forum.
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    Re: Potentially fake Creed decants?

    Caveat emptor, as usual. If something's too good to be true...
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    Re: What's your favorite subtle fragrance?

    Dia Man
    Safran Troublant

    ...among others.
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    Re: Atelier online. Is this normal?

    Marketing 101: always offer the customer alternatives with compelling (perceived) value. Others call the plain $110 bottle a 'decoy'. :smiley: It's a tried and tested technique to drive sales. After...
  99. Re: Tom Ford Private Blend - A range of expensive skin scents

    Another common yet overlooked factor: your nose.
  100. Re: What You Received For Christmas, 2015 Edition

    I got a ...keychain! WOW!!

    I must have been a real bad boy this year!!! After all I did buy and unwrapped a bottle of Xerjoff 40 Knots a week before Christmas.
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