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    Re: Deodorant with cologne?

    Ugh! No. Deodorants stink. I either use alum or nothing at all. Alum word amazingly well and has no scent whatsoever but I prefer nothing. Granted I have a very sedentary job but I find that my scent...
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    Re: American Psycho Patrick Bateman

    I think some of you have missed the point. Patrick Bateman was supposed to be what was wrong with modern men, not a role model. American Psycho was one of the very few books I thought was so purely...
  3. Re: AXE Presents: Scents That Turn Girls On - A Study

    I think it says more about the girls surveyed than Axe. Ugh, you get what you bait for.
  4. Thread: A Kanon for now?

    by musc

    A Kanon for now?

    I loved Kanon in the 70's, it ,on top of my natural scent was amazing. Never got so many compliments in my life; I could've just bathed in it. But now, either it's been reformulated or I've moved on,...
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    Re: Seeking Scent Closest To Musky Male Armpits

    Jeez, I just got a sample of Serge Luten' MKK and now I think I know why so many people hate BO - or at least what they think BO smells like. Which is MKK after it dries down. Ugh mostly. To me, MKK,...
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    Re: Eau d'hermes for office wear??

    One of my favorites; I think it is appropriate almost anywhere, anytime. I second the advice on its topnotes, they do last awhile and it may be better to apply it before you get to the office.
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    Re: Seeking Scent Closest To Musky Male Armpits

    Wow - from this thread, I've got a lot of things to try. But I have to disagree about the ones I know. Jicky and Rose 31 don't smell like musky male armpits, the just have undertones of stale BO,...
  8. Re: Cologne and deodorant vs natural body odor & pheromones

    There is somewhere between scrubbed and stinky that I find perfect. I love the natural body odor of a person, which to me emerges sometime after showering and before stinky. Stinky to me is just...
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