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    Re: Spicebomb without the sweetness?

    This is a great suggestion.
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    Re: Bois d'Iris and Bois d'Argent

    I own both and wore Bois d'Argent earlier today. I agree that it projects more than you might think at first. I could smell it clearly on me several hours later. I've read in a couple of places that...
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    Re: Would you.....

    I bought it blind and I love it. I don't think it's a safe blind buy though...
  4. Re: I received very negative feedback unexpectedly by a trusted loved one

    Same here, in fact while wearing all of the EN fragrances.
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    Re: Gucci Intense Oud - discontinued ??

    I wore this out clubbing last night. It seems to wear differently on me at times - last night I got the fruity, smoky amber. Previously, it's been almost semi-skanky, in a good way. Woody fresh...
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    Re: What Fragrance Would..

    Shalimar. Vintage, of course.
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    Re: back-ups , which and how many

    I've pretty much stopped buying backup bottles. My tastes can be quite fickle and as a result I've realised that it's pointless buying bottles of something unless it's been a long-term favourite. I'm...
  8. Re: Caron not in compliance, will be destroying stock soon

    Cheers! Didn't see the mention in the post. Interesting indeed and I take back my earlier comment.
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    Re: Very good (cheap) OUD perfumes?

    There's quite a difference between the spray perfume and the roll on with this one. The roll on is a pretty skanky woody tobacco-ey scent, has a lot more bite than the spray perfume - I own and enjoy...
  10. Re: Caron not in compliance, will be destroying stock soon

    I'm just going by what is on the IFRA website from the horse's mouth here. It's a bit of a long video so I didn't wade through it to find what is said, I'll be honest.
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    Poll: Re: Choose a 'budget' Fall fragrance

    Bentley For Men Intense doesn't actually have a rum note in it, by Bentley's own description of it. It's the regular Bentley For Men that is meant to be the one with rum in the heart.

  12. Re: Bentley Momentum Intense or Lalique Hommage Voyageur

    How does cardamom (not) work on you then out of curiosity? I love it as a note in a lot of cases. Agree that the perfume might have limited appeal, that seems to be the case with a lot of Lalique's...
  13. Re: Caron not in compliance, will be destroying stock soon

    IFRA sets the standards based on assessments with independent oversight. It's possible that governments might have input into this but I doubt they would get involved precisely because of IFRA's...
  14. Re: Bentley Momentum Intense or Lalique Hommage Voyageur

    Ambroxan is in loads of stuff and has been for ages though - it's only got a bad reputation through the incessant whining of people who can't handle their Sauvage, ha. Voyageur is pretty decent, very...
  15. Re: Caron not in compliance, will be destroying stock soon

    EU rules or IFRA rules? Have you got any links please?
  16. Re: A Niche snob looking for winter fragrances for everyday use

    How cold does your winter get?

    I'd say for everyday winter wear, just get Dior Homme. I agree that a lot of the stuff mentioned above isn't what I would class as daily scents. I'm not sure I could...
  17. Re: Lalique Hommage a L'Homme: Is it unique enough?

    I'd add Pharrell Williams GIRL by CdG to these. Violet and vetiver and quite enjoyable to wear.
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    Re: Masculine Hazelnut fragrance?

    Mechant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur might be worth trying. From their site:

    "Méchant Loup is a clever play on expectations, an abstract journey through a woody forest. The Big Bad Wolf tempts with...
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    Re: Today's Hull

    I get clove from Le 3eme Homme in bucketloads, and I've got vintage. It might be a combination of other notes (not that note pyramids should ever be taken too seriously). FWIW, Fragrantica has clove...
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit COLOGNE!

    Yeah, I got it instore on a promotion which made it only a few quid more expensive than the next size down, which was 125ml I think.

    Dior are a bit inconsistent with their larger bottle sizes for...
  21. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    Shalimar EDT. Steadily becoming a favourite of mine now.
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit COLOGNE!

    I'm a pretty solid fan of this one. Clearly a Fahrenheit relative, nice and easy to wear and performance is solid. Picked up a 200ml bottle of this a while back so will probably end up lasting me...
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    Re: Most complex/deep designer frags?

    I wouldn't agree with this at all.
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    Re: Beta Male Scents

    Real men wear Shalimar anyway, irrespective of their place in the alphabet :vrolijk_1:
  25. Re: I see why some people become Niche Snobs...

    Both of those perfumes made sense (as it were) in the context of the time they came out in, though, and only have three years between their release dates. They wouldn't have been seen as so radical...
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    Re: Gucci Intense Oud - discontinued ??

    My pleasure! They've had a lot of wedge off me over the years...
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    Re: Gucci Intense Oud - discontinued ??

    The UK version of the site does though:
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    Re: NEW: Cartier L'Envol

    I agree with everything you've said here. It's a pleasure to wear and has had some very positive feedback from others.
  29. Re: Boldest designer or mainstream scents - what are or were they?

    I'd disagree with Kouros being edgy or risky in the context of its time. It's reputation has, to me, mainly come from the impressions of people who weren't around when it was commonplace - and it...
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    Re: Newbie to Basenotes Blind Buys

    Agree with this for the Burberry and the Lalique. I love both the original EN and the Extreme flanker probably about the same and get some very good wear from them.

    For Jaipur Homme, I would take...
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    Re: Gucci Intense Oud - discontinued ??

    It's for sale at Debenhams and House of Fraser so doesn't seem to be discontinued here. And reformulating a scent that was launched in 2016 isn't likely, to me at least. It's a good one but not an...
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    Re: Mercedes-Benz EDT

    And here endeth the lesson :thumbsup:
  33. Re: At the same price, which one of these two do you recommend?

    Dior Homme by a country mile, and then some.
  34. Re: Go figure: Dior Higher and Higher Energy are not discontinued

    I'm pretty sure House of Fraser either has some of these, or has had them very recently. I'm thinking of the one in Brum specifically.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    HdP Ambrarem because I was going for a morning walk in the park and it's chilly - I wanted to enjoy the first hour of the perfume by myself without having to worry about anyone commenting on it, as...
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    Re: Dior Privee Eau Sauvage?

    True, but not sure how well it actually sells in the real, non-BN world! I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that it's a favourite still in France but wouldn't vouch for that.
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    Re: Dior Privee Eau Sauvage?

    I'm pretty sure that's not a batch code and that I've seen it used elsewhere too. Am racking my brains on this one.
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    Re: Problem with Versace "The Dreamer"

    Three on your neck in total is most likely causing nose fatigue - try spraying it on clothes and forearms only and see how that works for you.
  39. Re: Perfume Oils & Imitations - are they regulated? Should we be concerned about health and safety?

    Can I ask on what basis you've reached this conclusion, please? I don't think the vast majority of posters on here would see it as being 'not great', let alone 'this bad' hence my question - not...
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    Re: Problem with Versace "The Dreamer"

    The current version in that box has been out for years, and I've not had any longevity issues with it. It could be that the juice itself has changed and not the box, of course, but my I bought my...
  41. Poll: Re: How many bottles have you bought in the last few months?

    None in the past three months.
  42. Re: Pick One Fragrance Brought Back To Original Formulation?

    Good shout.
  43. Poll: Re: Masculinity of VUI - Prada L'Homme Intense - Spicebomb Extreme etc. For Clean Looking Mid 20s

    Wear DHI with confidence and you'll get attention. Forget the crap about lipstick, no one else who smells it on you will think that. And it's better than VUI by a country mile.

    From your original...
  44. Re: Boss Bottled Oud - Worth it for an oud lover?

    I own it and quite enjoy it. They marketed it as only contained 100% real oud but I'm sure that would have been a mere fraction of a percent of the overall scent and then mixed in with a vat of woody...
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    Re: What about Versace "The Dreamer" ?

    Well, it's been around for 20 years so I would think quite a few people...

    There's a manager at work and she wears it, and wears it well. Quite unisex.
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    Re: ENCRE NOIRE vs Sport

    I really enjoy all three versions of EN and, of the two you mention, would go for the original. The Sport flanker is very nice but the lavender just seems to dilute what I love about the original. I...
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    Re: What about Versace "The Dreamer" ?

    Yup. Wouldn't be without it. Quite unique.
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    Re: What about Versace "The Dreamer" ?

    I love this one, it's one of the few that will always have a place in my collection. Not much else smells like it, from my experience.
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    Re: Alternative to Black Orchid?

    Oud 24 Hours by Ard al Zaafaran. Think BO with oud - it's cheap as chips and has good performance. It's on Fragrantica and a number of people on there get similarities with VC&A Precious Oud which is...
  50. Re: Recreating The Sultan's Fragrances

    There's amber incense. Like the amber note in perfume, it's a made-up accord. Turin mentions it a couple of times in different blog posts as something that is sold in souks and bazaars and the like...
  51. Poll: Re: Chose for me like I'm a child...Only joking - but which is the best 'special occasion' scent?

    The myrrh in the base of OA has that powdery-sweetness to my nose and the cistus/rockrose in the base gives it a dark ambery sheen. I've got both M7 and M7 OA and enjoy them both. Might wear one of...
  52. Re: What you wore clubbing back in the day

    Started clubbing around 89-90 and never really stopped - just do it more selectively these days and sober too.

    Would have worn Obsession for Men, Fahrenheit, Egoiste, Hugo by Hugo Boss, Lacoste...
  53. Poll: Re: Chose for me like I'm a child...Only joking - but which is the best 'special occasion' scent?

    I've voted for M7 but if it's not ambery enough for you then M7 Oud Absolu is the one - it's an amber scent through and through.
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    Re: Diesel Fuel For Life?

    I actually prefer the original now.
  55. Re: Vetiver fragrances inventory: under-the-radar

    Welcome, hope it was helpful.

    (I've linked the Lush scents below to their respective pages on the Lush website as it's always fun to see how many natural oils they contain, plus you can search by...
  56. Re: Any information yet on Christian Dior Dior Homme line changes if/when?

    Nope it doesn't have to. It's still a reformulation though even if imperceptible.

    I think vintage DH EDT is my favourite of all the versions of this. It does have a sweaty feel to it, in a...
  57. Re: Any information yet on Christian Dior Dior Homme line changes if/when?

    Why do you think a formula code might change? Have a wild guess.

    Edit: reading this might help.
  58. Re: Which (designer) brands are current trend setters among mainstream brands?

    It's that honey-violet-iris thing that gets me. I also like the violet-iris combo in Pharrell Williams GIRL by CdG. Cedar and vetiver in the base work well with those florals.

    Declaration Parfum...
  59. Re: the flight to quality - do you have this "problem"? Don't mean to sound smug (apologies)

    I'll take pleasure from a scent over perceived quality, if that's what "best" means here - although I think for some it's linked inextricably to the actual cost of the perfume. If something puts a...
  60. Re: Any information yet on Christian Dior Dior Homme line changes if/when?

    I heard that Dior staff in the UK had been on some training and that there would be some kind of event for DH in June of this year. Looks like the bottle of DHI changed but that's about it! Not sure...
  61. Re: Aramis Havana , a gentlemans collection just arrived

    I picked up Feuilles de Tabac recently and wouldn't argue with this opinion. Lovely scent.

    Love this but have to be in the mood to wear it. Pretty boisterous on my skin.

  62. Re: Which frags signal "he is a nice guy but refuses to be that to me"?

    I'm sure asking the OP directly might get you the correct answer but if he's after "cold, aloof, distant" (in his words) then surely there are plenty of fragrances like this that people of voting age...
  63. Re: Vetiver fragrances inventory: under-the-radar

    I would probably put at the top of my list actual vetiver essential oil as it's a complex smell in its own right. I wear it on skin, or in my bath, or mixed with body lotion.

    Some thoughts on a...
  64. Re: Which (designer) brands are current trend setters among mainstream brands?

    I pretty much agree with all of this. And L'Envol is a proper sleeper, and well received by others too. Think I'll wear it later on today...
  65. Re: Pros & Cons of spraying fragrance on shirts

    Longevity is normally good with spraying on clothes as is sillage, but projection less so - in my experience of course. The main drawback I find with spraying on clothes is that you don't get the...
  66. Re: Bay rum with a strong note of cinnamon

    It's listed in the note pyramid on here...
  67. Re: Bay rum with a strong note of cinnamon

    Bentley For Men has bay in the opening and cinnamon in the heart. The Intense version mentioned above is lovely but doesn't have cinnamon listed by Bentley themselves although Fragrantica have it...
  68. Re: Penhaligon are discontinuing English Fern & Douro

    "Fern" is "fougere" in French, of course...
  69. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    I throw them in the recycling bin where applicable.
  70. Re: Article on frankincense from BBC - demand is destroying the trees

    Great article, cheers for the link. Enjoyed reading the NYT one too.

    I want to try that frankincense gelato now...
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend

    Vetiver is still available in some regions, isn't it? Need to get my nose on this. I love Mitzah and Bois d'Argent to pieces from the Privee line, and have a soft spot for a few of the others.
  72. Re: Does Miller Harris do a lemon heavy fragrance?

    Citron citron might be what you're after. I've not tried it but seen it in TK Maxx here a few times recently. I really enjoy the M&H perfumes I own, especially Vetiver Insolent.
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    Re: looking for a sparkling fragrance

    A lot more lower-tier than previous suggestions, but Versace Blue Jeans is a fizzy aromatic cola to me.
  74. Re: Do You Prefer A Certain Bottle Size oz’s?

    If price per millilitre was the same (or even close), I would go for the smallest size bottle available as a rule, at least with new perfumes.
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    Re: Gucci Memoire d'une Odeur

    I saw this in town today but didn't smell it. Will give it a try soon though.

    Yes, light florals are all the rage in parts of Asia like Saudi Arabia and so on :lolk: You need to have a word...
  76. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Not arrogant, but the argument is flawed the more you think about. It also undermines the opinion of anyone who doesn't have that frame of reference who does love an 80s powerhouse. It also means...
  77. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Are we confused whippersnappers then?
  78. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    I should have ended that with a bland "YMMV, of course". No offence intended, I've always tried to be nice about stuff I don't like but this seemed like the right place to open up a *little*....
  79. Re: Am I expecting too much from a cologne?

    A perfume's strength obviously fades over time once applied. For it to be strong enough to fill a small room four to six hours after application, it would have to be ridiculously strong from the...
  80. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    In no particular order:

    Burberry London for Men - Scarce was bang on the money, it's a sickly Christmas candle. Wasn't so sweet back in the day but I gave it away back then too. And the ultimate...
  81. Re: Best Ultra Cheap Beastmodes - Fresh, Clean & Masculine, Shower gel vibe.

    Adding Moschino Forever Sailing to the pile of suggestions above.
  82. Replies

    Re: Omg omg omg dior Fahrenheit parfum

    I love all the Dior blokey parfums, I think they're really well done and could easily have been entrants into the Privee line or whatever it's called these days.

    For me: DHP>ESP2012>FLP>ESP2017...
  83. Re: Which one? Fahrehnheit EDT, Absolute or Parfum ?

    They're still very different scents. Trust us on this one.

    I love all three (and Fahrenheit Cologne) for different reasons but would go for the EDT if pressed. Current version.
  84. Re: Super popular super hyped releases that you haven't tried?

    I'd be surprised if you hadn't without realising it! It leaves a very distinctive trail. It's also probably the one I would say to try, if you asked for just one suggestion. It has plenty of admirers...
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    Re: Neroli Fragrances

    I really enjoy this one. I quite like the flankers too but this is the one to try for neroli with a bit of weight behind it. Gets very positive reactions too if that matters.
  86. Re: Bentley Momentum Intense or Lalique Hommage Voyageur

    Own and enjoy both but neither are fragrances that I would use as a regular wear. The Bentley is very (deliberately maybe) synthetic and has its moments but it has a metallic ring to it that I have...
  87. Re: Does anyone remember Neal's Yard in Covent Garden London & their lovely colognes?

    I thought they did still but could be wrong. There's one in Birmingham too.
  88. Re: I really like forests. Does Knize Forest actually smell like a forest ?

    Agree with Polo and also Encre Noire if you can avoid being influenced by the histrionics about it being gothic and stuff like that. It's a breezy cypress and vetiver scent that's great worn outside....
  89. Re: Can there be such a difference........

    Someone's perception of a fragrance may be influenced by how many sprays they have used and, possibly more importantly, where they spray. You can bet that some people who report a perfume as having...
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    Re: Timbuktu or Dzjongkha ?

    I own both but if I had to only own one it would be Timbuktu.

    They're both incensey vetivers but different - Dzongkha can be almost chalky or milky on me, and it is very dry with iris underpinning...
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    Re: Any houses on your “no buy list”

    I steer away from Creed because of their endless bullshit. Way beyond the usual marketing rubbish.
  92. Replies

    Re: In a moment of mad inspiration

    I'm with you on this. Might change my mind in the future but I wasn't taken by it. Would rather wear Jicky.
  93. Re: Bentley Int. vs. Valentino Uomo Int. vs D&G The One EDP: Choosing a Signature Scent for Universi

    Bentley for Men Intense would be a clear winner from the ones you listed. And I would probably recommend Dior Homme over Dior Homme Intense ahead of the Valentino - simply because Dior Homme would...
  94. Re: Dior homme parfum VS Dior homme intense VS Valentino intense.

    I agree - and I find DHP to be a lot more versatile than DHI. DHI for me is a fragrance for a night out, whereas I can wear DHP at any time. The only reason I don't is because it's not widely...
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    Re: Trussardi python vs fahreneit 32

    Fahrenheit 32 is a quality fragrance. Not similar to others in the line though so if you haven't smelt it before you could be in for a surprise. Vetiver on a not too sweet vanilla base. I love it but...
  96. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    I went with vintage Cool Water this morning. 20 degrees here now but 83% humidity. Think it's going be a vetiver this afternoon. Might just go for Inhale perfume oil by Lush - the lighter part of...
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    Re: Explain your icon

    Mine is me, taken a couple of months ago.

    Previously it was Winston Churchill famously making the "V-for-victory" sign with the palm facing inwards, which normally has a very different meaning to...
  98. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    Ended up going with Chanel's No.19 EDT which was a good choice to start with but feels a bit too powdery now for the heat.
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    Re: What was it ?

    I've seen comparisons on here before between the Guerlain and Chanel's Coromandel.
  100. Re: UK Summer Scorcher - What are You Wearing?

    I might wear it this afternoon after a shower. Not worn it yet in "proper" heat.
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