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  1. Re: How to get an Axe addict into the real stuff..

    You can't judge Axe by that initial blast with the lingering aerosol fumes. I actually prefer the nicer Axe scents like Touch to most colognes as they're much less harsh and synthetic smelling on...
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    Aeropostale Benton

    Was at the outlets and swung by Aeropostale to buy a hat for my kid's teacher. While my wife and girls were picking one out, I just took a quick stroll past the cologne counter which had 4 or 5...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I don't really wear them for female reaction. I wear it more as a signature. Plus my wife could care less wtf I smell like.

    That said of all the colognes I've tried periodically, the one that,...
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    Bumble & Bumble Sumotech hair wax

    There's something in the fragrance that I really like, but I can't dissect the individual notes. Anybody else use this stuff who might be able to come up with a rough composition of the scent?
  5. Axe Touch - Is there a cologne equivolent?

    I love this scent. Fairly linear, which is fine with me. Very strong sweet watermelon. A background of musk and something kind of dirty like pepper.
  6. Re: Dunhill "Pursuit" - One of the most generic fragances ever?

    It was one my my blind buys and I thought it smelled like freshly washed clothes hanging out to dry. All I could call it is very inoffensive....something great for the office if you don't want to...
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