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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    The best of the best ;) :thumbsup:

    Me too but it is sad that I don't like it personally :P
  2. Re: My GF dislikes all of my stronger fragrances, should I get rid of them ?

    Your "story" happens a lot because in GENERAL women prefers light, fruity and/or fresh, more delicate, on the skin scents since their sense of smell is sharper than ours. And men also like fragrances...
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    Re: Wedding Coming Up...What Should I Wear?

    Honestly I don't have clear-cut answer to why I would pick this one in your collection... But even if I'm not the biggest fan of this fragrance (Without disliking it) Armani Code really fills the...
  4. Poll: Re: Fragrances competition NICHE vs DESIGNER WINNERS -----> (Final round)

    Not trolling by any mean but I would say it is the battle of 2 of the most highly overrated fragrances to me.
  5. Re: What is your favorite designer (or niche) house for scents?

    I really don't "care" about the niche or designer thing so I won't set them apart.

    For me the clear and undisputed winner is Guerlain! Whether it is for me and people of my age or older people, I...
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    Re: Does your nose ever "mature"?

    That's also a really good point I must say!

    The "memory" factor can also influence your opinion on odours. Whether it is in a good or bad way.

    Just like one of colleague (a girl) who really...
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    Re: spring/summer cologne for college kid

    Hi from what you said and your criteria and age I would go with (But I don't know which one are "too" popular and unoriginal in your country/region):

    - Guerlain: L'eau (From my favourite house but...
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    Re: Does your nose ever "mature"?

    This is my very first post here! ;) (But been reading for some times)

    I believe there are two important factors to your question Beyondthebox and to its answer:

    First: YES the more and more...
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