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  1. Re: Best light, close to skin perfumes for men

    Try the Penhaligon House...they have many light frags like Blenheim Bouquet, Opus 1870, Hammom Bouquet, Juniper Sling, English Fern, and Quercus
  2. Re: Slumberhouse Jeke (extrait version - 2013)

    I've tried all of Slumberhouse's frags. Jeke is tobacco, smoke, leather and, opulent, but this is WAY too strong. The only way I could wear it would be to do a half spritz behind the...
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    Re: Sexiest montale oud ?

    dark aoud and cuir d'arabie...Louban has a sexy dusty rose thing going on...I LOVE it on my wife.
  4. Re: When exactly did the new era of reformulations begin?

    LOL vintage is 1978 Polo green...You are safe
  5. Re: The Forum Has Changed in the last 5 years

    I was addicted to this site, left for awhile, and now am back. I have noticed less "quality" and more "quantity" of posts. I notice MANY great people being banned without seeing a "smoking gun"...
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    Re: Longevity question

    I have frags that I still catch a whiff of 10 hrs later. Then there are some that are still there, but I have to lift my shirt and sniff. Beware of the notorious Olfactory Fatigue, the scent is just...
  7. Re: How are new batches of Millesime Imperial?

    OH NO!!! I thought the Aventus batch debacle was the only paranoid Creed problem..Don't tell me now we will have to see a million is my MI batch number 2323232 real?? threads!!!!
  8. Re: Where to buy millesime imperial?

    Got mine from the grey market of fragrancenet...Love it. Got my other two Creeds from grey market as well. Saved hundreds of dollars. they were just as fresh as the Neiman Marcus samples I have. OR...
  9. Re: What is your #1 head turning scent?

    I must admit the same...I HATE the bloody hype, but my wife only compliments my frag. when it is Aventus. On the flip side, Cuir d' Arabie usually turns heads the opposite direction!!!
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    Re: Top 10 Niche fragrances..!

    Best: Mona di Orio Vetyver
    Amouage Opus VI
    Ramon Monegal Agar Musk
    Montale Dark Aoud
    Montale Louban
    Montale Cuir d'Arabie

    If you want really Avante Garde Niche try the relatively new house...
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    Re: Is my Creed real?

    Please use the search box, there are 1,789,234 "is my Creed real" threads with lots of people willing to help.
  12. Poll: Re: POLL : Best/Favorite Amber based fragrance based on overall scent/projection/longevity/complimen

    My favorite Amber is Bond no 9 New York Amber. It is addictive and projects like a monster. I know it isn't usually listed with the "Classics" but it is wonderful
  13. Re: Wedding day scent for the groom ... please suggest from my wardrobe!

    Congrats...I generally walk over to my frags in the morning, and one bottle always calls out to me louder than the rest. It is strange, but it always happens. Be quiet, and listen, the perfect frag...
  14. Re: Your most loved and hated note in perfumery currently.

    Oh the bickering...must be Basenotes...

    Fave: Oud/Aoud/Agarwood
    Yuck: That weird plum chemical Bond no 9 dumps in every freaking fragrance...
  15. Re: I am on an Amouage shopping spree...just purchased another bottle of Amoauge... Epic Man

    I keep eying the Opus VI. I Love that one, but it needs to come down in price a bit. Not that I mind spending a lot if it is worth it...I already gave Amouage $600 for a 30ml bottle of Tribute...I...
  16. Re: if you went with 2 houses for life, what 2 would you pick ?

    That is difficult...Houses like Creed have only 2 frags that I would own, but they top my list. Bn9 has 2 frags I own, and have tried about 20 others and dislike. My collection isn't like some...20...
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    Re: need help

    Mumsy has given you a start...perhaps you should read the DIY forum, there are alot of good tips there. Mumsy knows her stuff...she makes a good barnyard frag. that is to die for!! :engel017:
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    Re: Can I Reuse Sample Bottles?

    I do all the time. I wash them out, spritz water through the "works" let them dry. I sometimes even refill them with at different scent without washing them, I have discovered some wonderful...
  19. Re: When exactly did the new era of reformulations begin?

    The powers that be have banned or severely cut back the number and amount of some natural ingredients allowed (Oak Moss is an example). Some classic "oldie but goodie" frags have had to scramble to...
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    Re: DHI not what I expected

    I agree...when we hear hype about any fragrance, it is almost always somewhat of a let-down, nothing can live up to the hype. I must admit that DHI is better than Bn9 New Haarlem, but not as good as...
  21. Re: Do you keep fragrances in the hope that you will like them again?

    If I get tired of them, and they have resale value, I sell them...most of the time they just sit around gathering dust.
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    Re: What is your tallest bottle?

    A*men... right beside my shortest bottle Amouage Tribute Attar
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