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  1. Re: What is your staple Spring and Summmer fragrance?

    My favorites are Un Jardin Sur Le Nil and Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic.
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    Re: How Do You Take Your Florals?

    For Spring I take my florals light and green.... My search continues. I will keep an eye on this thread for recommendations.
  3. Re: How Many Different Fragrances Per Day Do You Wear?

    I wear two also. One for work and one after my evening shower.
  4. Re: Should I blind buy White Patchouli of Tom Ford

    I don't think you should blind buy White Patchouli as it isn't like Black Orchid or Violet Blonde. It happens to be my favorite of the three. I bought my bottle this weekend after sampling all of...
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    Re: Post eBay Fragrance Seller Feedback here!

    Hi, does any know whether neo retro is a reputable seller? I am looking for Tom Ford White Patchouli in a 30 ml size and he is the only one who has it.
  6. Re: Looking for Perfume Recommendations To Suit My Personality!

    Hi Rashan, I'm a noob, but it seems we have similar tastes on the citrus side of things. I also liked Ralph by Ralph Lauren and I also thought Aqua de Goia was a bit too much. I had luck picking...
  7. Re: Who is your favourite current youtube reviewer.

    Katie Puckrik !
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Thanks ! Love the flower, goes with my user name lol
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Hi, everyone, I new to the site, and new to fragrance. My tastes are not as sophisticated as others yet and my collection is small (one). I've owned Daisy Marc Jacobs as well as Narcisso Rodriguez...
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