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  1. Re: If you end up in hell, which fragrance will the devil make you wear for all eternity as punishme

    Sental 33 & Cafe Rose :cry:
  2. Re: New splits for 2012! Amouage | Armani/Prive | Creed | MDCI | Tom Ford

    Just received another 2 splits from Kron and once again, excellent service.
    Highly recommend :o)
  3. Re: New splits for 2012! Amouage | Armani/Prive | Creed | F Malle | Guerlain | MDCI | Tom Ford

    I received my Split today and I'm over the moon with it.
    I would highly recommend Kron for your splits, I will be using Kron again.

    Thanks again :)
  4. Re: If you could only choose one cologne, what would be your choice?

    Emporio Armani He. It will always be my favourite scent.
  5. Thread: Cafe Rose

    by kakarot

    Re: Cafe Rose

    I got a 10 ml sample today, and I couldn't smell any coffee :(, and find it too feminine, my daughter and female friend both have said its very feminine too, they both want to take it off my hands. ...
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