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  1. Re: Wedding Gift for my Fiancé! Need your suggestions please!

    I can see why it's popular. Given she isn't a frag head she'd still love it. That being said, what would you recommend similar to it?
  2. Re: Wedding Gift for my Fiancé! Need your suggestions please!

    I think I'm over the Creeds for now. I still want to check the Chanel boutique and give Sycomore another sniff, as well as the other exclusives. If it wasn't for the time constraint, I'd be looking...
  3. Re: Wedding Gift for my Fiancé! Need your suggestions please!

    So here's what I've come to after a day's of sampling and debating with myself of what to get. Some of them are similar enough for me just close my eyes and choose and it'd be the same. The kicker in...
  4. Wedding Gift for my Fiancé! Need your suggestions please!

    Hi everyone,
    So I need your help. I've been browsing through the threads in section looking for ideas and I have and much better now than before (thank you everyone) but, I'm looking for a few more...
  5. Re: What fragrance was so bad you HAD to wash it off?

    Bond no.9 I Love New York. I had it on for about 1-2 hours and took it all off. I couldnt stand how thick/sweet it smelled. It was suffocating.

    If anyone wants a 10ml let me know!
  6. Re: Ever buy something only because your GF likes it on you?

    im in the exact same situation, and am just as bewildered. I do think of buying it though.
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    Re: Categorizing Your Scents

    I'm really looking for more leathers. I bought a decant of TomFord Tuscan Leather and I absolutely love it. Amazing.

    And to the rest of the posters, I guess I wasn't clear but my decisions are...
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    Categorizing Your Scents

    Since I've started reading these boards and accompanying articles, I've gotten myself deeper in the world of scents far more than I can keep track. I have so many samples I'm dying to go through but,...
  9. Re: Tom Ford Noir de Noir or Bond no. 9 West Side

    how similar is noir de noir to just noir?
  10. Re: Got a Sample of CREED Aventus…Pleasantly DISAPPOINTED, anyone else?

    it may have been the batch? I remember sampling it at a local mall and I hated it, as it smelled like pure smoke. At the same time, i had blind bought a 30ml split and i absolutely loved it.
  11. Re: What have people told you that you smell like?

    Smell like pineapple- Aventus

    accurate nose, i'd say
  12. Re: Best place to buy Creeds other than boutique?

    Any idea what batches of Original Santal are best? I love the scent, but the 2 samples ive bought in the past had horrible longevity.
  13. Re: What have people told you that you smell like?

    "You smell like a dirty prostitute" - Creed Millisime Imperial
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    Re: Just Received Creed Original Santal

    Seriously? I loved this scent, and bought an entire bottle myself.

    Unfortunately it llasted about 45 mins on my skin. Literally. And instantly returned the bottle.
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    Poll: Re: TDH vs Sycomore

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    Re: What are your Top Ten Fragrances?

    I was intrigued by that list^^^ until I realized they were all women's scents. Thought Chanel Cuir de Russie sounds tempting.

    My top 10? in no order...

    Chanel Sycomore
    L'instant de Guerlain...
  17. Re: Gourmand Scents - how & where to wear it/pull it off?

    I'm in the same position as the OP, and I'd have to agree with most of the users' posts thus far.

    - Rarely in the heat, never in congested areas
    - Not so much for casual wear, rather night-outs...
  18. I've really enjoyed this article. As I visualized...

    I've really enjoyed this article. As I visualized the situations that the author put the reader into through his stories, it made me smile out of memory, as that is exactly how I first felt and how...
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    Re: Creed Royal Oud or Millesime Imperial?

    MI is way too sweet. I found it smell like sugar coated watermelons with a hint of watery-ness. I'd go for Ryoal Oud if it had to be one of the other, though I'm not a huge fan of either.
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    Guerlain Homme and Guerlain Homme Intense

    I bought Guerlain Homme and Guerlain Homme Intense samples from theperfumedcourt and they are extremely clean, soft and elegant. I absolutely love these scents...for the 1 hour I can smell them.
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    Re: Best batch of aventus?

    I have the Z02 batch, big ups to heperd for the split. It's odd, when sprayed on my neck longevity was barely 2-3 hrs but the sprays I had applied to my arm were well over 5 hrs, possibly more if I...
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    Re: The Official Creed Green Irish Tweed thread!

    As amazing as this stuff is...the first time I had a full wearing I immediately thought to myself "Cool Water". The resemblance is too great to ignore, and unfortunately with Creed's inconsistency...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Just sitting in the car with a friend of mind today, whose into colognes a bit himself, exclaimed
    "Man you smell good, what cologne is that?"
    me:"Diesel, fuel for life"
    him:"If I was a girl I'd...
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    Re: Reconsidering my Scents...

    Will definitely look into sampling the suggestions given here, thank you!

    I received my sample of Hermes un jardin de mediterranee and I am not a big of fan of it, it was recommended by a poster...
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    Re: Reconsidering my Scents...

    Awesome, all scents I've yet to consider except for Ciel Man.

    feel free to mention designer scents, I'm not so uptight about just having niche scents.
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    Re: Reconsidering my Scents...

    I actually have a few of Hermes' Jardins on order for samples, Lys Mediterranee, as well as Vetiver Tonka and Guerlain Vetiver. I'm not so sure about Issey Miyake and the likes.. I found them to...
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    Reconsidering my Scents...

    Since initially joining BN, doing research, asking questions and doing a ton of sampling...I've realized that my likes and preferences are a bit different than I had initially thought and I need new...
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    Re: Creed Sub-Forum

    I was thinking...

    Since so many people complain about batch variations, with some people complaining that their batches are horrible and others praising how their batches are remarkably amazing...
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    Re: Blind buying a Creed. Help!

    Definitely don't blind buy anything. Go for small samples as barclaydetolly advised.

    Green Irish Tweed, Original Santal, Millisime Imperial, Erolfa and whatever else seems appealing would be good...
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    Looking for a 'Signature' Scent

    Having gone through the forums reading so much and having purchased my fair share of colognes, I've noticed that people tend to ask about colognes by occasion or season, whatever best suits the...
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    Vials or Atomizers?

    So, a lot of samples I buy online often come in the small vials because the samples are so expensive (unless it's just like that at ThePerfumedCourt). I don't like to spend more than $6-7 per sample...
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    Re: Chanel Sycomore, does it smell like...

    I get a very smokey, powdery vetiver. It's very thick yet soothing (for me at least).
    I enjoy it, but moreso in cooler weathers.
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    I will admit that Creed has some remarkebly versatile and beautiful smelling fragrances. Original Santal, SMW and GIT are absolutely amazing and I love the long as it lasts. Each of my...
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    We have a winner!
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    Yeah you're right, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and opinions are subjective to each individual. I bought into the hype myself and got some samples/splits...and I was thoroughly...
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    This site definitely has way too many (paid) Creed defenders. And promoters. I've never seen users so passionately defend or recommend a brand. Not in such abundance.
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    Re: Think I'm Done with Creed

    I'm in the same boat as the OP. My first Creed was SMW and it was definitely an authentic, as I had it verified. Man was it disappointing. Smelt great for the first 30 mins...completely disappeared...
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    Re: Chanel Jersey

    I'm in the same boat. It's exciting at first but as it dries down its just a powdery scent..and it was kind of sickening (for me, at least).
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, June 7, 2012

    It really caught me off guard the first time I used it but, now I'm really loving it. A really earthy/woody splash to begin with but...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I get several compliment for Diesel's Only The Brave, mostly from men. It seems to work a lot better in the winter though, as I find it just a bit thick/heavy to wear in summer.

    Versace Eau...
  41. Re: About to get new cologne. any reliable websites?

    Anyone shop at I was looking through it for some fragrances I wanted and I was liking their prices. They claim 100% authenticity and brand legitimacy, and also that they sell to TJ...
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    Re: Cutting through the Heat

    I went out and tested out a few colognes which I really came to like that has yet to be mentioned..

    Hugo Just Different by Hugo Boss. It smells very smooth, sweet and green. Just really refreshing...
  43. Re: Free Sample Share!! New Line Ramon Monegal Barcelona.

    Count me in for Group#2 !
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    Re: SOTD: July 1st, 2012

    fresh for the hot day!
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    Cutting through the Heat

    I;ve been looking for a very sharp, crisp, clean, and fresh scent to cut through the summer heat. Everything I've found and liked so far (some of which i've bought) are more suited for cooler temps...
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    Re: Le Male or 1 million?

    Go with 1 million. It has more a spicy/cinnamon scent thats less sickening. Le male smells like candy or some feminine fragrance. 1 million just dries much better than le male. Unless well, you want...
  47. Re: Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    I dont know about 3 but, I can work with 2 different colognes rather than 1. Any suggestions that can fit 2 into $150? One aquatically fresh and the other a vetiver, with minimal citrus.

    I might...
  48. Re: Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    I might consider the Tauer Parfume discovery set, though $30 would be a large portion of an investment towards a full bottled cologne.

    I think my top 3 (from your guys help and suggestions) still...
  49. Re: Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    Nice nice, I'll keep those in mind. My top 3 considerations so far are Chanel Sycomore, Terre d'Hermes and Guerlain Vetiver.

    Any comments on Hermes Vetiver Tonka and Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver?

  50. Re: Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    I looked for Chanel Sycomore online and I only found a women'sversion? I'm assuming there's a men's one as well. Also, a few reviews I saw on Maller's Vativer said it had poor longetivity and minimal...
  51. Re: Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    Guerlain's Vetiver also caught my attention. Any comments?
  52. Re: Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    I'm from Toronto, actually. After looking into some colognes, you were right. It seems that I'm a fan of vetiver colognes.

    I've been looking for cologne boutiques in Toronto but have only come...
  53. Looking to Move Up in the World of Fragrance!

    So I've always had an interest in colognes but, not enough to dwell into research and tons of sampling to become much of an expert. For one, I don't have enough money to constantly be purchasing...
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