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  1. Re: Need a New Fragrance - Whats Hot Right Now?

    Cartier Declaration D'un Soir is very nice and you can find 100 ml bottles on Ebay for around $60.
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    Re: My biggest blind buy blunder...!

    I bought a 10ml decant of VCA Midnight in Paris EDP after reading many positive comments here. It's so bad I'm wondering if the juice went bad or something. Really weird smell!
  3. Re: guerlain vetiver frozen for young adults?

    Someone your age might like Breath of God by Lush. It has smoky vetiver and other notes that make it younger and a little edgy. Spray some on and walk around for a while before you decide. The...
  4. Re: A Taste of Heaven by Kilian - anything you can compare it to?

    Believe it or not, ATOH was my first and only scrubber up to this point. Got me queasy after a bit!
  5. Re: Recommendations for frags under $20 usd?

    Iceberg Twice - Ebay
    Rocawear Evolution - Ross
    Juicy Dirty English - TJ Maxx
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    Re: Most Sophisticated Fragrance?

    Boucheron Pour Homme
    MFK Lumiere Noire
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday 11th of November

    Jaipur EDP
  8. Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    I'm normally a big time sampler but bought Umbra by Ramon Monegal with the quickness. The fact that I had a NM store credit could have something to do with it but I'm very pleased none the less.
  9. Re: Bergamotto Marino by Ferre - a wow-er

    I'm thinking about buying BM blind from a fellow BN member. Does it indeed smell like Fuel for Life? I already have that and don't like it as much now as I did in the store. Anything else it can be...
  10. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Ok, thanks. I'll check it out in the next few days and report back.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, the Ross in Vegas did indeed have Rocawear Evolution, thanks for the tip. I bought the 50ml/$14.99....
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    Question about Cerruti Pour Homme

    I just blind bought a 1.7 Cerruti PH for a really great price. Before buying, I read several BN reviews likening it to a toned down Joop and even Creed OS. I was thinking of buying OS or Individuel...
  12. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I happen to have a Ross store credit. Can you please tell me how much it was and the size?
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    Re: Bought Zirh Ikon - Blown Away!

    I already have DE and like it....should I pass on Ikon even though it's dirt cheap? Are they different enough to own both?
  14. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Has anyone seen Rocawear Evolution anywhere for cheap? I see it's dropped to only $25 shipped for 100ml on Ebay. Down about $9 since I've been looking the last couple weeks. Figure maybe it's getting...
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    Re: Help me choose a summer scent

    Hanae Mori is very nice and can be found inexpensively on Ebay.
  16. Re: Recommended fragrances: Midnight in Paris, Pure Malt, Allure Pour Homme , Spicebomb. What else

    Inexpensive: Ignition by Lomani, Carlos Santana, Michael Jordan Legend
    Moderate: Eau de Baux by L'Occitane, Ferragamo F Black
    Higher End: Jaipur by Boucheron
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    Re: Summer Scent for Office- HIGH QUALITY

    Tom Ford Oud Wood
  18. Re: I sampled Brooks Brothers Classic and VR Spice Bomb

    Are Spicebomb and Royal Oud similar? I've smelled neither but am interested in both.
  19. Poll: Re: Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense vs YSL La Nuit de L'homme

    This...except I won't be revisiting.

    La Nuit for me.
  20. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I can recommend Dirty English without hesitation. I did a side by side review of DE and Bois du Portugal and think DE is more "wearable". BDP is richer and more complex but a bit overbearing IMO. DE...
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    Re: Lacoste Essential: Essentially Awful

    Sport is better!
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    Re: Bvlgari Aqua or Cool Water Frozen?

    Thanks everyone...maybe I'll get both! (that's the old BN spirit huh?)

    Hednic - Can you describe Frozen for me and how it differs from original CW?
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    Re: Bvgari Aqua or Cool Water Frozen?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I NEVER pay retail...I go to dept. stores to test only, then find a better price elsewhere,
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    Bvlgari Aqua or Cool Water Frozen?

    I recently passed through Macy's and must of sniffed 10-12 fragrances. Bvlgari Aqua was one of the few I liked (it was my first time experiencing the scent). I also smelled regular Cool Water...
  25. Re: Bath & Body Works New Signature Collection for Men

    I'm thinking about taking advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free sale at BBW by trying Elixir Gold and Black Pepper. I recall a few members saying that the body sprays smell better than the EDT. Can...
  26. Re: first date; looking for a nice, sexy cologne

    Prada Amber
    Diesel Fuel for Life

    Varvatos Vintage
    Ferragamo F Black

    Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers (it's cheap and I like it)
  27. Re: Imagine starting a wardrobe : Pls, make a choice of your first 6 ( six ) fragances

    Terre D'Hermes
    Grey Vetiver
    Oud Wood
    Chanel Bleu
  28. Re: Which scents brings you good 80's memories?

    Pierre Cardin and Stetson we're the first colognes I ever tried. Summer of '86, best time of my life!
  29. Re: Which fragrances make you FEEL rich and powerful?

    I remember watching that show with Mom 30 years ago....good times :) I caught an episode fairly recently and was shocked to see Victor still alive and kicking!

    I'm wondering if anybody will chime...
  30. Re: Which fragrances make you FEEL rich and powerful?

    I hope they didn't mean that literally.....because money STINKS! If you ever have to count a large sum of cash it's a very good idea to wear gloves. Old bills are full of germs!
  31. Re: Which fragrances make you FEEL rich and powerful?

    These colorful descriptions are great....keep 'em coming!
  32. Re: Which fragrances make you FEEL rich and powerful?

    love it!!!
  33. Which fragrances make you FEEL rich and powerful?

    I realize the answer is totally subjective but figured it might be a fun topic. I've edited this to make it a little more fun. Match a personality to the scent for increased visual effect.
    In no...
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    Re: A Taste Of Heaven by Kilian

    This was actually my first scrubber made me feel ill and I had to get it off! I want to try Back to Black and Straight to Heaven but I'm a little gun shy now.
  35. Re: New Fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez For Him Eau de Parfum Intense

    I see this on Ebay:

    Essence Musc Narciso Rodriguez Intense eau de Parfum Spray 3.3 oz Limited

    It's a limited edition for women if I'm not mistaken. Is this what everyone is talking about?
  36. Re: What to wear at a bar/club (to meet women)?

    Where the heck do you live?
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    Re: Best scent to impress

    John Varvatos Vintage. If you're young it can help give you a more mature/worldly image as most young guys go for the fruity citrus type stuff. It will help you stand out around young ladies not used...
  38. Re: Looking for scents for school! (For MATURE Teen)

    I'm a hardcore Ebayer and if you do your homework on who you're buying from there are many deals to be had. I know a couple of reputable sellers that offer Varvatos Vintage pretty frequently for...
  39. Re: hi all cuba (cheaper alternative quality ) fragrances question

    I have a few suggestions.

    Paris Hilton "Just Me" and Perry Ellis "360 Red" are similar to (some even argue better than) Armani "Acqua di Gio"
    Ed Hardy "Love and Luck" and Sean John...
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    Re: Eau de Baux

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    Re: My first Montale experience....

    I wouldn't go that far!
  42. Re: What to wear at a bar/club (to meet women)?

    I can't believe you think 1 Million will make you stand out. LOTS of guys are wearing that clubbing. I think Versace Black Jeans would be different as most young ladies have never smelled it. That...
  43. Re: Just starting out- what should i buy next?

    I think you've got the lighter, citrusy stuff covered. I'm thinking Rocawear Evolution would be nice for you.

    (I need a bottle myself, can I find it at Ross, Maxx, or Marshalls? Price? Thanks!)
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012

    Bond No. 9 Wall St. & Bleecker St. samples.
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    Re: 22 fast Bond No. 9 Reviews!!

    I found this very helpful, thanks!
  46. Re: What are your favourite clothing brands?

    I was into fashion the way some of you are into fragrance....realistically I had (have) wayyy too much! (the first step to recovery is admitting there's a problem =P) I've been selling a lot on Ebay...
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    Re: Aventus got me in trouble at work

    It's Aventus you foolish mortals! If anything, I deserve a promotion!
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    Re: SOTD; Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

    YSL L'Homme Libre and not quite sure how I feel about it.
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    Re: SOTD; Monday, June 11th, 2012

    Tom Ford Oud Wood. It was good while it lasted. (that's what she said! =-P)
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012


    Thanks for the input. I actually was looking to get both Coromandel and Cuir de Russie but read multiple reviews by members who feel they're feminine smelling. Could you make general...
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    Re: Let's make love - Which candles?

    The last post in this thread was 3 years ago and a lot of the candles mentioned have since been discontinued. The Slatkin Evil Eye sounded really awesome but it's selling for outrageous money now...
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012


    Thanks for the encouragement. I value your opinion and will go ahead and pick-up a 5ml sample from TPC for $15.
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012

    GIT & Bois du Portugal samples. Was going to get Coromandel too but got scared off after reading that several BN members think it's too feminine for a guy. It went for more than I wanted to pay...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    I showered with Versace Black Jeans shower gel and put on Guess Suede. Smelling pretty good.
  55. Re: New Chanel: Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

    Hey d4N13L,

    What part of Brasil are you in? How many reais for the bottle? Everything is always so expensive in Brasil.
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012

    5 ml mini of Paul Smith for Men (blind buy after reading good things here).
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, June 5, 2012

    AM: Xeryus Rouge PM: Dirty English
  58. Re: Should i get lacoste essential or love and luck?

    I had a 4.2 oz bottle of Essential and got really tired of it by the time I finished it (it was all I had for awhile). Love & Luck is softer/lighter IMO. I'd probably get that. If you decide to go...
  59. Re: Which Scent has a lot of Booze in it? Rum,Gin,Whiskey You name it Baby..

    LOL. I'm wearing Dirty English tonight and was going to suggest it. I'd also +1 Tom Ford Extreme although to a lesser extent.
  60. Re: New Tom Ford Lavender Palm - I have it - Pic inside!!!

    Thanks MonkeyBars, would you say ATOH is the more masculine scent of the two? I just ordered some samples of it and am hoping it's not too feminine for my taste. Lavender Palm sounds like it would be.
  61. Re: New Tom Ford Lavender Palm - I have it - Pic inside!!!


    Can anyone compare Lavender Palm to A Taste of Heaven By Killian? Since they're both expensive lavender based fragrances I'd like to hear some thoughts. Thanks.
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