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  1. Thread: Guerlain Vega

    by Baldini

    Re: Guerlain Vega and Tom Ford Private Blends

    Removed sold items and added Tobacco Vanille.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Added unboxed Private Blends.
  2. Thread: Guerlain Vega

    by Baldini

    Guerlain Vega

    US or international. I will package well, but buyer assumes responsibility after it is shipped.

    Email if interested and feel free to check my feedback. Thanks!

    New in box...
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    Re: Would anyone bother faking Curve?

    It's perfectly fine.

    The differences you are noticing are due to this line of fragrances being sold under a long-term licensing agreement to Elizabeth Arden (hence the "EA") last year.

  4. Re: Very often, the more you know, the more complicated it gets.

    If it's any consolation, Creed has seemingly improved their quality control issues, at least in terms of consistency in the juice. I've tried most of the 2012 millesimes, and I'd say they're all...
  5. Re: Looking for a new fragrance house, something out there. Help!!

    There's a number of smaller 'indie' houses that have some gems as well, might be worth checking out.

    Sonoma Scent Studio
    Smell Bent
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    Re: Fragrance-free?

    Everyone's different. To me, fragrance is part of my daily personage, no different than putting on a shirt or combing my hair in the morning. Very rarely do I have a day that I don't take a shower or...
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    Re: Something like a cathedral?

    CdG- Avignon, Kyoto, or Hinoki will give you that cathedral-like incense you're probably looking for.
  8. Re: "Dolce and Gabbana The One" or "Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme?"

    The original (Made in Italy) PH is a masterpiece. I have an extra bottle of it- if you're interested, PM me. The One smells great and is complimented by both men and women, but it lasts for about 3...
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    Re: The vetiver quandary

    Guess I'm all alone, but Chanel Sycomore is a great clean masculine vetiver. Encre Noire smells earthy and sour to me.
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    Re: Looking for cologne with no top notes...

    I see that you misunderstood the term "topnotes", but I think you got it now. Just for clarification, the "top" of a fragrance doesn't refer to "high" or "sweet" notes; rather, it refers to the...
  11. Thread: The $100 Rule

    by Baldini

    Re: The $100 Rule

    tl;dr - You should only buy fragrances that represent a good value to you. Fin.
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    Re: why you should NOT buy from

    That dude was making fun of you (see reason for edit if the ridiculous comment wasn't enough). But I do think your headline is overly sensationalist at best and downright misleading at worst. When...
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    Re: Mixing two fragrances in one decant.

    It's funny to see all the people who swear by the mantra that you should wear and enjoy fragrance for yourself and disregard the opinions of others, but then tell you that you shouldn't try a...
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    Re: some thoughts about dior homme intense

    DHI smells like MiP to you? Is it possible you've suffered a nose injury recently? :P

    In my own anecdotal experience only, The One is very popular with women. It seems to get overwhelmingly...
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    Re: Anyone else dislike vetiver?

    Can any experts here state with any authority whether or not vetiver is often synthesized in fragrances, or is it common and cheap enough that most vetiver-based fragrances will have the actual...
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    Re: La Nuit de L'Homme- terrible?

    Thanks gentlemen! I don't think that anyone was personally accusing me, but the possibility was brought up, and I didn't want OP (new to BN and fragrances in general) to even consider that notion....
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    Re: La Nuit de L'Homme- terrible?

    Just for clarification, I was the one who sent OP his samples of The One and La Nuit. I can give you my word that neither fragrance is fake. I've dealt with a quite a few BNers, and have had nothing...
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    Re: Encre Noire By Lalique

    I have to agree with this. I know I'm in the minority, but this one seems rather one-dimensional, a bit synthetic, and above all to me: *sour*. I enjoy many other vetiver-based fragrances, but this...
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    Re: Help me pick a sandal wood

    -Santal Noble
    -Lorenzo Villoresi's Sandalo

    Or, for a pretty straightforward sandalwood with a little eucalyptus up top, AoS Sandalwood.

    For less straightforward, but still excellent...
  20. Re: Winter modern fragrance that covers sillage, longevity, projection for men in their twenties.

    Like all of these, and adding Meharees.
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    Re: Your precious, unopened, Back Up collection!!

    Meh, I started collecting backups before I realized that a) I'll die before I'll finish any of them, and b) there's always something different, whether it be new, old, or simply overlooked. The only...
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    Re: Is this site for real?


    EDIT: Just to pre-empt: This is the same company, they apparently shut down their previous site, and now use this one, without the...
  23. Re: Looking for a cedar scent (along the same lines as Castle Forbes Cedarwood and Sandalwood Afters

    Penhaligon's Opus 1870. Superb cedar fragrance, less than average longevity, however. :/
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    Re: Wanted: Sample/decant of newer Erolfa,L'air Du Desert Marocain

    I have another bottle of LDDM on the way... how many mls were you looking for?
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    Re: Help me build a Bond No. 9 Wardrobe

    Not exactly a pyramid, but from Bond's description:

    I definitely get the fruit/floral accord, which isn't cloying to me at all, and the woodsy-vanilla base makes it great. I think it's perhaps...
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    Re: Help me build a Bond No. 9 Wardrobe

    Dude, you forgot Manhattan! Along with Silver Factory and ILNYFA, I'd say among Bond's best yet.
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    Re: Determining Authenticity.

    Never heard of "firsts", although I wouldn't doubt that fakes are graded- I went through a phase of deliberately buying fakes to examine the bottles, the packaging, the juice, etc, and found some...
  28. Thread: My Quest!!

    by Baldini

    Re: My Quest!!

    Ormonde Man. It fits your profile well, is classically-structured as to match your current likes, but is both modern enough and unique enough to make it worth your while. The juniper berry and pink...
  29. Re: What do you do when you love a Basenote but don't care for the rest of the drydown?

    Just do "The Bigsly"!
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    Re: Oh, it's on now...

    I'd love to try out some of that Dior Homme Extreme! :P
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    Re: Does anything remind you of Egoiste?

    Yup, this is what I was going to say as well. It's kind of like "Egoiste Lite"- you get the nice warm wood, but it just seems too airy and lacks the complexity of Egoiste. That said, I'll wear the...
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    Re: best SMELLLING fragrances in your opinion.

    Egoiste Cologne Concentree
    Ormonde Man
    Gucci Envy

    I (like most of us, I suspect) go through fits and starts with all types of fragrances, sometimes certain notes, sometimes certain houses, but...
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    Re: What's your most timeless fragrance?

    +1 Egoiste. Its scent is both 'classic' and 'modern'. A legend worth the hype, imo. No matter what note kick I'm on for a month, or what house I'm suddenly enamored with, I can always come home to...
  34. Re: what is a fragrance you will never touch again in your lifetime? Kryptonite fragrance to you

    VC&A Pour Homme. I'm not ashamed to say it.
  35. Re: Can anyone suggest an "Aftershavey" or Aftershave-like cologne?

    Good recs so far, adding: PdN New York
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    Re: Indie or avant-garde scent for the office?

    Check out Smellbent- lots of cool concepts, and he sells a sampler pack for $30. I like Debonair.
  37. Re: Looking for Fall scent similar to "Tea for Two"

    Agree. They're similar to me, in that they are both tea-based, but that's where the similarity ends. The L'Artisan offering has a much darker tea, and a fortuitous smokiness that GPH II lacks. I...
  38. Re: are there full bottle fragrances in your collection that you hardly wear?

    Egoiste Cologne Concentree and Patou Pour Homme. The former because I feel like I'd be assaulting everyone else's olfactive sense (some people just don't appreciate a good thing), and the latter...
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    Re: Body Kouros = The Dreamer???

    Lump me in with *everyone else* in that I'm not sure how you arrived at this conclusion. On paper, they're drastically different, and in practice, they have very different vibes. They're both...
  40. Re: Ask a guy wearing TEN SPRAYS, of Aventus, anything.

    Go back to reddit.

    I'll meet you there.
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    Re: Please need help about VERSACE THE DREAMER !

    Have both versions. Scent, sillage, and longevity are the same. One of the few times a new box doesn't mean a new formula. And I agree- once you get past the first 20 minutes or so, it is very nice.
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    Re: Winter fragrance for very cold climate.

    You just described Opium Pour Homme Eau D'Orient.
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    Re: Rank the Thierry Mugler fragrances

    Have or tried most of the men's line except Pure Coffee and Pure Leather, and don't really care for any of them. The only bottle I kept was Mugler Cologne, and that's just for work.
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    Re: Next 'cheapie' blind buy

    Nice list. The ones I recommend from it:

    - GPH II
    - YSL Kouros
    - YSL Rive Gauche
    - Jaipur
    - Code (mostly for it's versatility and general favor it finds among 'normal' folks)

    I'd also add...
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    Re: Most complimented designer frag?...

    I'm not gonna lie- it's the original Curve for Men. I have plenty of more expensive designers and some niche, all of which I wear in a large rotation, but this averages like 2 compliments per...
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    Re: Never buying grey market Creed...

    ScentMonkey is a perfectly legit place to buy frags, in that they do not sell fakes. With Creeds, it's always hit or miss on whether or not you get a "good" batch, which I find absurd for the prices...
  47. Re: Does one insult the gods of perfumery by avoiding masculine top notes?

    Possibly some of the blowback is due to ambiguous writing.

    You said:

    I know this snippet requires some context, but your point isn't very clear. What is not consistent with your experience?...
  48. Re: The difference between spraying fragrance up close, or far away? How far do you spray it?

    In middle school, I once read a ~200 page book about common misconceptions and wrote a report about it. I think there are more misconceptions in this thread than in that book. Did you guys know you...
  49. Re: Does one insult the gods of perfumery by avoiding masculine top notes?

    At the end of the day, there are an infinite number of ways to conceptualize what perfumery is- is it art? An act of pragmatism? An exemplary form of for-profit businesses and consumerism? There's no...
  50. Poll: Re: Were you taken in by the Encre Noire hype? POLL.

    Got a sample from another BNer a while back after reading thread after thread of it. Sickeningly synthetic and terribly sour. I've tried it half a dozen times, wanting to see if I had "missed"...
  51. Re: What do you do with all your free Exceptional because you are for Men samples from Fragrancenet?

    This is exactly what I do, but only with those new to the fragrance game. I think some fragrance enthusiasts would be offended if I sent this to them. It's essentially saying, "Here, you throw this...
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    Re: Replacement for Gucci Pour Homme II

    It's possible... that comment was from December 2011. I think they also had the 50ml bottles as an option. The GPH I had recently disappeared at that time, though.
  53. Poll: Re: Rochas Man vs. New Haarlem: A Detailed Comparison

    I own Rochas Man, and the gf wears New Haarlem (it's actually her favorite fragrance to wear). The New Haarlem is certainly more well-blended- stronger, denser, longer-lasting, etc. But like others...
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    Re: is there anything similar to armani code?

    Seduction in Black. Not even joking.
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    Re: John Varvatos Star USA pulled from Macy's

    To me, the original is the only one worth checking out if you haven't already, but as the current owner of two 4.2oz bottles (trying to move one of them), I can say that the longevity is certainly...
  56. Re: Are fragrances "fresher" and "newer" at Sephora/Nordstrom/Macys than at the online discounters

    There is no definitive answer. My guess is 'maybe'. It all comes down to the distribution process. So when you go into a nice and proper high-end department store, you have to understand that...
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    Re: Blekh synthetic frags are so awful

    I'm pretty sure Creed fragrances are entirely composed of natural elements plucked from preserved essences of Queen Elizabeth II's private jardin.
  58. Replies

    Re: Why oh why didn't I ask...

    I've never hesitated to ask- most people take it as a compliment, and it can brighten their day and educate yours. For avoiding any misconceptions about homoerotic advances, you can simply ask the...
  59. Re: Does anybody know of a reputable place to get a bottle of vintage DHI?

    There's a fairly recent Youtube video where Cubby states he bought a bunch of bottles from a Swedish website. The video is actually pretty entertaining, because they all came with black collars, and...
  60. Re: What are your partner's favorite scent(s) on you?

    In no particular order, with no particular commonalities:

    - Ormonde Man
    - Bogart Pour Homme
    - Gucci Envy
    - A&F Fierce
    - Vera Wang for Men
    - The One
    - Terre D'Hermes
    - Burberry Touch
  61. Re: Please answer this: actual name or word for.......

    "Collar" is what most people call it. See every discussion of DHI ever in the last year- it will either involve a 'silver collar' or 'black collar' bottle.

    Example pic (found conveniently enough,...
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    Re: Gucci PH already being faked :(

    No. You DO NOT get swindled on some fake sh*t, and then get swindled again by letting the seller keep half your money for some bunk juice that you have to throw in the garbage. 100% refund or you...
  63. Replies

    Re: Kenneth Cole Reaction...the worst ever.

    Well... that escalated quickly.
  64. Replies

    Re: Gucci PH already being faked :(

    Hope you get your money back, OP (Paypal is pretty good for the buyer), but damn, that bottle is just hilarious. You can check my 'submitted' for some of the fakes I've bought (on purpose). You could...
  65. Re: What to buy for Fall? Suggestions Wood/Spice Possibly a Hint of Smoke.

    CBIHP Burning Leaves or Michael by Michael Kors.
  66. Replies

    Re: Curve from amazon, fake?

    L'Homme Blanc Individuel is right- a little while back, Elizabeth Arden acquired the rights to Curve the fragrance. The new packaging reflects this change, although I'm unaware of any reformulations....
  67. Replies

    Re: Looking for a new every-day fragrance.

    If you're near Old Bond St, stop by the Ormonde Jayne boutique and check out Ormonde Man. They can supply you with a small sample atomizer if you'd like as well. It's an enchanting woodsy fragrance...
  68. Replies

    Re: Summer frag panic!

    Lomani Solara. $20 and smells way more expensive. Awesome warm weather scent.
  69. Replies

    Re: Zirh Ikon vs. Animale Animale

    You could probably get both for less than $40 shipped. Had both, liked Ikon enough to keep it, but then again, I'm not one for gourmands.
  70. Replies

    Re: Please help! Expert advice needed

    My local postage guys seemingly play Aussie-rules football with my packages, and the juice is fine. No worries, although not sure why you were doing that in the first place...
  71. Poll: Re: Liz Clairborne Curve for men vs Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce

    To me, they are slightly similar, but disagree that they smell the same. I think they're different enough to own both if you enjoy them (I do and I do).
  72. Replies

    Re: Smells Like Cherry Cough Syrup?

    Bogart Pour Homme. Cherry cough syrup at the beginning, cherry pipe tobacco in the middle, smooth tonka and vanilla at the base.
  73. Replies

    Re: Similar birch / blackcurrant Aventus vibe

    My nose is not nearly as trained as some others here, but I think if you were to remove the topnotes, Aventus and Bleecker Street smell very similar.
  74. Replies

    Re: Need a replacement for Gucci Envy

    While I agree that Carven Homme (at least the opening) smells similar to Envy, it develops a floral tone, which is quite nice, but may not suit your particular brand of machismo. Let me know if you...
  75. Re: Fragrances with the strongest Performance and tremendous Projection/Longevity

    Most Amouages and Histoires de Parfums (at least the few of each I own) have crazy projection and longevity. I'm not allowed to wear 1740 to work ever again.
  76. Re: Suggestions for a long-time lurker (Prize goes to winner)

    Sometimes I think that half of the people posting don't read anything other than the thread topic, which makes for some 'interesting' suggestions.

    Anyway, for two fragrances that are both...
  77. Re: Noirdrakkar Tries Aventus: Is Aventus Worth The Hype?

    I think Aventus is definitely worth a sniff (there's always tons of splits or decants available for this one), and while it's certainly nowhere near my favorite, I think it's both bold enough and...
  78. Replies

    Re: Best blind buy and would you recommend it!!

    Two recent blind buys (no way to sample) were Lomani's Solara (hednic apparently mentions this one a lot) and Meharees by L`Erbolario. The Lomani was $20 and the Meharees was $50, and I find both...
  79. Re: looking for a nice, sexy scent based on my skin/fragrance chemistry

    Based on your skin and your request, Allure Homme Sport and Rochas man would definitely work for you.
  80. Replies

    Re: Mont Blanc Legend or A&F Fierce?

    Legend has a better smell to me, and is a little more complex. However, Fierce definitely has the edge on projection and longevity. Either way, both are great compliment-getters.
  81. Re: Do you get any compliment while wearing Live Jazz?

    Only when I first spray it on, interestingly enough. The gf always asks "What did you put on? It smells nice!". I have yet to get a compliment on it after it dries down. It wears kind of close on me...
  82. Replies

    Re: Cologne Recognition

    Two that I found out because of BN, but aren't very popular are Meharees by L`Erbolario and Solara by Lomani (thanks hednic!). The Meharees is sometimes compared to Musc Ravageur, and they're a...
  83. Replies

    Re: Versace Dreamer Fans.

    I wore it to work nearly every day for months. For an office environment, one solid spray to chest/lower neck is plenty, and you'll smell it all day. For regular wear or going out, I'd recommend no...
  84. Replies

    Re: Versace Dreamer Fans.

    One of the first bottles I bought when beginning this hobby. I absolutely loved it for months, wore it all the time. After a while, the synthetic smell that others mentioned started to wear on me, as...
  85. Re: My (Unfortunately) Most-Complimented Cologne: Curve Revisited

    First-world problems for sure, man.

    On a side note, I've had Curve since its inception, and it was my daily (read:only) frag in high school. I still have a 4.2oz bottle that I hadn't touched in...
  86. Thread: Armani Code

    by Baldini

    Re: Armani Code

    Today's Armani Code smells almost identical to Antonio Banderas Seduction in Black. They both have similar sillage and longevity (read:lacking), but the Banderas is cheaper, so if you're...
  87. Re: Looking for a masculine woodsy scent with berry

    Thanks again for the suggestions. I came across a 90% full bottle of JV for pretty cheap, so I have it on the way- also a new one I haven't tried yet. I have Michael for Men (from the Givenchy-era...
  88. Re: Boss bottled vs 212 vs Bvlgari pour homme vs Dior homme sport

    DHS > Boss Bottled > Bulgari Pour Homme > 212

    The Boss Bottled (#6) is pretty much a tie with the Bulgari for me, but others around me seem to react more favorably with the Boss, so it gets the...
  89. Replies

    Re: Bleu de Chanel

    It's a pretty nice scent. I think most of the detractors are critical because it's 'too safe' or doesn't stand up against the Chanel classics, both of which I agree with, to a degree. On its own,...
  90. Replies

    Re: Olivier Creed - Before He Was Famous

    Flawless victory.

    However, when he mixes his drinks just right, they can be quite nice.
  91. Re: Looking for a masculine woodsy scent with berry

    I actually found this one for $20 shipped, so I ordered it. I've noticed that despite all the frags you own or have tried, you really seem to like the inexpensive Lomani creations. Hopefully you've...
  92. Re: Looking for a masculine woodsy scent with berry

    Thanks guys- some undoubtedly great suggestions. I have M7, and I get more syrupy spice from it (at least for the first hour or so), but still one of my favorites. I have a Bleecker St decant coming...
  93. Re: Looking for a masculine woodsy scent with berry

    This is one common frag I've not yet tried, so this could be promising. The reviews are (surprise) all over the place, but most seem to get a fresher fruity smell with a woodsy base. I'm thinking...
  94. Re: Fragrances you keep going back to even though you don't like them???

    I've given up on it at this point, but I had tried VC&A Pour Homme more than a few times to see if I could sense what others smelled that makes them like it so much. I've decided I can't like it (I...
  95. Looking for a masculine woodsy scent with berry

    I don't usually post topics for recs, as a simple search will often yield exactly what one was looking for. In this case, I'm requesting BNers' expertise for a rather specific desire.

    I'm looking...
  96. Replies

    Re: Which is the best Woodsy Fragrance..?

    A lot of great recs in this thread. I'll add one more: Ormonde Man

    Top Notes: Juniper berry, bergamot, pink pepper, cardamom and coriander seeds

    Heart Notes: Oudh and black hemlock

  97. Re: Which cheapie did you wear in high school that got you massive compliments?????

    Chalk up another one for the original Curve. I've received far more compliments per day with this one than any of the hundreds I've worn since. And it kills me that I can no longer appreciate it like...
  98. Re: Wanted Spicy, Dirty, NO sweetness, at $100 or less. Suggestions please.

    Came to say this, was surprised it wasn't among the first responses.

    C&S Citrus Paradisi has a nice citric (not sweet) lemon with a lot of funk, as that seems to be your thing.
  99. Thread: 1 Million

    by Baldini

    Re: 1 Million

    I don't find the scent offensive, but as a grown man, I personally don't prefer to smell like Fruit Stripe bubblegum. It's probably the antithesis of 'sophisticated'- it's designed to be a...
  100. Replies

    Re: la nuit de l'homme v Spicebomb

    If you're looking for actual spice, then don't buy either one. If you're just on the fence between these two, I prefer La Nuit.
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