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  1. Re: Official Penhaligon's Samples Swap Discussion Thread

    I recieved them on Friday, but haven't been able to post. I currently own Blenhiem Bouquet. So far I tried the English Fern, which I do like, as well as the Eau de Vervein. My girlfriend absolutely...
  2. Re: 24 members invited to sample Penhaligon's samples, USA only

    I'd like to get in on this as well, group 4 if that is possible.
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    Poll: Re: What from Wardrobe to take to College?

    That's what I did as well, the one's I used more for class I had in my tiny closet. Things were all over, but that's dorm living.
  4. Re: Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College vs Shave Shop

    I don't have much experience with Mr. Taylor, sorry. From what I've heard, its along the lines of Eton College, similar in that they are more colonge based fragrance than Shave Shop. Hope that helps!
  5. Re: Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College vs Shave Shop

    I might be a bit late in responding, but Shave Shop might be what you are after. Shave Shop has a nice soapy kind of smell, with a bit of a nice flowerly, powdery note. Eton College on the other...
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