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    Re: NEW: Memo - African Rose!

    Layer a nice rose + vetiver over African Leather and save $500!
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    Re: Valentines Day choice

    Naxos - its a little romantic for my Valentine.
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Naxos - perfect for my Valentine.
  4. Re: Any well done watermelon'esque fragrances that only have a hint of sweetness, ie, not candy'ish?

    Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct has a nice watermelon but fresh synthetic aroma. I don't think its a top fragrance but is above average for a designer that can be found for cheap if you look...
  5. Re: Looking for Rasai Shuhrah and shaghaf type perfumes

    I like Rasasi Shuhrah and recommend it. You can find it online at several vendors, google it, for around $40. It opens with a floral and green but fresh opening that gives the feeling of natural...
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    Re: Your Favorite Henry Jacques Fragrances?

    Some of the finest fragrances I have tried. Very expensive, hard to find, so only tried them once when in London. Where can you find them in the US?
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    Re: Any fans of Nishane Hacivat?

    Not an Aventus clone, but is pure pineapple! Will be great in spring or summer.
  8. Re: What fragrances have you changed your mind about recently?

    Terre D'Hermes. Finally got on board.
  9. Re: Is Boucheron pour homme (1991) blind buy worthy?

    I would not blind buy it. Like many of these older perfumes, it is a bold statement of aggressive citrus over bold florals then a smooth finish. Smells good, but is aggressive and a little dated in...
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    Re: Favorite Tobacco Colognes 2019

    tobacco is not my favorite note as a primary note, but these lighter tabac are all appealing-

    Dusita Issara

    Xerjoff Naxos

    Zegna Strength
  11. Re: typical, "textbook" frankincense you recommend?

    LAVS by Unum, OR Sahara Noir by Tom Ford are excellent and easy to find.
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    Re: Fragrances with Baileys Smell

    Baileys is blend of Cream, Cocoa and Irish Whiskey. Take a look at Bvlgari Man Black Orient. I like that scent.
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    Re: Favorite pine/fir scents

    Scent Detectives entire list above is excellent. I like these:

    Hinoki by Comme des Garçons
    Heretic Blood Cedar
    Dasein Winter
  14. Re: Nishane istanbul -- anyone have experience or recommendations?

    Artistically created fragrances. They tend to overdo a theme just slightly - so spray softly. I like and own these from the house-

    Spice Bazaar - A great representation of blended spices (ginger,...
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    Re: Why is Amouage Myths Man so underrated?

    I own this one and like it as one of my favorites from Amouage. It's not popular by design: purple bottle?, chrysanthemum opening note?, the name Myths? - these themes don't draw widespread appeal....
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    Re: Top 3 Creed Fragrances

    currently I like:

    Royal Mayfair
    Spice & Wood
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    Re: Royal Oud - An appreciation

    Old Factory - love that name - asked if any other brands are as good? Just depends on my mood, but for a similar warm oud wood type fragrance these are all up there: Fragrance Du Bois Sahraa Oud,...
  18. Re: looking for the best masculine chocolate fragrance

    A couple of chocolates that I think are great: Sammarco Bond-T and Fazzolari Ummagumma.
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    Re: alghabra labyrinth of spices

    Want to also recommend Bvlgari Man Black Orient as a worthwhile option to Labyrinth of Spices, although it is different, But is good and much less costly.
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    Re: alghabra labyrinth of spices

    This is one of the more complex / dense spice fragrances that I've tried. A lot of dry spice in there. Much interplay between warm spices and dry notes to balance and offset them. I like it when...
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    Re: Azemour lost more than its luster

    Happy I got my bottle of Azemour early, and it should last me. The original creation is special work. Unfortunately, it seems that the extra special perfumes are so vulnerable to a FxxX Up by: ...
  22. Re: I hope Neimans isn’t the next one to close

    Neiman's $170 million draw on its annual line of credit during August is not an excessive amount for the off season. The big concern for Neiman Marcus is long term debt of $4.4 billion which has...
  23. Re: Has Dolce & Gabbana - The One lost its relevance among fragrance enthusiasts?

    To be average in a crowded field is to lose relevance, yes it has lost relevance. The One and especially The One flankers have been surpassed by a flurry of competitors and has settled into relative...
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    Re: Favorite ‘warm-spicy’ fragrance

    Some good Spice fragrances:

    1) Santa Maria Novella Marescialla - best nutmeg fragrance
    2) Artist by Phuong Dang
    3) Ma Nistana by Parfums Nishtana
    4) Ermenegildo Zegna Essenze Madras...
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    Re: Is Barney’s gone gone?

    I am sorry you have had such a bad experience with Barney's SA's but my experience is quite the opposite. Always very accommodating to me, and never pushy or rude. I can't say the same about...
  26. Re: Expensive smelling men’s fragrances not necessarily high priced?

    Great find! Absolute steal for this beautiful fragrance.
  27. Re: Best Hot weather fragrance for a person that likes these scents.

    Dusita Issara. Very impressed with how this works in recently cooler termps. A pastoral landscape of warmth like Van Gogh's Sunflowers but with Virginia Tobacco and freshly harvested Hay. A...
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    Re: Would I like Yatagan ?

    Yatagan is Caron's best fragrance for men, imo. So . . . . give it a try.
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    Re: Patchouli based Masculine scents.

    with patchouli as a major central note without being going all the way to pure patchouli fragrance -

    Purple Haze 19-69
    Monsieur Frederic Malle
    Incident Diplomatique Jovoy
    Gentleman Givenchy...
  30. Re: What is that "celery" note specially in Yatagan

    The "celery" you get in Yatagan might be Artemsia (wormwood) and Fennel.
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    Re: Spicebomb without the sweetness?

    Comme des Garçons edp is a very deep spice scent without much sweetness.
    Artist by Phuong Dong is an incense spice - super good.
    Rasasi Satoor Waaw edp is a nicely blended chai spice masculine...
  32. Re: [Advice] Patchouli: Mazzolari vs. Lorenzo Villoresi

    Depends on your teste in patchouli fragrances It is bold and raw (Mazz) vs. cool and flowing (Villoresi) Mazzolari is a patchouli/amber combination that has a salty sour honey note.. The...
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    Re: Your 2020 Fragrance Plans?

    Selective editing of collection. I plan to buy a new bottle once a month or so to upgrade, and also to sell and remove the 30% I admire the least. +12 new, -180 old.
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    Re: A creamy Woody for winter

    JUBILATION XXV - A base of cedar wood but is chock full of other spices/flowers/incense to add richness and character.
    MILKY MUSK - a very dry and light sandalwood floating on a cloud of airy woody...
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    Re: Recommend me an orange citrus frag?

    My thought exactly. Very good orange scent with some darkness and mystery to it.
  36. Re: Creed Aventus Clone = Club De Nuit Intense By Armaf ?

    Armaf Club de Nuit Intense = Creed Aventus = Rasasi Rumz Al Pour Lui = Nishane Hacivat = Montblanc Explorer.

    Differences? Armaf has drier birch base, but all other aspects are similar to Aventus....
  37. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    I agree with your preference to it over the the edt. Very Cool Spray is nice especially in this hot weather.
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    Re: A varial of Bleu de Chanel ?

    Nautica Voyage is a great $20+ scent. Little more aquatic that BdC, but just as good imo.
    Also, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce is similar and cheaper in price.
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    Re: A varial of Bleu de Chanel ?

    Nautica Voyage is a great $20+ scent. Little more aquatic that BdC, but just as good imo.
    Also, Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce is similar and cheaper in price.
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    Re: Winter pleasent smell

    duplicate post
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    Re: Winter pleasent smell

    I like darker incense and/or woody masculine fragrances for winter like:
    Armani Prive Bois d' Encens
    Unum Lavs
    Comme des Garcons Avignon
    Parle Moi Papyrus Oud
    Robert Piguet...
  42. Re: Your favorite Christian Dior niche fragrance ?

    Purple Oud is my favorite right now. Smells fresh, strong woods, uplifting.
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    Re: New Diptyque fragrance Eau de Minthe

    Yes that makes a difference. To see it as a fougere with mint in place of lavender is kind of twist of thinking for me. The name of the scent puts mint up front but seen as a fougere makes it...
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    Re: New Diptyque fragrance Eau de Minthe

    I've worn Eau de Minthe several times now and I agree with the sentiments on Fragrantica - rating 2.8 out of 5! It's OK but not a leader of good mint fragrances. Pleasant to wear, very similar to...
  45. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    That's it!
  46. Re: What do you do with the original box/presentation

    Keep all boxes empty in large ziplock storage boxes and store in an attic storage room. I keep all fragrance bottles stored in plastic shelf bin organizers by house or key note. Each bin organizer...
  47. Re: Whatever happened to Paul smith fragrances??

    I see that Paul Smith Men, Paul Smith Extreme, and Paul Smith Story are all still available. I've had two of these in the past and they were good, but not great scents. Story is an excellent...
  48. Re: Whatever happened to Paul smith fragrances??

    I wonder what happened? They might still be out there!? Is their marketing confused and divided? The Paul Smith clothing line is still active but mostly in Great Britain. The clothing is a...
  49. Re: Your Top 3 popular fragrances that you just don't like

    One Million
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    Re: Best Silver Mountain Water clone?

    Best clone is Silver Mountain Water by Creed. You can find it for low prices online and it smells a lot like Silver Mountain Water by Creed.
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    Re: Must try 'clean' niche fragrances?

    For clean try some of these:

    Dior Homme Eau
    Kosmala No. 1 Tonic Vert
    Declaration L'Eau
    Bergamote 22
    19-69 Villa Nellcote
    Creed Aventus
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    Re: What is your TOP 3 DESIGNER of all-time??

    Dior Fahrenheit Parfum
    Dior Homme Intense
    Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo
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    Re: Scent bar hit list

    I'd go with:

    Lampblack - I like dark and mysterious scents and this is that. Compare this to Black Leather by J Scents.
    Vetiverissimo - compare this one to Sel d' Vetiver, or Vetiveryio for an...
  54. Re: If you had the choice would you get Eau Sauvage vintage, or new?

    Current version is a crisp distinctive bergamot. I like this one.
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend

    I am in total agreement with the disappointment in Spice Blend expressed by deltasun and rynegne above. This Dior lacks character and individuality. Why release something so bland? Possibly Dior...
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    Re: Niche Fragrances - Best bang for the money

    best bang for the buck are: Mancera, Rasasi (see top 10 lists), Fazzolari, Timothy Han, L'Artisan Parfumeur, Comme des Garcons, Diptyque, Dior Homme Parfum / Cologne / Sport / Eau, , Dior...
  57. Re: Does anyone remember Neal's Yard in Covent Garden London & their lovely colognes?

    Yes, the cheese shop is called the Neil's Yard Dairy - it's still there - incredible artisanal cheeses. I stayed across from Neil's Yard last month and I didn't see any fragrances there. For...
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    Poll: Re: Best Vetiver

    Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver
    Turtle Vetiver Back
    Turtle Vetiver Front
    Vetiverissimo Fazolari
    Vetyverio Diptyque
    Roja Dove Vetiver Parfum
    Sel d'Vetiver
  59. Re: Dior homme parfum VS Dior homme intense VS Valentino intense.

    I rate these three all about the same - choose the one you prefer. DHI is the most well balanced, DH Parfum is most creative, Valentino Uomo Intense is the most subtle, mysterious. They are all...
  60. Re: Bentley Int. vs. Valentino Uomo Int. vs D&G The One EDP: Choosing a Signature Scent for Universi

    You can't go wrong with any of these, but I recommend Valentino Uomo Intense. It has a soft, subtle leather mixed into the base that I think fits your image. D&G The One Parfum is maybe a bit too...
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    Re: Roja Dove Enigma Eau de Parfum, worth it?

    The Coca Cola comparison is an accurate description of the complex spice aroma. Enigma/Creation E is quite an achievement and one of Roja's best.
  62. Re: Best cheap lavender-dominated men's fragrances

    Mennen Skin Bracer is cheap, per thread request. The vintage Skin Bracer is slightly better and is about three times as costly, lavender, menthol, moss, coumarin. Along the same lines as the Mennen...
  63. Re: Suggestions for sandalwood fragrance for summer

    I have used and like Radio Bombay and Wonderwood. Both sandalwood prominent.
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    Re: Should I even bother with Fahrenheit?

    2018 Fahrenheit version and newer is a pretty good replica of the original although it doesn't have the tar petrol from those early days. But it smells very good and I am happy to have a bottle even...
  65. Re: Is Armani Mania homme reformulated?(Light citrus removed?)

    Bringing back this thread re: changes in formula of Armani Mania - the new version I got in 2018 definitely is an updated different version of the older Armani Mania. I liked the old one just fine,...
  66. Re: Choose and Rank Your 10 Favorite From This List

    three straight 100 degree days affects my choices. But these are my preferences from your list.

    Xerjoff Nio
    Terre d'Hermes Parfum
    Dior Homme Intense
    2 Man
    Guerlain Homme L'Eau
    Green Irish...
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    Re: Cedar! Cedar!

    Heretic Blood Cedar is really nice cedar essence from red cedar.
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    Re: Best budget (under ~$50) leather?

    Gucci Guilty Absolute 50 ml. for $36 Fragrancenet!
  69. Re: "Best" masculine-appropriate Amber frangrance?

    I am a fan of the dark amber / iris masculines such as: Dior Homme Parfum, Dior Homme Intense, or VanlentinoUomo Intense.

    A smokey, dry, dirty amber scent I like is Rania J. Ambre Loup.
  70. Re: Article: Barneys explores bankruptcy filing

    Barney's has toyed with bankruptcy for years now. Their problems are competition from online sources and their slow response to this threat. I suspect though that Barneys NY is putting out this...
  71. Re: Looking For Something New For the Summer...

    Some new and old ones I've been enjoying this summer:

    Xerjoff Nio - it gets lots of support here on Basenotes but no denying the unusual blend of bergamot and cardamom with clean woods makes a...
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend

    Tested this one again at Harrods in London. They have it in all sizes including the new 40 ml. bottles. I still could not talk myself into a purchase and I like spice fragrances - don't know why...
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    Re: Leather for Summer

    Some great summer leather scents:

    Memo Paris Irish Leather
    Parfumerie Générale Suede Osmanthe
    Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo
    Euphorium Brooklyn Suédois
    Skive Canoe
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    Re: Talking Shop About Barbershop (Scents)!

    Arquiste EL is a good one that reminds me of barbershop style.
  75. Re: Givenchy Gentleman: current formulation defense.

    The original version was called Givenchy Gentleman and was very earthy bold green patchouli. They redid the formula years later to soften it up and more wearable.

    I thought this thread was...
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend

    Tried Spice Blend last week at Selfridges. Only available in 250ml until the fall due to exclusivity for London so I am pondering whether to buy that large a bottle!? I like it but need to spend...
  77. Re: How Much Does Customer Service Matter In Regards To Purchases For You?

    Most times when I hear the words customer service I think all the activity after the sale or around the edges of the sales aspect, solving complaints etc. In these cases the customer has already...
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    Re: Iris Question

    Some good scents with iris as a big note.

    Aedes Iris Nazarena
    Zegna Florentine Iris
    Naomi Goodsir Iris Cendre
    Bruno Fazzolari Feu Secret
    Valentino Uomo Intense
    Dior Homme Intense
    Dior Homme...
  79. Re: Another - Just starting out - my humble collection so far - what next thread!

    Pick one from each of these types or categories, below, to add variety to what you already have going. There are still lots to explore!

    Dark Masculines: YSL La Nuit de L'Homme or Dior Homme...
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    Re: Best Harrods exclusives?

    Bond No. 9 Ltd. Edition Harrods Oud Also made in a version with Swarovski Crystals. One of the best oud fragrances imo.
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    Re: Boadicea The Victorious

    I've tried quite a few from BdV. They are really well made and creatively conceived. Some are over priced but it is rare to find fragrances of this quality. Blue Sapphire is a very nice fragrance...
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    Re: Minimalist Masterpieces

    Sumo Wrestler by J-Scents - simplistic: eucalyptus + rice powder for gentle soft fougere.

    Thomas Kosmala Tonic Blanc No. 1 - clean soap, pressed linens. thant's all.

    19-69 Capri - orange...
  83. Poll: Re: Which Chanel As A Gift? (Please Vote To Help Out)

    I voted for Cristalle. Gin & Tonic everyday? Cristalle or Verte - it just fits.
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    Re: Fall Sale: 50 great fragrances for sale!

    New fragrances added for summer.
  85. Re: What frags have you got rid of, only to reacquire sometime later?

    Ormand Jayne Ormand Man. I like it much more the second time around.
  86. Re: A fresh, clean, sparkling grapefruit please!

    Hacivet by Nishane of Istanbul - tart grapefruit
    Eau d'Hadrian by Annick Goutal - an original grapefruit citrus.
    Dior Homme Cologne - citrus here is partially grapefruit - works!
    Kumquat Wood...
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    Re: Creed Recommendations for "Freshness"

    GIT or MI are great. For a fresher and very modern version of the Green Irish Tweed dihydromyrcenol /violet but fresher I recommend Frapin L'Humaniste - nice fresh juniper green gin and tonic fresh...
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    Re: Dior Spice Blend

    Anything new from Dior gets my attention. Can't wait to try
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    Re: best bergamot scent

    Acqua di Bergamotto by Zegna is a good lower priced bergamot that I think performs really well and is less than half the cost of Zegna Italian Bergamot - as good as.
    Probably the best bergamot...
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    Re: Yet another question about Polo green

    Isn't that turpentine smell part of the way Polo is made? I thought I recall that one of the ingredients in early versions of Polo is pine oil. Polo used to be chided for the Pine Sol aroma - my...
  91. Re: Best affordable amber fragrance for men under $100?

    three that are decent and meet the price of under $100.

    D&G The One Eau de Parfum
    Tauerville Amber Flash
    Annick Goutal Ambre Fetiche
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    Re: AdP Colonia Assoluta or Mazzolari Nero

    Neither gets my attention. Sorry can not contribute.
  93. Re: Your current favorite warm comforting fragrances?

    Incense woods I think are "comforting": (1) Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait, (2) No. 9 Bukhoor Elixir de Parfum

    For cozy comfort: (1) Guerlain Homme L'Eau, (2) Aides de Venustas Pelargonium
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    Re: Velvety suede with animalic undertone

    These all are worthy of recommendation:

    Rania J. Cuir Andalou
    Mona di Orio Suede de Suede
    Byredo Rodeo
    Gucci Guilty Absolute
    Thomas Kosmala No. 6 Brume Radieuse
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    Re: The Quest for THE Sandalwood Fragrance

    I still think Chanel Bois des Iles is still the best sandalwood fragrance out there. For a great highly blended woods and sandalwood flavored blend I like CdG Wonderoud.
  96. Re: Rose fans, have you tried Much Ado About The Duke by Penhaligon's?

    I Like it! Is a top 5 Penhaligon's imo, following: Halfeti, As Sawira, Sohan, Endymion.

    It is far from being a great rose fragrance - but nonetheless is easy to wear.
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Vilhelm Parfumerie Stockholm 1978 very modern take on barbershop scent. Big fam of Jerome Epinette perfume work with this line. I am thoroughly engaged by this one like many of Vilhelm perfumes. I...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    MEMO Winter Palace ++ Game of Thrones reference of Dragon motif/design and a terrific benzoin / orange flower incense smokey spice scent. I can feel the drifting incense that hangs in the air of...
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    Re: Reliable stats on most popular etc.

    There is a difference between most popular and what sells best. You can look up online sales stats for what are the best selling brands of perfume, but these measure marketing success more than...
  100. Re: Buy Le Labo Bergamote 22? (already own Creed Original Vétiver)

    Bergamotte 22 is lemony bergamot with dry woody musk finish. Original Vetiver is soap clean light vetiver. They are very different from each other but both are refreshing to wear. I see no...
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