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  1. Tom Ford Bottle owners! - Suggestions?

    was wondering if any owners of Tom ford's 250ml decanter bottles could help, i had previously own one other bottle but recently got a Black Violet bottle? This one is stuck tight and no matter...
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    Re: what is fond de parfum

    just in case if anyone reads a old thread. Fond De Parfum is an alcohol free version meant for the middle eastern market (alcohol is forbidden) it was long discontinued, not lighter or weaker , it s...
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    Re: you know you're obsessed when....\

    Lol when you can automatically convert USD, GBP, Euro, currency to your local currency in your head because you NEEDED to on many occasions
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    Re: Montale, not taking orders?

    Has anyone had success ordering? It is now July and i tried yesterday to no avail, same message , stating they will not take orders till end of June..
  5. Sticky: Re: Scammer Alert and General marketplace advice UPDATE

    parkxi operate frequently under the same name in other perfume sites. i remember them discussing this for awhile.
  6. Re: New splits for 2012! Armani/Prive| Creed | Dior | Guerlain | Puredistance | Tom Ford | Xerjoff

    Well thought i might as well request the splits and see if anyone was up for a

    Ambre russe : parfum d'empire
    Amber soie : Armani prive
    Ambre Precieux : Maitre Parfumeur

    ? Im really interested...
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    Re: Free to a good home

    I wish they gave out *brownie* point on basenote for this kind of generosity.
  8. Re: A*Men vs A*Men Pure Coffee vs A*Men Pure Malt vs A*Men Pure Havane vs A*Men Taste of Fragrance

    Happy to send a sample of taste of fragrance should u have not try it.
    Kind regards,
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