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    Re: CK's summer editions for male

    Received CK One Summer 2009 as a gift today. My Girlfriend smelled it in Sephora, and immediately grabbed a box and off to the register. Long lasting citrus. As the 1st CK fragrance in my wardrobe,...
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    Re: Hangover fragrance?

    When I saw the thread title,I immediately thought Kouros...and you've nailed that s___ on the head :)
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    Re: Most Complimented 2009

    Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche.

    The more I wear it the better it gets.
  4. Re: What is the #1 Frag a woman should own?

    Chanel's Coco Madmoiselle is the most spectacular fragrance I have ever smelled on a woman. Certainly worth a try.
  5. Re: Handy overview for beginners (10-minute video)

    worth a bump....and welcome in the light of day saxifrage!
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    Re: Versace Pour Homme, your thoughts?

    Bossanova hit three of my primary thoughts on Versace Pour Homme(enboldened). This was the first fragrance that I discovered when I thought my novice tastes had hit maturity. I had sampled...
  7. Re: Help! Seeking Guerlain L'Instant Extreme

    Much appreciated Andylama!
    I'm squinting at the ebay photos and I can't make out the "Extreme" notation.. I'm assuming it's the same as the seller calles it homme parfum.
  8. Re: Help! Seeking Guerlain L'Instant Extreme

    Just a bump and update....3 weeks later I've still not found *any* seller online or locally that has this in stock. Amazon has a couple sellers that list having a few units "in-stock" but at...
  9. Re: What think of the perfume Egoiste By Chanel?

    I love all of the commonly available current chanels: platinum egoiste, allure, allure blanche, allure sport, so I was naturally curious to try Egoiste and I ordered a sample.
    To my amature tastes,...
  10. Re: Chanel Egoiste, and l'instant de guerlain pour homme

    If you enjoy L'instant De Guerlain, be sure to give Very Irresistible by Givenchy a try. V.I has its share of pans here on BN, but for my tastes and skin reaction, I enjoy it as much as if not more...
  11. Re: Help! Seeking Guerlain L'Instant Extreme

    Thanks for checking anyways cmax :)
  12. Help! Seeking Guerlain L'Instant Extreme

    My recent sample buy had one great result. I absolutely love
    L'Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme Eau Extreme so I can finally get that gourmand in my wardrobe :D

    Problem being, I'm having trouble...
  13. Re: Thanks for making this topic "accessible"!

    This coming from someone that is just 2 months ahead of your in your fragrance journey: I'd encourage you to resist the natural compulsion to buy full bottles at this point. Your nose and tastes...
  14. Re: Curious to get fragrance recommendations

    Reading your vivid self description, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. Stone cold guaranteed lock of the year of the week. This coming from a male perspective, so please take that for what it's worth, but...
  15. Re: What makes a just out of the Shower Scent?

    This abject novice would 3rd Mugler Cologne. Very clean and out-of-the shower pleasant. Be sure to track it down and give it a try!
  16. Re: Now you can smell like a Klingon

    awww yea...can someone PM me if willing to swap this for a 15% bottle of Sand and Sable?
  17. Re: Addiction Step 3: 1st Perfumed Court Order

    Original poster here...(abandoned my initial handle, it was early enough in the game to change :) )

    My order arrived in eight days, in two shipments..the products and packaging were impeccable and...
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