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  1. Re: Original youtube reviewers - pretty cool guys, fun to watch; new batch - nerds, awkward, dorks,

    I'll bite.

    I did reviews about a year ago, and decided to give it another go recently. My channel is garbage - and I'll fully admit I'm not the most eloquent public speaker. It's not exactly...
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    Re: Rose plus very dark base - any ideas?

    Another vote for TF Noir de Noir.

    Maybe also check out Mancera - Roses Vanille? A sweet rose / vanilla combo on a woody cedar base.
  3. Re: Any Creed fragrances with good projection/longevity???

    Aventus and Original Santal work well on my skin, but it should be noted that everyone's skin is different. It should also be noted that some people think many Creed frags have batch variations that...
  4. Re: Don Draper

    I was thinking the same thing.
  5. Re: Guy, out of these fragrences which do you recommend and why??

    I'd say either AdG or Brit. I personally am not a fan of powdery frags, and Brit has a bit too much of that for me, but do agree that it's a nice fragrance. AdG gets knocked and berated for being so...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, January 16, 2012

    24 Gold
  7. Re: My Huge John Paul Gautier Collection In Pictures

    LMAO. This should be good.
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