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  1. Re: A question for muslims BNoters or those in the Middle East: Hajj-al-Aswad perfume

    I think the different variations are based on the anointing of the stone with a perfume oil. Usually a mixture of sandalwood, oud, rose and musk.
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    Re: Fragrances with well blended Oud notes

    Hajar al Aswad by Surrati, cheap as chips, gorgeous oud, musk, vetiver and spice mix.

    One can make real finds in local islamic bookstores and corner stores...
  3. Re: Do fragrances, as in edt's and edp's, make good room fragrance's ?

    Cheap oil burners, light bulb rings and reed oil diffusers make wonders if used with proper perfumes.
  4. Re: Can a (rather young-looking) 21 year old pull off Derby?

    Why wouldn't you be able to pull it off? If you love it, wear it! Simple as that.
  5. Re: Can a young man pull off Havana? Recommendations/advice for a newcomer?

    If you like it, go for it!
  6. Using L'Occitane pump atomiser on other brands.

    Hello all.

    Saw today a cheap pump atomizer in L'Occitane shop, those are sold for their room perfume bottles.

    Bought one for 5.50 as I had a hunch...

    Had a bottle of Taylor of Old Bond...
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