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  1. terre d'hermes: start spraying it on your chest.

    I'm on my second bottle of this wonderful minimalistic fragrance, and for the past few days I've been experimenting with sillage, relying more on my torso and stomach instead of the pulse points.
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    Re: Let's talk Aquatics (Don't be Afraid)

    Versace Eau Fraiche is a wonderful aquatic scent that has a soft, warm drydown and longevity to boot (at least on me).
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    Re: Recommend me a fall / winter scent

    Obligatory Burberry London recommendation. :)
  4. Absolutely neurotic about offending people with too much of a fragrance. Advice?

    Perhaps it's just because I'm a high self-monitoring individual who's constantly self-aware, but I never put more than 2-4 pumps of a fragrance on my body at once depending on the strength (two...
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    Re: The ONE Creed you would recommend...


    Yeah, I'm that guy.
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    Re: Which Fragrance do you use most often?

    Seconded! Followed closely by TDH.
  7. Re: Job Interview in an hour! To spray or not to spray...

    Well, I appreciate all of the responses you guys dished out. It still astounds me how so many people can come together and have a healthy debate about something as obscure (and apparently...
  8. Re: Job Interview in an hour! To spray or not to spray...

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. You've helped boost my confidence a bit further. :D

    I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes!

  9. Re: Job Interview in an hour! To spray or not to spray...

    Ah! Perfect idea to avoid pulse points. Hadn't considered it. I, too, feel as though that it'd be better for me personally to enter the interview smelling a bit crisp, fresh, and earthy, so long...
  10. Job Interview in an hour! To spray or not to spray...

    All right, fellas. I've been doing a bit of searching through the archives here and have found that generally speaking, most of you agree that fragrances and interviews don't mix well, for fear of...
  11. Retail stores that sell Creed? (Not Online)

    Does anyone know of any retail stores that sell Creed fragrances? If worse comes to worse I could always procure a bottle from a website, but I'd be willing to spend a bit more for the luxury of not...
  12. Re: Fresh, bright, summery, sophisticated, quality ingredients

    I've been wearing Eau de Fraiche by Versace for the past two days (despite it being my Summer scent), and it is just remarkable. Nothing but compliments from everyone.
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    Re: Baldessarini review

    Excellent review! While we're on the subject, what do you all think of "Ambre" ? I recently snagged a sample of it and felt that, although it was a bit too smoky at first, the dry down was...
  14. Re: Help me find the perfect fragrance for my boyfriend?

    Cannot possibly echo this suggestion enough. I jumped onto Versace Eau Fraiche this Summer and never looked back. I love it so much I often find myself wearing it on certain days this winter...
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    Re: Any remarkable Gourmand fragrances?

    No offense taken, sir! It's quite perfect for an arrogant brat like myself (on very specific occasions). :D
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    Re: Any remarkable Gourmand fragrances?

    Despite the tough times it's had here on Basenotes, I still own a small "refill" size of A*Men and only break it out on very select occasions, usually cold weather-parties. I've gotten nothing but...
  17. The struggle between collecting and wearing a signature scent!

    Hey, folks! I trust everyone had a splendid Turkey Day, full of tryptophan, beer, football, and mashed 'taters.

    As the holidays near, I find myself reaching for Burberry London day after day. As...
  18. Re: Is "The Dreamer" a good scent for Autumn/Winter?

    Thanks for the link, Adam! If I end up enjoying it, I'll most likely buy it online, seeing as how it's cheap as hell.
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    Poll: Re: Your favourite Chanel for men

    Have to go with L'Égoïste here. Not much else on that list impressed me much. :)
  20. Re: Is "The Dreamer" a good scent for Autumn/Winter?

    Ha, very nice. Any other suggestions?
  21. Re: Is "The Dreamer" a good scent for Autumn/Winter?

    Thanks for the response, tv. I'll welcome the detractors with the supporters and, most importantly, gauge for myself whether or not I like the stuff. Given what I have heard about the amazing...
  22. Is "The Dreamer" a good scent for Autumn/Winter?

    Forgive the odd topic, but I seem to have run into a snag. Not too long ago I bought a bottle of Burberry London thinking that it would be a perfect signature frag for the upcoming fall and winter...
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    Re: SotD - Friday 28 Sept 07

    Rather sunny here in Boston, and the heat has been sweltering for the past few days. I figure it's one of the last days of "Summer," and decided to dress in light colors while sporting Versace Man...
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    Acqua Di Gio...Is there an alternative?

    Hey, it's Mike. I'm new here. :D

    Quick question for everyone, whether they're a grizzled veteran or a newcomer like myself.

    I spent most of my teenage-adult life neglecting to purchase a...
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