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  1. Sticky: Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    Big thanks to SaNielsen
    Girlfriend and I are enjoying the Jayne Ormonde
    I need more time with Chergui. There was a very strong incense smell in the opening that I did not agree with. Hoping it...
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    Re: ATTENTION all Dolce&Gabbana owners.....

    my bottle of the one has a 4 digit code


    No clue what it means. All I know is that it smells good :)
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    Re: Perfecting my 15 bottle collection.

    La Nuit is great. Maybe my favorite next to Terre D' Hermes

    I will also recommend

    Gucci Guilty Intense
    Versace Pour Homme
    Versace Man Eau Fraiche
    John Varvatos Original and Vintage...
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    Re: Top five warm weather fragrances

    Man Eau Fraiche - Versace
    Allure Homme Sport - Chanel
  5. Re: John Varvatos for men. A pleasant surprise.

    I very much like the original and vintage. I would consider buying both and i'm VERY picky
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    Re: Fragrance for a Job Interview

    Nice response. I just had an interview on Wednesday. Told myself I would not wear anything after much contemplation. Wound up spraying my wrist with one shot of La Nuit. It helped calm my nerves and...
  7. Re: Best date Scent from the following choices...

    La Nuit. Can't beat it imo
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    Re: What would you recommend?

    D&G The one, Versace pour homme and eau fraiche, Chanel AHS, Terre D' Hermes, Gucci Guilty Intense, Spicebomb
  9. Re: Her likes/dislikes, any recommendations? Thanks in advance!

    Dislikes La Nuit and Terre D' Hermes??? *gasp*
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    Re: Out of these 2?.

    La Nuit. My favorite fragrance right now
  11. Sticky: Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    Thanks for the samples Del. Really enjoying Terre D' Hermes and the extra you threw in. Can't remember the name of it.
  12. Sticky: Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    Received my samples from "mmmm" today. Thank you!
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    Re: Blind Buy Experiences

    I love Nuit. What don't you like about it? Just curious
  14. Re: Overrated and Underrated Designer Scents on BN

    slightly off-topic but....... I think I'm addicted to YSL La Nuit
  15. Re: Good starter cologne for 18 year old college student

    If you like fresh scents try:
    Chanel Allure Homme Sport
    Versace Man Eau Fraiche

    Some other good ones are:
    The One - DG
    L'homme - YSL

    A couple good cheap colognes that I like are:
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    Re: Perfume For Bro...

    Tom Ford, spicebomb, ck eternity
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    Re: Nautica Voyage - best inexpensive perfume

    Have never smelled Nautica Voyage but i do LOVE Nautica Blue. Nautica Blue and CK Eternity are two of my favorite scents.
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    Re: Givenchy PI or Le Male?

    I smelled Le Male the other day at Sephora and hated it. I'd go for Pi if I HAD to choose one or the other.
  19. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport... Did I buy a fake?

    It smells authentic. Maybe it's just a really good replica?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Last Update:

    The seller refunded me $50 (paid 60) and I kept the bottle. I got lucky. Will definitely be more...
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    Re: Post eBay Fragrance Seller Feedback here!

    yuranluba2007 sells fake chanel allure homme sport

    - - - Updated - - -

    Update: Yuranluba2007 refunded me $50 (paid 60) for a fake bottle of chanel AHS. It doesn't make up for selling fakes but...
  21. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport... Did I buy a fake?

    Just as a heads up I bought it from yuranluba2007 on ebay. Beware of this seller. Thanks for the info everyone
  22. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport... Did I buy a fake?

    I thought the black sprayers are fakes?

    No serial number on bottle.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well it appears I got took. Already left positive feedback too dangit. Good learning experience I...
  23. Chanel Allure Homme Sport... Did I buy a fake?

    Does this look like a fake? Bought off ebay. It came sealed. Nothing looked suspicious while unpackaging. There are some slight imperfections on the bottle. There are also only three ingredients...
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