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    Re: Funeral Fragrances: Royal Oud

    I'm never gonna sample these fragrances y'all got me spooked--Royal Oud is now the funeral frag thanks a lot guys
  2. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    umm sir please
  3. Re: Luckyscent's Astrological Guide to Fragrance

    Oh I hear very good things about Commes des Garcons Black!! Definitely one for the Pisces
  4. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    Performance is my favorite term that I've heard and it definitely reminds me of car reviews haha
  5. Re: Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    I agree that language is an evolving, living breathing thing. Thinking about it now, I'm certain that these terms are used mainly by the men who talk about fragrances on YouTube (not the everyday man...
  6. Re: I'm bored - what's everyone asking for for xmas/holidays?

    No perfume, just a beautiful Gucci ring in sterling silver :') --my friends and family don't get me anything, which is how I prefer it. I prefer to give gifts on birthdays!!

    Omg I'd rather wash...
  7. Ever notice how guys call perfume "juice" when describing the liquid?

    I think it's cute, it makes perfume tough, ya know??
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    Re: Funeral Fragrances: Royal Oud

    I would wear perfume as long as it's a skin scent! Other than that, perfume is no different to me than putting on a ring or bracelet
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    Re: Audacious by NARS

    Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews covered this rare one! Lovely bottle, I might have to try it if samples become available on Perfumed Court
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    Re: Sample of the Day - November 2019

    Rose 31--You know, I've been wearing this one off and on from a decant for the past few years. This is mostly spices and cedar with the ghost of a rose to me. Just a touch of animal notes. There is...
  11. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time. (Feminine fragrances edition!)

    Chanel Gabrielle--Hmm..let's see, it's not bad! It could be a very nice hotel soap. I can see why people were a little underwhelmed by it. I would rather have Eau Premiere

    Armani Si--Very sweet...
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    Re: The NonBlonde :-(

    My condolences to her loved ones. I read so many of her thoughts about perfume and each entry that I was interested in was a joy to read. Her blog absolutely made perfume more fun for myself. I can...
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    Re: Fumerie Parfumerie in Portland

    lol just go inside jesus
  14. Re: Tryin out new fragrances before bed .

    I love perfume before bed, but definitely not something new. What if you hate it?? And then you gotta get in your bed?
  15. Re: Why do some fragrances smell like B.O after dry down?

    That little green bottle? Oh yeah, that's the Hermes that honestly reminds me of sweaty feet--just a little bit though!! It's still nice overall.
  16. Re: English Translation of Luca Turin's Parfums Le Guide (1994)

    Very happy to hear that! I think that's a way of taking care of yourself. I look forward to reading the first perfume guide you published. If you ever come back to Twitter, please post pictures of...
  17. Re: Easygoing White Florals for a Beginner? Lys 41 thoughts?

    Fascinating perfume suggestions, thank you very much everyone ! I'm particularly curious about Chanel Gabrielle, Dior Addict, and Passage D'Enfer! ty
  18. Re: Why do some fragrances smell like B.O after dry down?

    I'm looking at the notes on Fragrantica and there aren't any notes that might suggest body odor like cumin...some fragrances do this on purpose like Rose 31 and Cartier Declaration. Not sure what's...
  19. Easygoing White Florals for a Beginner? Lys 41 thoughts?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently sampled Le Labo Lys 41 and the city exclusive Aldehyde 44. Both are very pretty with the Lys 41 being a relaxed, happy go lucky companion.

    Are there any other white...
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    Re: What makes a perfume male or female?

    ma'am, please...this is a basenotes
  21. Re: English Translation of Luca Turin's Parfums Le Guide (1994)

    Please come back to Twitter lol

    i'm just kidding, Twitter is a cesspool--and thank you for this, I never knew there was a guide before the 2008 one!
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    Poll: Re: Lying about fragrance when shipping

    I'm in California and USPS always prompts you to answer a question on the screen if there's anything hazardous, liquid, fragile, etc.

    You just tap 'No' with the pen and that's that! I've been...
  23. Re: You Tubers Peter/Fragranceview & Oswald/MrOz Brand Announcements. Videos Inside .

    that's it i'm gonna take out a huge loan and start my own brand too
  24. Re: Navitus Parfums (Redolessence & Paramount Impex LLC & Various perfumers)

    i'm probably showing my age...sure, it's high end, high quality and all that...but it's just not cool enough or something that young people would want?? at least for me. the bottles (roja and creed...
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    Re: Which fragrance would you choose?

    Jo Malone Rose & Oud out of all of them. It's unique and will stand out in your collection! I think it's lovely and versatile. It smells good on anyone, so you can share it with someone special ;)
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    Re: Becoming a niche snob... anyone else?

    men's designer, hell no...women's? i still have hope, otherwise it's mostly niche for me and i'm really enjoying it! yes even sampling from luckyscent and twisted lily is still expensive. i make a...
  27. Re: When was the last time someone's perfume annoyed you and which perfume was it?

    Honestly, I appreciate any fragrance and bathing at all. I've been to parties (mostly straight guys playing fighting videogames) and it smelled like garbage and cheese
  28. Re: Black comme des garçons Vs Hinoki comme des garçons

    Can anyone tell me if Hinoki smells like...hinoki?? lol I want to sample it but I'm worried it might have the typical CdG perfume dna: incense + woods. I was hoping for cutting board hinoki or maybe...
  29. Thread: Hello!

    by morning light

    Re: Hello!

    Have you tried Jo Malone Basil & Neroli? It's absolutely lovely--I think it's worth a sample. About as versatile as you can get, really
  30. Re: My Tom Ford Private Blend Collection.

    those are some chunky bottles, very nice!
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    Re: I did it! I purged my collection.

    I'm definitely trying to go from 10 to 5! I'm very, very close. My collection will feel more intimate this way, at least to me!
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    Re: Setting out as a "Maturate person"

    Welcome sir !
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    Re: Did Musc Ravageur change?

    I would say that post 2010, Musc Ravageur is still good, but like someone else mentioned the clove opening has been tamed. It is still a very cosy and comforting fragrance though
  34. Re: looking for the best masculine chocolate fragrance

    Dark by Akro has been the talk of the town for chocolate in recent memory!
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    Re: Need some advice..

    You can sell a few of the unused fragrances--you don't have to sell all of them. On the other hand, any Apple computer (desktop or laptop) will have a premium price. If you're not set on Apple, you...
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    Re: Best beginner oud fragrance

    Ex Idolo Thirty-three and Byredo Accord Oud
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    Re: A Tribute for deceased members.

    RIP to those good people; I think this is a thoughtful thread
  38. Re: Help me pick my 5 year olds first perfume

    Amelie Mae from Gorilla Perfumes (LUSH) was made for a child! It's a jammy rose and some other flower in there
  39. Re: Hey Basenotes, is there a beef with Byron Parfums?

    the bottles and packaging look hideous lmao, even the website they're selling on
  40. Looking for an Alternative for Kilian Flower of Immortality!

    Flower of Immortality reminds me of peach shampoo...

    I know Keiko Mecheri's Peau de Peche is VERY similar and that's my first choice--it is a brighter fragrance than the Kilian. Is there anything...
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    Re: Best Aldehydic Fragrance

    Le Labo Aldehyde 44 and Keiko Mecheri Peau de Peche are my favorites !
  42. Re: Looking for some Female Perfume recommendations

    L'Artisan Tea for Two reminds me of chai!
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    Re: Fragrance That Captures This Mood

    What you want is a rose that was pulled out of the wet, dark soil: Une Rose by Frederic Malle

    I actually learned this piece at school!! It's lovely
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    Re: Weird Orientals

    oh my gosh you have to try Byredo's 1996 or Seven Veils if you're looking for off-beat oriental fragrances
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    Re: Collecting vs Hoarding and downsizing

    I only have three bottles. Why? I love love love the idea of a signature scent--a fragrance that someone can smell and think, "that smells like them". I want people to remember me. If I had 50 or 100...
  46. Re: Roja By Roja Dove (Haute Luxe) appreciation thread

    alsd;fkjl;a ohh of course that's not too bad lol
  47. Re: Roja By Roja Dove (Haute Luxe) appreciation thread

    omg i just saw the price good lord
  48. Re: What are you going to be for HALLOWEEN?!? what are you wearing with it?

    i want to be a pirate too, but only because i think the ruffled shirt and hand cannon is a cute look. too bad i hate aquatic/marine fragrances though. i will be a soft rose pirate
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    Re: 3 new scents - Comme des Garcons Clash

    I really want to like CdG because of the relatively tame niche prices, but I find their fragrances much too strange and synthetic--I am interested in Hinoki though
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    Re: Dark by Akro

    okay now i'm tempted to sample this !
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    LaDomna: That's an absolutely gorgeous photo of your perfumes! The passion for perfumery is very strong around here, I love it
  52. Re: How many people do you encounter during your day that are wearing a fragrance? (best guess)

    None, because I work at a restaurant! Perfume is for down time only! Saves me money actually lol
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    Re: 100 Fragrance Milestone

    Any life changing fragrances for you? Like where you smell something and you think, "I didn't know a perfume can smell like this"?
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    Re: 100 Fragrance Milestone

    Thanks for always contributing! You've reached that nice point where you can just enjoy yourself while smelling good or express your personality through fragrance because you've found so many that...
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    Re: Are you kidding me?

    omg yes !! loved the original scent of fail can't wait to sample this one
  56. Re: Random Wondering: Am I severely adverse to the scent of Almonds due to...

    I am allergic to almonds and I feel like I'm not missing much, in food or fragrance

    PLUS the only fragrance I can think of with an almond note in it is Hypnotic Poison by Dior, but the tuberose...
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    Re: Any "Quirky" Fragrance Collections?

    That rich guy whose YouTube channel is Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews in that it just seems like he buys whatever even if he doesn't like it very much. How do you have a full bottle of something...
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    Re: share your method of application

    Two or three sprays only, depending on the weather and my environment (work, day off, etc.)

    I always spray my right inner arm and either one shot to the middle of my chest or one over my heart and...
  59. Re: do you like alternating complex/challenging with more mainstream fragrances?

    i only have perfumes that are considered to be "complex". there are times when all i want is a high quality vanilla, but vanilla being "simple" or used as a metaphor for being simple couldn't be any...
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    Re: it's true: perfume doesn't have gender

    can we just abolish gender so i can wear my dresses as a man without being harassed
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    Re: Patchouli 24 Feedback

    Patchouli 24 is a special perfume; I would never wear this in warm weather. One of the few perfumes where you can get away with 15ml. If you really love it 50ml should be more than enough. Wear...
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    Re: it's true: perfume doesn't have gender

    i'm very very happy for you ! you'll have a lot more fun with this hobby in the long run
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    Re: back-ups , which and how many

    i wish i could go back 15 years and buy 10 75ml hockey pucks of bvlgari black
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    Re: What Fragrance Would..

    why do men love the joker so much, usually ugly men too

    same thing with fight club's tyler
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    Re: Do people still care about Bond No.9?

    lol silver factory does seem intriguing! yes... i'm actually a bond no.9 loyalist to restore them to their former glory
  66. Re: Houses you want to like but don’t - what’s on your list?

    Commes Des Garcons, actually! Only the big hitters like Kyoto, 2 Man, Black, Wonderwood...I think I just can't shake the incense that reminds me of churches. I know Kyoto doesn't have that church...
  67. Re: What are the all-time great marine fragrances?

    Neroli 36 from Le Labo is worth sampling! A little sharp and very pale
  68. Re: A perfume that smells like Aesop Reverence?

    omg we're in the same situation! i'm looking for a fragrance that smells like Aesop Resurrection lol i have the handcream. Reverence is sooo nice as well

    I hope someone can lead you to something...
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    Re: Beta Male Scents

    is this reddit now
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    Re: Do people still care about Bond No.9?

    Z--that's really interesting how you pointed out Guerlain. When I was becoming more interested in perfume, I couldn't tell whether Guerlain was extremely expensive or cheap!

    The reason I was so...
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    Do people still care about Bond No.9?

    I remember ten years ago it seemed like THE niche house alongside Creed and everyone was trying out Riverside Drive and New Haarlem. I might have to give Riverside Drive another go, actually! Lovely...
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    Re: Winter Fragrance for Young Adult

  73. Replies

    Re: Hwyl by Aesop

    if you really want to spook yourself with a creepy church fragrance, Commes Des Garcons Avignon is the one you're looking for. The kind person at Aesop gave me a towelette sample of Hwyl and I find...
  74. Re: Southern Gothic perfumes? (Resident Evil 7!)

    I guess I have to look into Flannery O'Connor then! Wise Blood was it? Thank you folks!

    I will order a sample of Grimoire on LuckyScent! It definitely sounds cursed
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    Re: What to try next after Aventus

    Cedrat Boise by Mancera!
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    Re: Le Labo is trash...

    I might have to buy some more Patchouli 24 in the near future then. You never know when something will change (or changed even further as is the case with this fragrance's color) or be discontinued...
  77. Re: Looking for a fragrance for a 20 yo, fragrancenet only.

    oh my gosh alice that's a great list--i might have to sample a few of those myself haha
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    Re: Le Labo is trash...

    Agreed! It is a leather to me as well. I feel like Patchouli 24 is the best deal of the bunch--my 50ml bottle has lasted three years (cold weather only). That probably doesn't mean much if someone...
  79. Re: Southern Gothic perfumes? (Resident Evil 7!)

    ahh thank you to you both !! i hear very nice things about encre noir as well. hednic, that sounds like quite the hunt! very interesting
  80. Re: Need help picking a new fall time fragrance

    Patchouli 24 from Le Labo, people either really love this or hate it, but I'm only recommending it because you like By the Fireplace
  81. Southern Gothic perfumes? (Resident Evil 7!)


    This might be a stretch, but I'm playing a video game called Resident Evil 7--it's a horror survival game that takes place in the state of Louisiana. A lot of the story takes places in a...
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    Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    I wish Jeremy all the best and I hope he takes care of himself
  83. Re: Grand soir remind you of musc ravaguer?

    Very different, Grand Soir is more of a basic amber/vanilla to me. Musc Ravageur is this wondrous animalic amber musk with cool notes (bergamot/lavender) on top with the dark vanilla and cinnamon in...
  84. Re: I see why some people become Niche Snobs...

    I had a similar experience in the men's section at Ulta. They all smell like an issue of GQ magazine and it's a little tiring. So I just waltzed over to the women's section, sprayed some Hypnotic...
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    Re: Le Labo is trash...

    patchouli 24 and the noir 29 is worth sampling! yes, le labo can be hit or miss but this can said about all the other niche brands like frederic malle, byredo, etc like zealot said

    perfume is...
  86. Re: What fragrances remind you of Christmas/Winter?

    Musc Ravageur will always bring me back to Winter, the jacket that I use will always smell like it during that time. keeps me very warm
  87. Re: Patchouli 24 / Lonestar Memories, are they similar to Bvlgari Black?

    everyone, that was extremely helpful! thank you so much for the input.

    i just received my sample of patchouli 24 and it is very different from bvlgari black! i'm a little surprised. they both...
  88. Poll: Re: How many bottles have you bought in the last few months?

    The last few months? 0! Lots of samples though, looking for that homerun
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    Re: Recommend me an orange citrus frag?

    Bigarade Concentree was much nicer 10 years ago, sadly but still worth a try. I would second the Hermes Concentre D'Orange Verte ! not a bad choice
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on Fragrance YouTubers?

    i just stay away from the ugly fragrance bros who approach women on the street and have them smell perfume for some sort of validation, like ?? do you work for sephora my guy
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    Re: Got 7 fragrances on the way...

    I honestly thought this was about the k-pop boy group GOT 7 and I got excited that they were releasing a fragrance

    im crushed

    anyway virgin island water is a classic but for me the musk is...
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    Re: Bengale Rouge (Papillon)

    It seems like Papillon hits it out of the ballpark everytime? Luca Turin seems to love this house in The Guide. I think I'll try Dryad first!
  93. Patchouli 24 / Lonestar Memories, are they similar to Bvlgari Black?


    I just ordered samples of the Le Labo and the Andy Tauer. I've been reading reviews of them and Blvgari Black seems to come up as a comparison or a point of reference. Annick Menardo is...
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    Re: it a cultural thing?

    Hmm..I do have to say Californians seem to be frequent and genuine with compliments in general !! to the cashier, the barista, you name it.

    honestly friend, Compliments™ and their utmost...
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    Sticky: Re: Free to a Good Home 2019

    Edited Post!!!

    Thank you David for taking some perfume off my hands!
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    Re: Bvlgari Black no longer in production


    Oh my, you are absolutely right. I purchased a bottle of Bvlgari Black last year from Fragrance Net and it is not what I remembered from a decade ago. It is absolutely different, but I...
  97. Re: Sephora to close all its US stores June 5th

    Red Raider--Do you yourself stay out of politics as well? Your privilege is showing

    I bet a lot of you have never been racially profiled while shopping before and the lack of anger in this thread...
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    Re: Fragrance before bed

    Tam Dao is the fragrance that made me start doing this. I usually spray to wind down sometimes. Sandalwood is very calming for me.
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    Re: I hate splash bottles!

    I have a feeling my dead skin cells would just find their way into the splash bottle
  100. Poll: Re: Looking for a Distinct Great Citrus for Spring and Summer + Poll

    the hermes reminds me of feet
    the malle reminds me of armpits

    go with the tom ford if you're like me and like crowd pleasers
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