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    Re: Pure Malt here to stay?

    When did Pure Malt get rereleased this time? (If I remember right, it's been available since the summer)

    Did we get any warnings last time it stopped or was it just abruptly gone from the Mugler's...
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    Pure Malt here to stay?

    I know they labelled it as Limited Edition, but is Pure Malt ever going to be taken off the market? I think it's been available for a straight year now, right?

    Should I jump on Pure Malt now? Or...
  3. Colognes keep lingering on coats/jackets?

    I have no problem wearing different colognes over the Spring/Summer, but I always have a problem whenever it comes to Fall/Winter. I typically never spray colognes when wearing leather jackets or...
  4. Re: Creed VIRGIN ISLAND WATER - anyone know when this year's 2013 new batches will be available?

    Can you please report back with your findings? I'll definitely be buying myself a bottle when it starts to finally warm up. Was the last batch not desirable?
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    Re: how did you get your education?

    I just started collecting barely over a month ago. I got a crash course off youtube by searching up a TON of people's top 10 lists. After watching dozens of these videos, I got a great sense of what...
  6. How well known is Carner Barcelona? D600?

    Stumbled across a dracdoc review of D600, and I decided to throw in a .5ml sample almost as a last thought during a recent sample haul. Wow. I was about to buy a bottle of Tobacco Vanille, but with...
  7. Re: Best online places to buy Tom Ford Private Blends?

    Do those places ever offer discounts/sales for fragrances? Seems like every sale they have exclude fragrances.
  8. Re: What will be your valentines day fragrance?

    Dior Homme Intense!!
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    Re: R-e-s-p-e-c-t

    Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. Clearly gets a lot of love and adoration, but I just can't seem to get used to it. Doesn't smell pleasant to my nose... Puts me in a negative mood for some reason. Guess I...
  10. Re: Is it safe to buy the original YSL Yves Saint Laurent M7 even though it came out almost 12 years

    I paid a little over $100 for a vintage one that still had about 95% remaining. Compared to the 1ml I got from either TPC or STC, it's definitely got more of the "incense" scent. The cherry I adore...
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    New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Just got a sample of New Haarlem. While it's very intriguing, it can get distracting for me after a while. That said... I'm interested in trying out a few more samples from this house, but there...
  12. Re: ATTENTION all M7 fans: interesting videos.....

    Didn't work :(
  13. Re: ATTENTION all M7 fans: interesting videos.....

    My vintage bottle doesn't have any precipitates in it. But how do I tell the year of manufacture?
  14. Re: What's your favorite male Creed and why is it Aventus?

    Green Irish Tweed
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    Spray count?

  16. Re: He Wood Rocky Mountain worth a blind buy?

    Thanks guys. I'll try to find a sample somewhere!
  17. He Wood Rocky Mountain worth a blind buy?

    I was looking for a refreshing scent that reminds me of nature the way Green Irish Tweed does, and I stumbled across this. I can't seem to find any samples being offered anywhere... but I was...
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    Re: Fragrances With Peppery Notes?

    How has nobody else mentioned Spicebomb?
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    Re: Amouage Reflection Man

    Wow. I definitely prefer Reflection Man as Le Male doesn't seem to have as many layers to it. But man... these 2 smell so similar.
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    Re: Target Paco Rabanne 1 million real?

    You're the man! Ordered One Million! Didn't order Le Male... maybe in the future. It still comes out to be the same price as Amazon for me.
  21. Re: Amouage - an insult if rated along with other niche / regular fragrances

    How can you have a post like that, but not provide us with your top 5 Amouage scents to try?
  22. Poll: Re: Pick me out a Creed please. (or don't...)

    Green Irish Tweed for me! I tried a sample of Aventus... it's beloved by many Basenote members, but there are so many other Creeds I'd rather own first. Just me though... I'm in the minority.
  23. Re: Why is Black Afgano so darn expensive?

    Tried it. Definitely not for me....

    Is it bad? I actually don't think so. There are just so many other fragrances I'd choose over it in any scenario. When you then factor in the price and amount...
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste/Platinum Egoiste

    Are they pretty similar or actually very different? I've only smelled Chanel Egoiste and really enjoyed it. Considering buying a bottle eventually.
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    Re: Replacement for Gucci Pour Homme

    Just to clarify, GPH 1 and 2 are discontinued? I just ordered 1ml of each to test out yesterday!
  26. Re: Lalique Encre Noire Question. Pour Elle differences with Pour Homme?

    I think I may very well have to blind buy this then. Is there a difference between the one with the black colored top and the brown wood colored top?
  27. Lalique Encre Noire Question. Pour Elle differences with Pour Homme?

    I recently smelled a friend's Lalique Encre Noir Pour Elle and was very intrigued. Just something dark yet inviting about it. I was just wondering... what did they do differently for the male...
  28. Best online places to buy Tom Ford Private Blends?

    I just got a sample of Tobacco Vanille and Musc Ravageur... and wow. They deserve the hype. Of the two, I prefer Tobacco Vanille and have been searching for places that sell it. Seems to me like it's...
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    Re: Top 10 Hyped Fragrances on Basenotes

    I've tried almost all of those... and as much as I love Creed fragrances... I can't seem to get my nose around Aventus. :lipsrsealed:
  30. Re: What size colognes do you normally buy?

    Thanks guys. I think I'll go with the 100ml sizes. Colognes last for years, correct?
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    Your 5 Must Experience Colognes?

    What are your 5 colognes that you think most guys should try or at least have a decant of? As a newcomer, I've been poring through lists, but most seem to make seasonal lists then split them into...
  32. Re: Abercrombie & Fitch “Fierce” to blind buy or not??

    Wow. I'd consider blind buying at that price. Are there any fakes being made of this fragrance?
  33. What size colognes do you normally buy?

    I'm considering buying a Tom Ford cologne, but I'm not sure if I should spend extra for the 100ml or just buy the 50ml. The 100ml is cheaper by the ounce, but just how many sprays can one get out of...
  34. Any experience with Thallium, Usher, or A&F Fierce?

    I'm really new to fragrances, but I've been ordering decants/samples to try and experience many of the favored fragrances discussed here. A friend of mine recommended I check these 3 out, but I was...
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    Deodorant... scentless?

    Just started getting into colognes, and I got a rather large shipment of decants in from TPC. I've been slowly trying each one out, but I've noticed my deodorant starting to compete with the cologne....
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