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    Re: New potent fragrance

    terre d'hermes
  2. Re: CREED Discontinued due to WEAK SALES!

    The schadenfreude is strong here. Good work Malaysia.
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    Re: Top 5 Vintage Masculine

  4. Re: What is the most sexy, masculine, awesome fragrance you can think of?

    Indeed. Add to that: Kouros, Quorum and Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui.
  5. Poll: Re: Rochas Man vs. New Haarlem: A Detailed Comparison

    I've tested Rochas Man twice and got nothing but weak lavender each time; I think I'm anosmic to 99% of this juice. New Haarlem gives me nothing but linear burnt coffee...for 14+ hours.
  6. Re: Why do so many men not like Chanel's Blue de Chanel?

    So many men actually like this one - it's a best seller over here. But it typifies the Chanel brand for me (including their fashion): very safe, bland and inoffensive.
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - August 2012

    how did you score these two beasts?
  8. Re: Why not drop 8000 on something really special?

    yea but he's saying that given the huge discrepancy in those prices, the scent you initially get may not be worth anything close to 8000euros!
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