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  1. Anyone have Experience with quentidorad-0 ( 215) on ebay?

    Seems to be a French seller, with great feedback and good deals on some Creed stuff.
  2. Re: I'm very new to the fragrance world. How do I know if Creed it authentic? Is it cheaper in Europ

    You can get authentic "gray market" or European genuine stuff on ebay, just be smart. Go with one of the big established discounters. Like I got a 100 ml bottle of genuine Aventus for $289. Picked...
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    Seeking opinion about Tom Ford.

    I've never sampled any Tom Ford fragrances, but it looks like they have many well regarded and reviewed lines. What are some of your favorites? Also what's the deal with all of these special ones...
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    Re: Advice on Starting a Collection (Beginner)

    Even early on I'm finding that it's really about wearing what makes you feel good. Rankings, opinions of others on websites and even others you know are important, but not the most important thing. ...
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    Creed Opinion and other Qs - my first post

    Hello there. I'm new to the site, and enjoying my new hobby of learning about and experiencing different fragrances. I like Creed, and own a couple. Aventus, GIT, Original Santal. I've ordered a...
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