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    Re: Never getting compliments on my fragrances

    Compliments only from the girlfriend, as far as I remember. Compliments from strangers would just be weird, creepy, suspect. I'd expect them to ask for money, sex or other favours next.
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    Re: What fragrance did your mother wear??

    Pretty sure she had Obsession and Arpege.
  3. Re: Let's Go Back In Time.....What Were The First 10 Fragrances That You Ever Bought?

    First one was Cool Water, followed by Eternity (which I didn't keep very long), I'm fairly certain. Bulgari pour Homme and Soir were other ones. Still have the Bulgari ones but hardly ever reach for...
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    Re: Envy For Men - Gucci - Your Views ?

    Nice perfume but I never wore it much and sold it in the end. Just wasn't for me really.
  5. Re: Explain this: liking a perfume with notes you don't like

    You may generally dislike these notes but not in every shape, form or combination.
  6. Re: Help/Advice from those that have used ISO E Super ebay Version....

    I wonder how women/men get anything done even as they're bombarded with these sensual wmd everywhere.
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    Re: Fragrances that can make you cry

    I stopped blind buying so it doesn't really happen anymore.
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    Re: Prominent galbanum scents...?

    Bandit, Grey Flannel and Silences.
  9. Re: not using shampoo makes my hair appear better, but...

    This. Also it's important to try different shampoos. I tried to use a shampoo and conditioner that my girlfriend didn't like (Alberto Balsam, I think it was) and whilst the hair was quite nice after...
  10. Re: Help with frags not tested on animal--any good ones?

    Lush and Le Labo it seems. Here's another Peta list, 40 vegan perfumes.
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    Re: Fahrenheit Question?

    Absolute is quite different from the original, you may want to try it first. Haven't tried the EDP.
  12. Re: How have your tastes changed as you've gotten older?

    I wonder if some can give one cravings for sweet food though.
  13. Re: How Does Being A Smoker Effect Your Ability To Appreciate Fragrances?

    I guess this explains Guerlain Homme :evil: Just kidding, it's not that bad.
  14. Re: How Does Being A Smoker Effect Your Ability To Appreciate Fragrances?

    It's probably like the old circumcision discussion and people may not know what they're missing as they're used to it.

    Smokers possibly could recover though.
  15. Re: I think my wife is mad ( much cologne is enough?).

    She probably suspects that you are a gigolo in your spare time and that all the perfume is part of your arsenal.
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    Poll: Re: Find a signature and then quit?

    Several signature scents and other, non-signature scents.
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    Re: Sweet cherry notes = juvenile?

    If it makes you feel like mutton dressed as lamb then it's probably a good idea to let it go. I felt in a similar way about scents that had a raspberry note.
  18. Re: Paco Rabanne XS + Issey PH = How 90s can you go?

    XS I remember as very dull and generic. Issey was more interesting but I can't really recall its smell well. I think it was quite strong though.
  19. Re: How long did it take you get sick of Le Male? Or did you never like or dislike it?

    Received it as a present to tried to like it and sort of did, seeing it as a bit of youthful fun, but like most of these sweet vanilla scents I parted with it in the end as, whilst I can appreciate...
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    Re: Which fragrance do you wear just for you?

    Perhaps some of the lady's ones.
  21. Re: Which 12 fragrances would you part with from among this list?

    I've parted with
    Opium EdT (and EDP)
    Rochas Man (and Intense)
    out of these.
  22. Re: Legit check for Dior Homme Intense(tester), please.

    Mine looks different underneath (no symbols, code on the top right) but it's probably just as it's older.
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    Re: Feel bad for any particular perfumer?

    Only if their throats get sore from laughing all the way to the bank.
  24. Re: Can you determine a person's personality with a well-written set of fragrance questions?

    Do you wear a signature scent? Sometimes. Do you prefer light or heavy fragrances? Depends. Do you wear a fragrance to get compliments, or wear for your own enjoyment? Mostly own enjoyment but won't...
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    Re: Most influential fragrances ever?

    No. 5, Shalimar. Cool Water? Angel? Original Eau de Cologne?
  26. Re: How about a kind of fragrance stock exchange ?

    Perfume buyers do seem to send offers quite regularly but I usually ignore them. Wouldn't buyer listings be bad for buyers though as it would be as if they're exposing their highest bid and have to...
  27. Re: Perfume smelling better on another person's skin?

    I probably should have said great smelling :-) I can count the times that I thought that on one hand. Some people smell bad (sadly not that rare), most don't seem to smell of anything much, some...
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    Re: do you wear tank tops?

    Think I did once as a teenager but not since. It's too closely related to the undershirt/wifebeater look.
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    Re: Sillage with fragrance.

    Sillage is leftover/temporary projection.

    Sillage seems rather unimportant to me.
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    Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread

    September, eh? Less than 6 months away, time to get pumped.
  31. Re: Perfume smelling better on another person's skin?

    I rarely think that other people smell good, so I haven't really experienced this.
  32. Re: I knows it's Spring, but can we talk Sandalwood for a minute?

    Tam Dao is nice, it's certainly woody. The Trumper I found more like Egoiste on steroids or something that has more in common with Boss Bottled or Opium pour Homme when it comes to the overall feel...
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    Re: Fragrances that are unmistakably masculine.

    I agree with your mother.
  34. Re: Fragrance hobbiests / enthusiasts and their significant others

    Has perfumes that are more expensive than mine and enjoys them. Also don't spend money on perfumes (for myself) anymore as I have enough.
  35. Re: Are they just smells to you? Or is there more to a fragrance than that?

    Ideally nice and sometimes interesting and captivating smells.
  36. Re: Why do most colognes have weak projection and poor performance?

    Dior Homme Intense seems to project and last forever. Giorgio Beverly Hills, cheap but powerful.
  37. Re: Opinion: "mist and walk through" is the bane of all fragrance

    Let them mist and moan and ignore them. Spray some Secretions Magnifiques in the elevator and see if they'll pipe down as they seem to prefer the smell of rotten stuff (after all nobody but you...
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    Re: Live Jazz vs Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme

    Both ok. Prefer Live Jazz.
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    Re: Your Top 5 scents with "Black" in the name

    A wardrobe search revealed Magie Noire, Encre Noire, Bulgari Black, Black Jeans and Aigner Black. They're all ok.
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    Re: Fragrance Game Strategy

    I aquire an arsenal of scents, gather as much information as I can about the target, then spread the net (via sillage and projection), waiting for the exact moment when it breathes in and certain...
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    Re: What would Cary Grant wear?

    He was married 5 times. Aventus.
  42. Re: Some noteworthy changes coming for Creed Fragrances.

    Nice work but can't really compare with the masters of shrinkflation.
  43. Re: Expensive scents that smell absolutely horrible - your list.

    :shocked: Love that on a woman.

    Don't think I've smelled really expensive scents that were horrible. Not worth the money, yes, but terrible like some of the cheap stuff that you just want to wash...
  44. Re: What if they said Jean-Claude Ellena created 1 Million Jean Paul Guerl created Diesel Fuel for L

    Exactly. It's not like these scents were created by nobodies. Doesn't make it any better/worse.
  45. Re: Super cheap scents that smell absolutely horrible - your list.

    Obsession. Most of the fruity, sweet fragrances that they try to peddle to women (mostly). I had countless samples, they all smell more or less the same.

    Others I had to wash off at some point,...
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    Re: The Weirder the Better 2017

    L`Air de Rien, Miller Harris. Smells as if someone licked your face.
  47. Re: Perfume Exhibition in London -- June to September

    Ooh, nice. I hope there's a warning on some of them though :grin:
  48. Re: When you die, who would you leave your collection to?

    It's the right thing to do if you wish to remember who you were in the afterlife really.

    Otherwise the perfumes will end up with whoever fancies them and/or in a skip and/or on Ebay.
  49. Re: Rank your favorite A*Men's in order (including B*Men)

    Only one I still own is Ice*Men (it having been discontinued is partly the reason), though it don't seem to wear it much, so that's number 1.
    Sold last, B*Men, second place.
    Sold before B*Men,...
  50. Re: What do you think might be the 'Don's' fragrance?

    Aventus, special Larmes Salees Edition. Perhaps Creed already has gifted him Viking? We can but guess.
  51. Re: What happened when you discovered "old man" scents?

    Really depends, could simply be a student/stoner as well.

    When it comes to real old people smells, they seem to appear fairly early in life. Doesn't sound so bad, greasy and grassy. Should go...
  52. Re: What happened when you discovered "old man" scents?

    It's not a very accurate term, that's for sure. What's an old man these days? Are the really old perfumes dead men scents? Is the smell of slightly urinous pants an old man's, a very young man's or...
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    Re: Old fragrances that smell 'modern'

    Potentially all of them if sprayed lightly and if Tom Ford or a niche house releases his own version of an older scent next month.

    The ones that smell dated to me are scents like Cool Water (and...
  54. Re: What happened when you discovered "old man" scents?

    I took to masculine smelling scents like a duck to water, my struggle was with the sweet stuff. First ones smelled during childhood probably were Aramis, Azzaro, Quorum, Tabac, Vetiver and such.
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    Re: Two Huge Compliments This Week

    Meanwhile on the women's forum, "the other night I had this lad over, he smelled great. Floris, he said it was. The next night I had another guy over, also smelled good, he wore the mighty Aventus".
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    Re: Most people don't like perfume and/or cologne

    I'd think that most women wear perfume and that more and more men do. The last few decades must be the most perfumed of any?

    The tendency to put it on with an agricultural aircraft might be in...
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    Re: Loss of confidence

    Prince Philip, prince William,...
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    Re: Loss of confidence

    A friend of mine is balding and recently mentioned that he plans a trip to Turkey. I think £2000 is what he mentioned for a hair transplant session. He says people look great after doing it.

  59. Re: The more scents you gather, do you like more smells?

    In the beginning, yes, as some scents were interesting and new. After a while it can feel like variations of similar scents, some better, some worse, and I started to dislike certain scents and...
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    Re: Can we stop it with the "BEST" stuff?

    I think that's probably a (mainly) male way of expressing one's opinion. I find it even more annyoing when it comes to things where there is no subjectivity involved.
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    Re: Can we stop it with the "BEST" stuff?

    Rather unnecessary unless you often make posts that only feature your uncle's opinion, no? Do we really have to spell obvious things out as we have to assume that the reader can't figure them out...
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    Re: Dsquared Rocky Mountain

    If you liked He Wood then you should enjoy this one. It's even woodier.

    Very versatile, unless you think that smelling of wood isn't.
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    Re: Fragrance the new second hand smoke?

    I think getting pissed creates quite enough atmosphere of mindless self destruction :vrolijk_1: At least that won't add stink to your clothing, hair and skin, unless someone vomits all over the...
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    Re: Ted Lapidus Altamir

    Very sweet and you must like orange blossom and vanilla. Female feedback "smells like an old lady's scent, wash it off".

    If you can do Le Male and Fleur du Male, you'll be fine.
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    Poll: Re: Your Favorite Diptyque

    L'Ombre Dans L'Eau, Virgilio, Oyedo, Tam Dao. Probably in that order. I've gone off Tam Dao a bit lately, not sure why, maybe not in the mood for that kind of woody, just a tad bored by it perhaps. ...
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    Re: Fragrance the new second hand smoke?

    Smokers had it too good. I fondly remember great victories such as banning them from pubs and everywhere else which improved everybody's life quality (including that of smokers :engel017:)

  67. Re: Just under $10,000 of cologne and perfume stolen

    Security guard was taking a nap?

    At least they're sure that nobody paid. I wonder what the motive was!
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    Re: Fragrance the new second hand smoke?


    Comparing perfume, which can be mildly unpleasant in some situations (and perhaps more so to people who suffer from allergies), to 2nd hand smoke (The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,...
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    Re: Perfume and Radiation
  70. Re: Does part of your body retain fragrance more than another?

    I'd think it will depend on what your left and right hand were up to, if the scent washes/rubs off one for some reason or if one hand has developed a different kind of skin as it was used for certain...
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    Re: Age and Fragrance

    Mutton dressed as lamb fragrances to me would be some of the fruity, very sweet fragrances and the ones that bring teenagers prowling through night clubs to mind, for example 24 Gold, Fuel for Life,...
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    Re: what do you think of aramis?

    Classic, timeless fragrance. Like it as it smells good.
  73. Re: Percentage of opposite gender fragrances in your collection

    Forgot one (Bal a Versailles), so up to 11.6%.
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    Re: How does Dior Homme behaves on dates?

    All depends, there are no real rules, of course. My girlfriend's terribly attractive (and very educated), her mother was a model, and she hates sweet, feminine fragrances on me (funnily enough not on...
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    Re: How does Dior Homme behaves on dates?

    Have never worn Dior Homme on a date as Dior Homme Intense's sweet feminity seems to repel a certain kind of woman (those who look for a traditional, masculine man and perhaps fear cute narcissists,...
  76. Poll: Re: Poll: Choose a fragrance for my return to CLUBBING

    Tuscan Leather (2007)
    Tom Ford
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    Re: Why do you love perfumes?

    They simply smell nice and nicer than most things that can be smelled in a city, including many of the perfumes that others wear.
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    Re: Your fragrance goals for 2017

    Don't buy anything, sell some of the ones that are not really needed anymore, def try Viking.
  79. Percentage of opposite gender fragrances in your collection

    Not counting Jicky, which is listed as unisex here but as for women on Fragrantica, my result is 10.9% at the moment.

    (Aromatics Elixir, Balmain de Balmain, Mitsouko, Cabochard, Metal, Jolie...
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    Re: Which fragrances get the most complaints?

    Fahrenheit Absolute. By a country mile. Altamir also. Other sweet fragrances, Pure Malt, for example. Pretty much justified, they're all pretty rubbish.

    A group of Asian women did not approve of...
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    Re: The new Mugler A*Men for 2017: KRYPTOMINT

    Made me wonder how the lock company gets away with it.

    Will most likely not be for me. Think the only Mugler I still own is a small bottle of Cologne, and Ice*Men, the latter being on thin...
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    Re: What was it like before Aventus?

    There were others in the dark times before the king but Aventus is the last and final perfume. There will be no perfume after it and the way of Aventus is the only one.
  83. Re: Hunting and Fragrances.....2 hobbies that don't go well together :(

    Depends on the game, I guess. A friend of mine likes to wear A*Men by Thierry Mugler when he goes "twink hunting".
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    Re: Committed to the game ... Shaved my arms.

    Thread needs before and after pictures....
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    Re: A Winter Office Scent

    One of the few scents, apart from Leather Oud and such perhaps, that I would have me worried about if wearing it to work is a good idea. Mainly as the girlfriend hated it so, so much. No other scent...
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    Re: A Winter Office Scent

    I'm wearing Gucci pour Homme this week. Its incense puts me in a good, pre-holiday ora et labora mood.
  87. Replies

    Re: What happened with Gucci PH?

    Classic, iconic fragrance that every real stud must own. I'd happily pay £300 for the small travel version. Luckily I might list some of these on Ebay later.
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    Re: YSL KOUROS SILVER- Female Reactions inside

    I seem to get more compliments when wearing scents that many, even here, seem to consider as dark, old man or otherwise difficult. Sweet scents only brought me mockery (girlfriend) or the attention...
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    Re: The Official Creed Viking Thread

    Well, I'm ready for this.
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    Re: Fragrance names (observation)

    Many French houses, just like one of their great authors, simply enjoy the humiliation of perfume shoppers who don't speak French.
  91. Re: What is the number of compliments do you consider "MANY" compliments?

    Agree. It's probably a bit like

    That said, there are some perfumes that get compliments (from the girlfriend, not strangers) every time I wear...
  92. Re: What is the number of compliments do you consider "MANY" compliments?

    Many would mean that I was complimented more times than I can remember or that to remember the exact number of compliments would take some considerable effort.
  93. Re: If your breath smelled like a fragrance, which one would you want it to smell like?

    Whatever smells the closest to expensive chocolate and booze.
  94. Re: Terre d'Hermes, Citrus & Wood (Yardley) - old man colognes?

    Only if you think that anything that doesn't smell like gummi bears mixed with Mars bars is for men over 60.
  95. Re: Which fragrances do you consider "gimmick scents?"
    Worn by virgins since 1975.
  96. Thread: Hanae Mori HM

    by Rüssel

    Re: Hanae Mori HM

    There's a reason for that :evil:

    But yeah, never really could enjoy this scent. It's not just a style that didn't sit right with me (too sweet) but also a fragrance that seemed to lack purpose, I...
  97. Re: Would you wear a fragrance that smelled like dookie if everybody else loved it?

    Surely a win-win situation. Indeed one might not even need to spend a lot on perfume to please.

    Someone might already work on personlized dookie fragrances.
  98. Re: A*Men - Subtle/ Barely Discernable Sillage????

    In one of her other articles she adviced people to alway try the yellow snow.
  99. Re: Are there scents that you would never wear in public no matter what the occasion?

    Did you try wearing them with other guys? Considering to put an ad up on Craigslist.

    Srsly though, same here to some extend. I do wear them out though when going on walks or to the shops.
  100. Re: What to do when the wife suggests you buy a fragrance from American Eagle?

    And if she would tell you to jump off a bridge....? If you don't like it, don't buy it. Or buy it for her, for her to wear.

    There are other ways to keep one's wife happy than to become some sort...
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