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    Re: Aventus 12J01 or 13P01

    Hi, sorry I know it's a old thread but I can't make new threads yet. I'm after 5-10ml of a 11-13 batch. Please get in touch if you can assist. I'm in UK
  2. Re: AVENTUS 14L01 + Viking!!! HEROD, By The Fireplace, By Kilian B2B + Ouds, ASAQ, and more!

    Any 14L01 left? I'd like 30m, how much is cost of shipping to uk?

  3. Re: AVENTUS 15Q01/15R01 IN STOCK! Limited quantities available! Also 15U01, 15U11, 15X01

    Sorry if this is slightly off topic but I'm looking for 5-10ml of authentic 11-13 batch of Aventus, please get in touch if you can help.

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