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  1. Re: So my first Niche samples finally arrived...

    As much flak as Aventus/Creed in general seems to get for being so popular around here, it really is amazingly good. I'd definitely see if you could get in on some splits if possible for a better...
  2. Wow, sounds like a pretty interesting selection...

    Wow, sounds like a pretty interesting selection of notes. Might have to get my hands on this one for a try.
  3. Re: I am accumulating so many fragrance that I can't wear all of them

    Welcome to my world ; ) It does become a problem after you've acquired so many..
  4. Re: So I was searching around for Summer Fragrances and here's what I have learned.

    I'd say that the best colognes for summer are those that are "synergistic" with scents/fragrances that you'd associate with summer.. citrus, aquatic, and "fresh" scents come to mind.
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    Re: Creed boutique price increases

    That's crazy.. I've purchased some in splits before myself but that just seems like a way to drive away more potential customers. I guess if you're buying bottles of stuff from Creed anyway you're...
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    Re: Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    I found a lot of good reactions from women with this one. My first night out wearing a sample I got a lot of compliments from people that I normally wouldn't have.

    As far as finding it, at least...
  7. Re: AVENTUS - First thoughts after wearing, not a review!

    I have to say that the first time I ever tried Creed Aventus I was a little unimpressed. I went into a high end department store only because I wanted to try out a number of Creed colognes out and it...
  8. Poll: Re: Creed Aventus or Millesime Imperial or Silver Mountain Water or Green Irish Tweed

    Aventus and Silver Mountain Water have always been a couple of my favorites. The other two, while nice, I can't say have the same appeal of the other two. Silver Mountain Water is probably the most...
  9. Re: If you own 50+ bottles: imagine you were to start from none now: what are the first 5 you would

    That's really tough.. I guess I would try and get as many different ones as possible in order to make certain I could cover as many situations and times of the year that I possibly could. : P
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