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    Re: What are YOUR 10/10 fragrances?

    Maybe they're letting it stand because this one isn't male specific (though in that case maybe it should be moved to General Fragrance Discussion.)
    I think you can report your own post and get it...
  2. Re: What Is Your Take On Paloma Picasso Minotaure?

    Thanks, I'm yet to find a reformulation of anything that I prefer to it's original but this does make me want to sample what's currently available.
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    Re: What are YOUR 10/10 fragrances?

    I think there's still another thread going, or maybe it is this one that's just male frags :
  4. Re: What Is Your Take On Paloma Picasso Minotaure?

    I didn't realize it was available, Would like to give it a try, though reformulation talk is offputting.
    I own and enjoy Laura Biagotti Roma which is apparently close.
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    Re: Have you ever tried Opium pour Femme?

    I wish I felt the same. Just a bit too feminine leaning for me.(unless the vintage is less so, I never got to test it )
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    Re: Server is c..r..a..w..l..i..n..g today

    Yes, getting a lot of 521 errors...
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    Re: How to start buying niche colognes??

    This, basically.
    There are a few classic fougeres in your list. maybe MFK is a good place to start. They do some well crafted scents in this style.
  8. Re: Whatever happened to Paul smith fragrances??

    I thought Man was a decent cheap Dior Homme alternative and London was kind of nice. Can't say I miss them though.
  9. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Name should be changed to " The Office ".
    That was like watching a scene from the series.
    Approaching David Brent / Alan Partridge levels of awkwardness.
  10. Re: Crystal Ball----- Future value of a fragrance

    I'm not. Never even crossed my mind, though I wish I'd bought back ups of all my favourites over the years that are extinct or lost their original formulation.
    That would have been a good investment.
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    Re: buying first niche parfum

    I think Lutens make good scents at a very realistic price, though I much prefer Ambre Sultan to Chergui.
    i wouldn't recommend them to the OP though as they seem to have almost nothing in common with...
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    Re: buying first niche parfum

    I don't know why you want to buy a "niche" fragrance just for the sake of it.
    From your list it seems like you enjoy popular designer scents, so why pay more for something that you may not like as...
  13. Re: Creed Millésime Impérial discontinued (& possibly many other perfumes) - EU regulation at its fi

    " The ingredients in the average bottle of prestige perfume cost about $1.20 to $1.50. The actual liquid in a typical bottle of $150 perfume is less than 1% of the retail cost.
    The bottle, box and...
  14. Re: Creed Millésime Impérial discontinued (& possibly many other perfumes) - EU regulation at its fi

    The only references I can find to new EU perfume regulations are articles from 2014.
    This seems to be a post about the "mania" of the EU more than anything.
    I suggest this isn't really the place...
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    Re: Creed Royal Mayfair

    Fragrancenet is one thing but $525 for 120ml full retail ?
    A fool and their money...
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    Re: Male Fragrances You Would Rate 10/10?

    Kind of, but there are some that I really enjoy but accept that the enjoyment is down to particular quirks of my taste, or maybe because of associations certain scents have for me.
    For example I...
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    Re: Really enjoying Kenzo Power this summer

    I wear it now and again, still like it but it never gives me the pleasure the very first wear did.
    More of a unisex than a masculine scent for me, reminiscent of Dior Homme in some way, or maybe...
  18. Re: "Its some Muslim holy oil I dont even read the bottle."

    Maybe your statement : " I Already put the full court press on him. I'm in America and the man is black, and I am white. I suspect, in all honesty, hes a racist and that's part of the reason he...
  19. Re: Massive mental struggle to decide between wearing Creed Viking or Vetiver Geranium today.

    Obsessive compulsive tendencies are a burden, you have my sympathy.
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    Re: Tom Ford Straw Poll

    Not of much interest to me.
    I like Tom Ford For Men well enough and Grey Vetiver , and I think Violet Blonde is a good trashy women's scent but overall it's a pass for me.
  21. Re: Givenchy Gentleman Vintage. What Gives?!

    I have had very good projection and longevity from vintage GG, even in the aftershave version.
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    Re: Niche Fragrances - Best bang for the money

    Serge Lutens offer value for money, as do Montale apparently, though I don't have enough experience with them to evaluate..
    Creed offer the least value for money in my opinion, and offer less each...
  23. Thread: Mix

    by Democritus

    Re: Mix

    Well, they say that God loves a trier :smiley:
    The only good result I've had layering is two sprays of Cerruti 1881 with one of JPG Fleur Du Male. I recommend it to anyone who has access to both...
  24. Re: Come Clean........ 5 worst fragrances you regret having purchased

    Maybe LeMale, I loved it a first test but it soon felt way to overblown and ended up sitting on the shelf.
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    Re: So Parfums Vintage just dropped more scents

    I'm not sure about "defending" Parfums Vintage but I can report that I didn't have any issues with customer service or anything else.
    Their Pineapple Vintage Noir is an OK fragrance by me, just...
  26. Re: can someone please explain Habit Rouge to me?

    I've always enjoyed it but do find it a touch "Uncle Monty" :smiley:
    Not sure about the most recent version though. Haven't tested a new formulation for a few years.

  27. Re: Mugler B*Men: What are our thoughts in 2019?

    Better than the A* Men range is about the best I can say for it.
  28. Re: I really like forests. Does Knize Forest actually smell like a forest ?

    Not sure about the forest angle. It's not particularly coniferous smelling to my nose ( no strong pine notes) but it is a nicely done scent somewhat reminiscent of a more sparkling and complex Green...
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    Re: Any houses on your “no buy list”

    That's Hermes added to the no buy list.
    To clarify though : This refusal by Louis Vuitton SAs to sell products to particular people is not anecdotal, i witnessed it with my own eyes...
  30. Re: Terre d'Hermès: Death of a Great Fragrance House

    Not sure he quite rose to those heights but it's a compelling epitaph. Made me want to watch a Charlton Heston film, maybe Ben Hur or The Ten Commandments :smiley:
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    Re: Anyone use Aftershave AND Cologne?

    the obvious answer to me is to find aftershave versions of scents you like and already have.
    I love some of the old school aftershaves like Givenchy Gentleman and Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, and...
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    Re: Maison Francis Grand Soir

    Try applying it the day before you want to enjoy it :smiley: I find it better 2nd day !
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    Re: How does it make you feel?

    I wouldn't make any distinctions about which is better for lying around at home or which is more suitable for going out but I think this is basically a fair summary of the two scents.
    Neither are...
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    Re: Any houses on your “no buy list”

    After seeing Luis Vuitton SAs refuse to sell bags to people because of the way they look I beg to differ.
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    Re: Any houses on your “no buy list”

    Creed, Bond No.9 and Louis Vuitton.
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    Re: Maison Francis Grand Soir

    I think it's very good. Maybe just on the feminine side of unisex and not particularly complex but with exceptional longevity.
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    Re: Tell me about the Aventus subforum...

    Depends on your sense of humour.
    what I see in the thread is a demonstration of how few fanboys it takes to make a mockery of any reasonable discussion.
    Imagine threads like these on an almost...
  38. Re: Civet. Please explain this note, and share your favorite fragrance that features it up front.

    Most of these are among my favourite scents, largely because of the civet.
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    Re: What should I wear in nYC

    It clearly has to be either the pre release version of Viking ( worn by Michael Jackson) or Office For Men by Jeremy Fragrance ( Who, along with the many generations of master perfumers of the...
  40. Re: Choose and Rank Your 10 Favorite From This List

    Ambre Sultan
    Chanel Pour Homme EDT
    TDH Parfum
    Equipage L'Air Du Desert Marocain
    Eau Sauvage Parfum
  41. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    It would be helpful if someone could give a definitive history.
    This is all rather confusing :smiley:
    Edit : Actually now that I've read the earlier posts from 10 years ago it isn't confusing....
  42. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    Are you saying that the middle bottle in the photos ( With "Michael Kors" logo ) is the same formulation as the first ( With "Michael" logo) ?
    I have the middle bottle which does, to me, have...
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    Re: Best male Oriental

    I like almost all the scents listed from all the posters, but Chergui most masculine ?
    That seems to be bordering on delusional...
    If heritage can be classed as an oriental it gets my vote.
  44. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    Actually I'm mistaken.
    What I referred to as the 2014 version is actually something I tried in a store a couple of years ago, which would make it a third version.
    The bottle I have I thought I...
  45. Re: Michael For Men by Michael Kors - Does anyone still wear this?

    My experience mirrors yours.
    I found the 2014 version to be a weakened and markedly less rich version of the earlier scent. Decent but not worth buying to me, even if I hadn't already owned the...
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    Re: Your guilty pleasure fragrance

    Mine would be Joop Homme
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    Re: Gunpowder fragrances?

    I find this a bit overblown for a scent as "minor" as Amazingreen.
    Unlike some here I found the gunpowder note prominent and, well, "interesting", but I found the scent as a whole was a bit of a...
  48. Re: Frag Sleuths: Creed uses mostly synthetics but why do their frags smell so natural to my nose?

    " I can bet that houses like Dior, Chanel, etc have higher margins because of economy of scale, because they use cheap synthetics"

    You can bet , but you would lose your money.
  49. Re: Woodsy wood scent - a bit deep, a bit dark, a bit dry, and definitely masculine. Any suggestions

    Guerlain Derby ?
    A long shot as it's not one of the first that came to mind from your description of what you were looking for but it is kind of deep, woody and masculine.
    you'd need to enjoy...
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    Poll: Re: Vote please, potential next purchase

    Don't think it matters if you plan to buy both at some point.
    I'd choose Gentlemen Only of the two but that's just me.
  51. Re: Givenchy Gentlemen Only. What would you say is the dominant accord/note? Please help.

    It's a couple of years since I smelled this so don't remember too well but I recall a spice and patchouli mix ( subtle incense and nutmeg )
    i didn't like it enough to buy it but thought it better...
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    Re: Wood and chocolate?

    JPG Kokorico if it's still available. I thought this better than it was given credit for Cocoa, cedar, patchouli and fig mainly.
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    Re: Decaration....without the cumin note.

    The parfum might be what you are looking for. Try it first though. I like it but it's not really a stronger Declaration without the cumin, you might be disappointed if you were looking for the...
  54. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    LOL :smiley:
    But actually that's close to what it would take to get me to try it.
    At this point I've no interest in loud generic releases, but might just be persuaded to part with $15 -$20 for a...
  55. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    Maybe you should try it in the summer :wink:
    I get reasonable performance from it.
  56. Re: Pound for pound (or dollar, euro, whatever) what scents offer the most value?

    I agree with pretty much everything mentioned but I'll add Moschino Uomo ?
    At around 5ml per £1 spent it's a no brainer for me, even if the vintage quality isn't quite there any more.
    Easy to...
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    Re: Fragrance related vanity license plate

    Tr0ll 01
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    Re: Best fragrance for a 22 hour train ride

    I've done this journey from the San Francisco Bay Area to Eugene, Oregon. Some nice scenery in parts.
    From your list Mugler Cologne. I'd be wearing Monsieur De Givenchy with Hermes Eau D'Orange...
  59. Re: Niche fragrance that smells close to Aramis Devin

    This seems like a strange reply.
    A thread asking for something longer lasting than Devin and 8 years later we're talking conspiracy theory about jackpot divorcees with a comprehensive knowledge of...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Was at a friend's house soon after spraying a little Rive Gauche Pour Homme and a Greek woman who was visiting him said " Are you wearing perfume, it's beautiful."
    i rarely wear anything else...
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    Re: Masculine MINT AND ORANGE ????

    I was going to suggest this also. The mint is low key but more pronounced than in the original EDC , though I find the original to be a better creation, despite it's ephemeral performance.
  62. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    I should maybe have said Youtubeoisie but it's too much of a mouthful.
    I hope you file for royalties if Etat Libre adopt the name.
  63. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Well after searching all the records this release seems to me to be a clear example of exploitation of the mass of the plain people by the tubeoisie, though hardly daring in scope when compared to...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    I hear you.
    Can't fault the actual scent in any way, but unfortunately I stop noticing it after about 30 mins. I still splash it quite liberally on the odd hot summer day and hope for the best.
  65. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Now i'm even more confused as to why you stated that getting funding from his fans and hiring Morillas was "an incredible achievement". especially when you immediately follow it up with " I am just...
  66. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    You're seriously suggesting his personality has nothing to do with his getting his fans to fund him ?
    I'm put in mind of something once written by H.L. mencken :
    " “No one in this world, so far...
  67. Re: Givenchy Gentleman: current formulation defense.

    Anything with the wraparound label is the real thing. Anything else isn't ( but I do think the contemporary version is a decent scent )
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    Re: Givenchy Gentleman vs Kouros

    I guess it doesn't need saying again but GG is all about the patchouli, it hardly figures in Kouros. Both are all time top five for me, maybe top three, at least in vintage versions.
  69. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    I could put " jealously tearing down a doer" in slightly different words but won't bother as it's been said literally hundreds of times already.
  70. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread
  71. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Alive ?
    I was just thinking it's ironic that it's practically died since the scent actually became reviewable.
    800 odd posts resulting in controversy and bans then predictably the fragrance turns...
  72. Re: Worth Pour Homme lovers - through the ages - any pics ?

    I have one of the splash bottles and like to layer it with current Paco Rabanne PH.
    I'ts almost empty now and has started to discolour but still smells OK.
    Remarkable potency for an aftershave and...
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    Re: Creed Royal Mayfair is severely underrated

    You think that " Creed either uses a genetically modified or specially bred rose " ?
    Something they might grow out there next to the Royal pineapple fields :rolleyesold:
    Don't you think they...
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    Re: Latest Davidoff - Cool Water Intense!

    I find it kind of disgusting, but I think I'm sensitive to something in the ingredients.
    No real interest in this latest flanker, especially with the threat of coconut, but who knows ?
    I'll try...
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    Re: Help Me Choose A Fragrance for the Opera

    You might get thrown out if you wear Virgin Island Water. Anything but that :smiley:
  76. Replies

    Re: Why so much hate for dior homme spor 2017?

    I thought the original DHS was a really nice scent and better than anything I can think of marketed as a "sport" scent.
    I tried it again last year ( not sure if that was 2017 version but was what...
  77. Re: Dry (or semi-dry) fragrances with strong anise and/or clove notes

    Rive Gauche PH in tin can , Azzaro PH ( both a similar vibe and true classics)
    Someone mentioned Kenzoair, which could be worth seeking out if you like subtle and minimalist liquorice and vetiver.
  78. Re: A response from Creed re complaint about batch inconsistencies

    In other words, don't feed the troll.
  79. Re: A response from Creed re complaint about batch inconsistencies

    No, not talking about you. whether or not I agree with them your posts strike me as sincere.
    ( After all this time you still don't get it ? Geez...:undecided: )
  80. Re: A response from Creed re complaint about batch inconsistencies

    At this point anybody still feeding the resident troll is about as gormless as anyone still believing Creed marketing.
  81. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    How about a source for " Michael Jackson wore pre-release Creed Viking " ( who died 9 years before it's release) while you are on the subject ?
    ( Yes, I know I volunteered to stay banned but at...
  82. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    Could you please explain a little more what is acceptable and what isn't in this thread ?
    I've already had a post removed and can't for the life of me see any difference between that and some of the...
  83. Re: Are there any niche scents identical to Burberry London?

    If it was identical would it not actually be Burberry London ?
    Maybe it's worth looking for a vintage bottle? ( Though I don't recall much reformulation talk around it )
  84. Re: Creed Aventus is the Future Trunks of fragrances
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    Re: Rive Gauche Pour Homme versions

    That's makes more sense to me. Thanks for the explanation.
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    Re: Police - How Do You Rate This Brand ?
  87. Replies

    Re: Rive Gauche Pour Homme versions

    I agree with most of the others here. ( Surprised that Rum found any version borderline revolting:huh: )
    Tin can is probably best but the others were hard to distinguish from it after the first ten...
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    Re: Police - How Do You Rate This Brand ?

    Oh, I thought it said :" Police, how do you rate this band? " :laugh:
  89. Re: Suggestions for a bright Italian citrus with some underlying sweetness?

    Both Italian citrus scents with underlying sweetness :
    Moschino Uomo ? ( Kumquat and musks )
    Laura Biaggoti Roma Uomo (creamy grapefruit with some vanilla)
    Not sure about price and current...
  90. Re: unexpected(?): Jeremy wants his "army" to pay the production costs

    " Nobody’s perfect; we all make mistakes and we learn from them. Unfortunately many armchair critics would rather hide behind their screens and trade barbed insults online. "

    Rather than what ? ...
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    Re: Next Office Fragrance

    Good call.
    This is my number one bang for the buck scent. Stylish but easy going and clean enough for the workplace.The current formulation seems thinner than the vintage but that might even be a...
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    Re: Grand Soir vs Baccarat rouge 540

    Agreed. What is currently on sale in Debenhams has remarkable performance.
    Can't compare it to BR 540 as I haven't tried it.
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    Re: Most Overrated/ Underperforming Houses ?

    There can be only one, and we all know who that is.
  94. Re: What is the difference between Euphoria Gold and Liquid Gold for men?

    I thought Liquid Gold was a brand name for amyl nitrate. (it was in fact). Not familiar with fragrance of the same name.
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    Re: Next Office Fragrance

    I think Habit Rouge is much too saucy for office wear, despite being a great scent.
    I go for 2 sprays of Rive gauche or, more often, Bulgari Pour Homme, tasteful and almost impossible to offend...
  96. Re: Guilty pleasure: sweet, synthetic mess fragrances

    I enjoy a blast of One Million now and again,
  97. Re: Has there ever been another men's frag that had the impact Aventus has?

    Are you serious ?
    You are actually stating that you know what "people on here " are thinking, and that it is " a fact", not your opinion, that they are wrong.
    There comes a point when it's time...
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    Re: Top Underhyped/Unsung Heroes

    Nice scent imo, though I don't get the LeMale reference.
  99. Re: unexpected(?): Jeremy wants his "army" to pay the production costs

    You and the rest of the # Fragrance Army :laugh:
  100. Re: Has there ever been another men's frag that had the impact Aventus has?

    That one would get locked before it reached the sub forum. ( Though it's a more realistic question :lipsrsealed: )
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