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    Re: What's gonna be your New Year's Eve scent?

    Heading to a cowboy themed Bears event : KOUROS!!!
  2. Re: Argh! So many bottles coming to an end at once!!!

    I guess I do spray more with my fresh frags lol...and yeah those bottles are getting replaced with different frags! Too much out there to try (next on the list is Rive Gauche!)
  3. Re: Argh! So many bottles coming to an end at once!!! I guess it really is just me! And yet I have/had a 30+ bottle collection and those frags I've had at most 3 years (and one of them less than a year)
  4. Argh! So many bottles coming to an end at once!!!

    hey there guys, has this ever happened to you: 5 or so bottles all coming to an end at very short intervals of time to each other

    In the past month it has been the death of :

    Guerlain Homme...
  5. Re: Which Fragrances do your partners/close ones LOVE on you?!?

    I'm currently single, but my ex loved Fahrenheit Absolute and Thierry Mugler Pure Malt.

    One good mate with benifits I am seeing on a regular basis loves when I wear Kouros (YES!!!! SCORE!!!...
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    Re: the "freshe" TF exclusives?

    Oh I'm sure I'd wear several in the summer, but its more for the pleasure of going: damn its hot, spray on cologne: instant feel of freshness/coolness taht I was looking for.

    Thanks everyone!...
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    the "freshe" TF exclusives?

    Hello people!

    Recently got to sniff a bunch of the Tom Ford exclusives and have been very impressed. However apart from Azure Lime and Neroli Portofino (the latter of which was VERY nice) I didn't...
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    Re: A Man for All Seasons

    From my collection:

    Terre d'Hermes

    Cartier Roadster (tho I think I'm 3 spritzes away from finishing the bottle, and tho I love it I have so many others to explore its prob not on my buy...
  9. Re: [Game] Choose 2 scents for the person above you layer and give impressions

    I'd like to see Andrew layer Ice Men, and Guerlain Vetiver
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    Re: Sampled Le Terrible at Sephora

    They are very similar indeed but with slight differences still:

    The biggest dif is in the opening: Le Male's opening has the smooth mint while Terrible replaces this with Grapefruit...Le Male's is...
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    Re: Top 5 _________ scents

    Amber pour Homme was just funny in the diversity of comments I got out of it going from: "If it were anyone but you I'd say it smells girly, but for some reason on you it works" (good friend of mine...
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    Re: Top 5 _________ scents

    top 5 "people comment on my scent and not always but sometimes in a great but always interesting way" scents (wordy! lol)

    1) YSL Kouros
    2) Dior Homme
    3) Lalique Encre Noire
    4) Prada Amber pour...
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    Re: Your Top 5 As Of: October 2011

    With summer and a recent purchase my top 5 is as follows:

    1) Bond No. 9 : Wall Street

    My second Niche purchase, and one that I'd been eyeing for a LONG time, and finally had some cash for it....
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    Re: HELP - What Cologne am I looking for?

    Look into Versace Pour Homme (the Blue juice, not Versace Homme hehe)

    Opens with Citrus and Neroli, goes on to smell quite a bit like Aqua Di Gio (tho I find it much nicer), projects VERY well...
  15. Re: Pick your top 5 from the person's wardrobe above you

    1) Andy Warhol Silver Factory, Bond No. 9
    2) Black Aoud :Montale
    3) Virgin Island Water: Creed
    4) L'eau by Kenzo Indigo: Kenzo
    5) Riverside Drive: Bond No. 9
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    Re: When YOU were 18-23 years old - TOP 5 FRAGS

    I'm 23 soooo ...

    1) Dior Homme Intense
    2) Kouros
    3) idole, lubin
    4) He wood, ocean wet wood, Dsquared²
    5) Terre hermes
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    Re: Your top-10 list at the moment!

    this is changing as summer rolls back in but currently would prob be:

    1) Fahrenheit Absolute: Dior
    2) Dior Homme
    3) Dior Homme Intense
    Wow three diors in my top 3...)
    4) Pure Malt: thierry...
  18. Re: Does DSQUARED2's He Wood Ocean Wet Wood resemble anything?

    Its an aquatic woody, so similar naturally to many others...

    That being said I really enjoy this one out of several other aquatics I own. It opens with a salty ocean breeze note, very enjoyable...
  19. a "gothic" (and hopefully non-oud, non-incence, not too dear) rose?

    Hey guys, was curious about if there were any scents taht fit the above description. Something with a prominent masculine rose that didn't rely on oud or incence and that comes off as dark and...
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    Re: Inconsistent spray A*men AFTER cutting it.

    So this is why we have so many C*Men jokes :p
  21. a few questions regarding the guerlain homme range (l'eau, Edt and Intense)

    So I'm nearing the end of my guerlain homme edt bottle and have always loved that frag and was thinking on venturing out into the other 2 bottles.

    So a few questions:

    I recall sniffing the...
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    Re: Pure Havane -- a Summary Review

    I believe that is actually the very elusive C*Men
  23. the Hypnose Homme range by Lancome : where to find

    Hey everyone

    I just recently discovered Hypnose Homme by Lancome, and find myself quite smitten by it. Reading around about it on the net I discovered that there were 2 flankers: the eau fraiche...
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    Re: Having sex with cologne on

    Well sex with fragrance sure...

    A few things to consider tho:

    Will it get to heady being up close sniffing it for 30+ minutes?

    And more importantly, WHERE you spray!

    Seriously few things...
  25. Re: Is Gucci Pour Homme 2's projection and longevity better then some think it is??

    With me, GPH2 lasts 6 to 7 hours usually.

    I get the opening notes for about...2 seconds lol
    Then the tea phase lasts about 2 and a half hours
    and the rest of the time I get that smooth olive...
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    Re: Versace Versense

    so compared to something like Kenzo Power that I enjoy a lot, how intense are to florals in this one?
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    Versace Versense

    Hey everyone,

    About a year ago, was taking the plane and at the duty free spied a bottle that looked hauntingly like Versace Pour homme, except green juice. I test it out, find it interesting, but...
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    Re: Smoky and Sweet


    well I only got to test it out a few times (and the full bottle was supposed to arrive on christmas...), but my fav smoky and sweet (and from what I got when testing, it might just end up my...
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    Which fragrance for Uni in summer

    Hey guys, I'm in the habit of having a "signature scent" per season, per place (such as work, or uni etc...)
    i live in the southern hempisphere and it's going to be a hot first few months at uni,...
  30. Re: Looking For a FRESH and Fruity/Juicy scent (+New Fragrance Review Channel)

    Woops, yeah that would be it...
  31. Looking For a FRESH and Fruity/Juicy scent (+New Fragrance Review Channel)

    Hey guys, I'm new here, though I've been around the forums for a while.

    I recently started a new Fragrance review Chanel on Youtube (in both english AND french), so if you care to comment or at...
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