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  1. Re: I don't always wear cologne, but when I do, I prefer....

    Narciso Rodriguez for Him.

    I personally hate it but it makes me think of him. Ha. :cheesy:
  2. Re: Millesime Imperial vs. Allure Homme Sport & Bleu de Chanel

    MI is the one Creed I have tried that almost lives up to the hype. Having said that, it's a bit of a gamble in that there seems to be some real inconsistencies from one batch to another. "On" batches...
  3. Re: Recommend a tea based fragrance for under $80

    Wow, thanks so much for all the great suggestions, everyone!

    I have sampled Gucci Pour Homme II and really liked it. The only thing that kind of ruined it for me was that it was just a tad too...
  4. Recommend a tea based fragrance for under $80

    I sampled Atelier's Oolang Infini a while back and fell in love with it. I did not fall in love with the price tag, however, as it goes about $110 for a 100ml bottle (which I realize isn't very...
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    Re: Your Top 5 As Of Right Now

    1. Miilesime Imperial
    2. Love & Luck
    3. Unbound (underrated as hell, I tell ya!)
    4. Essential Sport (also somewhat underrated, imo)
    5. Oolang Infini roughly that order. By that, I mean...
  6. Re: Creed MIllesime Imperial - 2010 vs 2011 batch review.

    "This video has been removed by the user."

    Man, I was really looking forward to a comparison video. :(
  7. Who is that in the bust of Invasion Barbare?

    It looks like this, for those unfamiliar.

    It looks kind of like a young Augustus.
  8. Re: Lacoste Essential Sport - Good alternative to Chrome?

    Is this on very hot days? If not, and this happens a lot with other fragrances, you should probably try an odorless body lotion before you apply your fragrances. I've worn it on 80ish degree days and...
  9. Re: Lacoste Essential Sport - Good alternative to Chrome?

    As an Essential Sport apologist, I was actually going to create a new thread asking why this fragrance doesn't seem to get any love from the longtime fragrance heads but lo! There is already a...
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