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  1. [CONUS] LB Roma, VW Anglomania, Azzaro Visit, Jesus del Pozo In Black, Yves Rocher Voile d' Ambre...

    Laura Biagiotti Roma 3.4 oz 95% full (tester, no cap) $20
    Vivienne Westwood Anglomania 1.7 oz 80% full $33
    Girard Lysval 1 oz 95% full $8
    Dana Tabu Vintage 2 oz bottle 1/3 full $9
    Yves Rocher...
  2. For Sale: Etro Royal Pavillion, Ineke Scarlet Larkspur, Burberry Brit Red, Vintage Opium, etc.

    Etro Royal Pavillion 3.4 oz 95% full $50
    Ineke Scarlet Larkspur 2.5 oz 95% full $42
    Burberry Brit Red 1 oz 50% full $18
    Donna Karan DKNY Delicious Night 1.7 oz 60% full $16
    Vintage Opium EDT 2 oz...
  3. Does anyone know when in 2010 Lolita Lempicka was reformulated?

    I found a bottle on ebay from May 2010 and I'm wondering if it is the old or new version. Thanks :)
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    What is your favorite version of Mitsouko?

    I'm trying to decide between the current EDP and vintage EDT, it seems like there's a lot of those on Ebay now.
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    Shalimar EDT...

    Can someone tell me about what year this version is from and if it is a good one? I'm looking for some vintage EDT and I'm confused by all the info out there. Thanks!...
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