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    Re: New mini cabinet

    My belated thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures and congratulations for your great collection.
  2. Re: I dislike most of the scents I sample - Is this normal?

    My belated reply: on certain occasions, yes- when, by chance, I tested for the firs time the fragrances I am quite indifferent about nowadays. On the other hand, at the beginnings of this hobby, I...
  3. Re: Xerjoff Nio - Perhaps the best citrus scent on the planet -

    I agree that this fragrance is stunning, while 1861 from the same fragrances house is *in my opinion) also very good in terms of citrus notes.
  4. Re: What's in your spring/pre-summer rotation

    Most of my fragrances anyway, but with a higher frequency of fragrances like Rive Gauche, Eau Sauvage EDT or Quasar- fresh but not too light or casual, suitable both in warmer and in cooler, damper...
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    Re: Noir Tom Ford - For Men?

    Apart from its sweetness, I do like everything else about this fragrance. And even its sweetness is neither that unpleasant nor that unmasculine to put me off.
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    Re: Fragrances with Cinnamon notes

    Chanel Egoiste is, in my opinion, one of the best in this category
  7. Re: Decent priced designers that smell niche-like.

    Seconding especially Van Cleef&Arpels PH
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    Re: Unisex fragrances

    Definitely not in my case, in fact, some of them are stunning and could hardly imagine NOT wearing them or my wardrobe without them.
  9. Thread: 10+ Sprays

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: 10+ Sprays

    Usually the very light ones, like XXL.
  10. Re: What's the First Fragrance Entry in your SOTD Directory?

    Most likely, Salvador Dali PH, my first ever fragrance I most likely not even own anymore when I first joined BN.
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    Re: Reviews you just "don't get"?

    Generally, few or none so far. Enjoying the different opinions and perspectives far more than anything else.
  12. Re: Trying to narrow it down to two signature scents (cool and warm weather). Any other suggestions?

    Guerlain Homme Intense is indeed another great future purchase suggestion for cooler weather, while for warmer weather, GIT remains a solidly rewarding and classy choice.

    Other suggestions, also...
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    Re: Which do i chose

    Personally recommending:

    ADG regular and/or Essenza, as well as Issey- for summertime/casual wear
    Burberry London and/or D&G The One- for cooler weather, going out, evenings etc.
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    Re: Best "blue" fragrance

    Designer- Boss Elements Aqua (among others)
    Niche- while fully knowing it is off-topic, since designer scents were specifically requested, will still add a few niche examples not more expensive than...
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    Re: $200 to spend at

    Perhaps also: ADP Colonia, Penhaligons Opus 1870, Guerlain Homme Eau Boisee. All the three of them have decent amount of boldness without being overpowering or losing their appropriateness for being...
  16. Re: Bleu de Chanel or Dior homme or Aqua di Parma intensa

    Would go with either Bleu or ADP Intensa.
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    Re: A great quality of the ingredients!?

    What I personally experienced on this community is the fact that, apart from the occasional fragrance professional here, quite a significant proportion of BN members have developed, over time, quite...
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    Re: Aldehydic Florals - Let's Discuss!

    Like aforementioned correctly, No. 19 has indeed limited, but quite well-defined notes of this type. Incidentally, this is also my absolutely favorite fragrance in this category.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, April 24th, 2014

    Versace Blue Jeans
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    Re: Summer night time fragrance

    In fact, apart from the great recommendations so far, even DHI could (in my opinion) work as a summer evening fragrance, if fewer sprays are applied.
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    Re: Cheap but great frags.

    Congrats for your choice and feel free to post again for any fragrance advice.
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    Re: Wearing a strong fragrance in the club

    While not a regular clubgoer anymore, noticed this happening especially due to being a non-smoker in clubs where smoking was allowed. Other than the smoke, possibly combined with insufficient...
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    Re: Re-spraying late in the day

    Might do this occasionally, depending on the longevity (and/or the lack/decrease thereof), but also if a fragrance is- irrespective of its strength- so complex, good and unpredictable, there are...
  24. Re: Oakmoss Beasts: Versace l'Homme - Loewe Para Hombre

    I love both- due to their depth, lasting power and brashness but also sophistication, and an Old-World, Old-School sense of conservative stylishness and opulence.

    Both start out very green and...
  25. Re: Have you ever felt bad about over spraying?

    Apart from some negative or less favorable comments received on the few occasions I over-applied, no.
  26. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/21/14) Round 2: Terre d`Hermes vs Armani Code

    While I like both, TDH stands out for me.
  27. Re: Florientals, and Woody Florals any recommendations ?

    Perhaps also the Opium flanker Eau d'Orient.
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, April 20th, 2014

    Fire&Ice for Men
  29. Re: Question about Yves saint laurent pour homme

    Seconding the recommendation in favor of this purchase.
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    Re: Funny how tastes change...

    Can fully related to this, my Creed experience was somehow similar and, as with most fragrance houses- an odd, quite uneven mix of fragrances perceived (strictly by me), as "OK, but nothing to write...
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    Re: Motorcycle leather tattoo

    Perhaps also: Knize Ten, Tabac Original, G Man by Gainsoboro, Trussardi Uomo, Fahrenheit Absolute.
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    Re: Mindless Alphabet Frag Naming Game ~ PART 5

    N is for Next Limits by Myrurgia
  33. Re: Would love some suggestions based on my wardrobe

    Perhaps also (trying to cover both designer and niche as much as possible, while still remaining within the category of mainly affordable scents):

    Fahrenheit Absolute, Guerlain Heritage, Habit...
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    Re: Classic Brut?

    So far, liked the longevity and development of Brut in most versions I tested, but it may just be a combination of both lucky skin chemistry and a fondness of its note. Would get it at this price,...
  35. Re: Excellent smelling ladies perfume with longevity(shes 46 yrs old)

    A belated suggestion of mine: Le Dix by Balenciaga. Almost a ladies powerhouse that I will never cease to recommend, since it's pretty much an allrounder without becoming too generic or vapidly...
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    Re: Vetiver - Givenchy, Etro, or MPG?

    Etro would be a suggestion, however based strictly on a simple fragrance. While having a certain niche exclusiveness, sense of classiness and opulence to it, it still manages to remain naturally,...
  37. Re: Just got Mandorlo di Sicilia...what AdP do you recommend next?

    From ADP in general: the classic Colonia, from the Blu Medieterraneo line in particular: Cipresso di Toscana- if a woody and spicy gourmand could ever smell fresh, casual and almost aquatic, while...
  38. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/20/14) Round 2: Rochas Man vs Millesime Imperial

    Rochas Man here
  39. Re: Is it normal for your preference of scents to evolve?

    As a personal opinion, yes. Even before joining BN, my fragrance tastes have evolved back and forth, with quite a few surprising twist regarding both fragrances I didn't like but ended up...
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    Poll: Re: Scent for a Tropical Garden Wedding

    Seconding especially Un Jardin sur le Nil.

    Other possible suggestions, in addition to the ones above: Voyage d'Hermes EDT, ADG Essenza.
  41. Re: any suggestions for office/daily business fragrance

    Seconding especially Rive Gauche
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    Re: Would you go for patchouli or vetiver?

    Though I like both notes, I enjoy a bit more the complexities and developments of vetiver, rather than the ones of patchouli, including in their respective essential oil/raw material form (not just...
  43. Re: rank these creeds from favorite to least favorite

    Having few or no less favorite form the ones listed, while my favorites are (in no particular order, since I like all them quite equally much):

    GIT, OV, BDP, Tabarome.
  44. Re: Thierry Mugler A*MEN Taste of Fragrance and Pure Havane

    I like both, but personally getting better projection and longevity from Pure Havane, often with the same or lesser amount of sprays required.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, April 19, 2014

    April Violets
  46. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/18/14) Round 2: Egoiste vs Gucci Pour Homme II

    Though I enjoy both, a slight additional preference in favor of Egoiste.
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    Re: Cheep Cheap it's Easter time

    So far, only heard good things about this fragrance and should it also be available at bargain prices, even better as future purchase.
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    Re: Good fresh and green scent

    Apart from seconding especially Mugler Cologne, Roadster and Creed OV, some further green fragrances I like and am proud to recommend for further testing are: Guy Laroche Horizon, TF Grey Vetiver...
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    Re: Best Designer "Leather" Scent?

    Seconding especially Trussardi Uomo and Antaeus.
  50. Re: Your top 5 niché fragrances for hot weather

    Including both the ones currently owning/owned and the ones tested, in no particular order:

    ADP Colonia
    Also by ADP, almost any fragrance in the Blu Mediterraneo range, especially Cirpresso di...
  51. Re: L'occitane eau de baux or marc jacobs bang?

    In my personal belated opinion: Eau de Baux.
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    Re: Chanel Egoiste :'(

    Perhaps it is the spiciness in this fragrance that may not be so well tolerated. Nevertheless, still a good scent.
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    Re: The Value Of Testers....

    Since I bought many testers myself and regularly use them as part of my current rotation, guess the prize should be up to 85-90% of the price of a sealed, boxed and complete full bottle, provided the...
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    Re: Your latest make-up/cosmetics purchases?

    Alverde Men aftershave balm sensitive
    Alverde anit-aging Q10 vitamin cream
    Balea Soft&Care moisturizing cream with SPF 10
    Balea body lotion
    Balea face wash
    Today intensive hand cream with...
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    Re: Today I bought: April 2014

    Yardley Citrus&Wood
    Botella Adelante
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    Re: modern vetiver

    Lanvin Vetiver may be another modern, versatile and quite affordable possibility.
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    Re: wanted Smell of Sparklers and matches

    Creed Original Santal has, in my opinion, the closest notes so far encountered by me in a fragrance to sulphur, matches and also hints of burnt firecrackers, as well as the wood actually used for...
  58. Re: Anyone else almost NEVER receive compliments?

    Quite rare in my case too, but when it does happen, it happens due the most unusual array of scents: from even non-cologne products like organic bar soaps to mass-market fragrances by Avon to the...
  59. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/18/14) Round 2: Midnight in Paris vs Dior Homme

  60. Replies

    Re: are you the "cologne guy" ?

    In a certain way, yes. Especially within my circle of friends and acquaintances.
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver

    A further opinion/vote in favor of yes. A very "leafy", green, almost fougere vetiver (in a good way), with a powdery, almost tobacco-like (but as in smooth unburnt, not harsh or smoky tobacco),...
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    Re: The rehabilitation of Bleu de Chanel

    Definitely liking it, even if it may not be as enjoyable to me, as other classic male Chanels. Still, overall a fresh, light yet also surprisingly smooth and versatile fragrance, with some actual...
  63. Re: Do you buy the smaller or larger sized bottles?

    Usually, buying the larger sizes as often as possible.

    Not just because they are generally better value for money, also, if I like a certain fragrance, they are pretty much a...
  64. Poll: Re: Best Summer Night Fragrance (out of these 6 choices)

    DHI, with TDH and possibly La Nuit as more than sufficient, respectable and enjoyable second options.
  65. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/17/14) Round 2: Bleu de Chanel vs Black Aoud

    Easily Bleu de Chanel for me.
  66. Re: i have issy miyake & ADG ESSENZA should i get boss no 6 or 212

    Boss no 6 - in my opinion.
  67. Re: "Perfect Combination of Musk, Amber and Spice"

    Seconding especially Ambre Sultan
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    Re: Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense (2014)

    Finally tried it and enjoyed it. Sure, the gourmand notes of the regular Gentlemen Only are even more pronounced in this one, but, in my opinion, even a very faint hint of the original Gentleman...
  69. Re: Male Fragrance - Best choice, help! DHI?

    Also seconding that DHI is an excellent and also surprisingly versatile choice.
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    Re: Sample of the Day - April 2014

    Antonio Banderas Secret- only knew Golden Secret so far, which I frankly like better than the regular Secret
    Also, finally tested Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense- far better than I expected
  71. Re: Fahrenheit 32: lots of unexpected compliments

    One of the smoother vanilla and even slightly white floral-based scents still available- glad that I had the chance to get it.
  72. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/16/14) Round 2: YSL M7 vs Green Irish Tweed

    GIT is my personal favorite.
  73. Re: What favorite scents do you like to recommend? Easy to find, not too expensive.

    Among others:

    Je Reviens by Worth
    most Yardley scents, especially Citrus&Wood, but also their iconic Lavender
    seconding indeed most Salvador Dali fragrances- good quality at very affordable...
  74. Thread: Notes...

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: Notes...

    Top: either anything citrus or some fougere notes, Middle: woody or chypre notes (especially piney or cypress-like), Base: leather, tobacco, musk, more woods, moss or resins.
  75. Re: New to basenotes/cologne in general looking for woodsy scent

    Further possible suggestions: The Body Shop Kistna, Pierre Cardin Cedre Ambre, C&E Sandalwood, Zara Cedarwood.

    While few of these are truly dark, but therefor at least more appropriate during...
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    Re: Alain Delon Samourai discontinued?

    Unsure abut other questions like discontinuation and popularity on certain markets. But where I live it is quite readily available and affordable online, thus at least partially confirming Hednic's...
  77. Re: Hidden Gems in plain sight? Store brands worth seeking out

    In addition to the great suggestions above, most fragrances by L'Erbolario and Yardley, indeed also some of the fragrances by Zara. Furthermore: Pierre Cardin Cedre Ambre and Iris Sauvage, some of...
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    Re: 1 Scent for Each Season

    Spring- perhaps GPHII
    Summer- anything citrus based, along the lines of Mugler Cologne
    Autumn- fougere and/or leather and/or woodiness would be my signature notes, thus something like Azzaro PH...
  79. Re: Bourjois Soir de Paris (Evening in Paris)

    Consider getting it myself, most likely in addition to fragrance presents, not so likely for myself (though might also consider adding it to my collection).

    Anyway, the few times I tested it, was...
  80. Re: Hello, what fragrances would be more 'manly'

    Seconding especially GIT, highly appropriate as an introductory Creed.
  81. Replies

    Re: Introduction

    Welcome and thanks for having joined this fragrance community. Over time or, if needed instantly, you will get to see that there are few other places where fragrance info is so diverse and so...
  82. Re: Scents in your wardrobe missed during recent trip!

    While it is hard to remember for me the exact dates and details of recent trips, leisure traveling makes packing a few fragrances in my luggage a lot easier. The problem is far more, I occasionally...
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    Re: spraying on clothing

    Did not notice a significant improvement of longevity nor of projection while using this method, but then again, it may just be the subjective sensation of my nose and thus a strictly personal...
  84. Re: Inexpensive perfume with great quality

    Among others:

    Silences by Jacomo
    Le Dix by Balenciaga
    Cabotine by Gres
  85. Re: How many sprays of l'instant de guerlain pour homme do you use?

    So far, 3-4 sprays of it were usually more than enough for me.
  86. Replies

    Re: Versace VS Issey, a litle help pease.

    Issey is, personally speaking, altogether slightly smoother and also very fresh in a mellow, inoffensive way, also a slight bit more versatile without additional (overdone) lightness and/or...
  87. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/15/14) Round 2: Pure Havane vs Rive Gauche Pour Homme

    Though choice, because I simply adore both. Pure Havane by an insignificant difference, only because, unlike with Rive Gauche, it has quite a few more unexplored, uncharted complexities to discover...
  88. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/14/14) Round 2: Antaeus vs A*Men

    Antaeus easily
  89. Replies

    Re: Today I Bought—April 2014

    Yves Rocher Un Matin au Jardin - Agrumes en fleurs
    Yves Rocher Un Matin au Jardin - Cerisiers en fleurs
    Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature - Peche jaune
    Yardley Lily of the Valley
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    Re: Expensive cheapos: get your list out!

    In my opinion: Eau de Campagne, perhaps not quite understanding the tomato leaf, but its price could justify a better quality and a better fragrance altogether.
  91. Re: Aventus female compliments or Powerhouse females freaks ?

    Perhaps less compliments for Aventus, but in my case, wearing powerhouses was sometimes the "unpredictable factor" at getting compliments. While not immensely popular nor widely acclaimed, powerhouse...
  92. Re: How is Kenzo Pour homme? (I hate sel de vetiver)

    Agreeing that it's pretty dry and salty in the opening, but mellowing into something fresher and (non-vetiver like) mossier and woodier along with development, also certain moderate and non-sweet...
  93. Re: What would these scents be composed of if you were "The Nose?"

    Frankenstein- some very "technical" smell (if it's possible), metallic and mineral, stony notes

    Dracula- dark, slightly musty heavy florals, intoxicating and somewhat repelling too

  94. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (4/13/14) Round 2: Opium Pour Homme vs Platinum Egoiste

    A tough decision for me, since I love both, but enjoying Platinum a slight bit more.
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    Re: Thoughts on Recent Acquisitions

    Thanks for sharing the impressions and congratulations for (in my opinion) very good purchases.
  96. Re: How to recognize GUY LAROCHE perfumes: a practical guide.

    Thanks for sharing-priceless info about an underrated fragrance house with some impressive achievements that deserve attention.
  97. Poll: Re: Which is a better plus for an excellent smelling fragrance?

    Sillage, closely followed by uniqueness and versatility.
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    Re: Next niche house to explore?

    Perhaps also: ADP, Hugh Parsons, Knize, Penhaligons, Carthusia.
  99. Re: Gimme 3: Your most versatile scents that aren't boring [details inside]

    Designer: Guy Laroche Horizon 7
    Niche: only owning Knize Ten so far, while it isn't boring, it's definitely not that versatile
    Underrated: perhaps Very Valentino PH, such a complex and nuanced...
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    Re: Recs for a creamy sexy skin scent?

    Perhaps, as additional suggestions, within the more affordable market segment: some of of the Secrets d'Essences scents by Yves Rocher, especially Vanille Noire and Voile d'Ambre. Moderate sillage...
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