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    Re: Cuoio Odori does anybody own or smelled?

    I own it, honestly, the first time I smelled it, I spilled less than 1ml. It stayed on that sweater for a week, and still a bit after a wash. It is very strong. A superb leather indeed! Ill post my...
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    Re: Amouage Gold Men

    I'm hoping this is the fragrance I fell in love with. i was gifted a manuf tester vial in a swap with a clear lid, and no other writing on it other than "amouage". No fragrance name. To me I was...
  3. Need to establish the value of an old "essence of obsession" set

    Hello, i am a new member, and have recieved many good references to basenotes. I am facing a problem, i need to establish an approximate value for an old perfume set i have. I bought it at dillards...
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