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    Re: Anyone here use just one spray?

    Nope i usually do 15 sprays at least
  2. Re: New and looking for my first 'niche' fragrance!

    Yatagan by Caron........great first niche frag and a great experience if u give it a chance
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    Re: recommend me a cologne

    Cool water game is a great aquatic, nautica voyage is also good, u may also like issey miyake, michael jordan legend, unpredictable man
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    get a variety pack and decide what u like and then look on fragrantica for similar scents to what ur interested in and u can find ur signatures
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    Re: What makes a scent "college" or "for college"?

    adolescents.................fresh invigorating body spray
    college..................citrus and musk clean scents
    college and out.......woodsy spice and oriental
    Macho............. tobacco, chypre...
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    Re: What makes a scent "college" or "for college"?

    college fragrances are fresh and invigorating and youthful. Many of the scents from abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, pacsun, usher and celeb scents are for teenagers and adolescents and...
  7. Re: Question on any underground hidden cologne gems+

    World Extension
    Thallium Black, Thallium Sport, Thallium
    Exceed by Angelo Vendutti,
    A'Men Pure Malt
    Ted Lapidus Black Soul
    Carlos Santana
    Michael Jordan Legend
    St. Dupont
    John Varvatos
  8. Re: Special scents/special notes, hate/love whatever...

    you can prob get a decant of pure malt or musk ravageur on here for under 40 and its VERY good stuff.......let me know what u end up getting
  9. Re: Special scents/special notes, hate/love whatever...

    Zirh Corduroy............... nice spicy powdery woods and great compliment getter
    Michael Jordan Legend..similar to rochas man, NH Men and Le Male all in one bottle and everyone loves that one
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    Poll: Re: how many frags do you own

    haha 50..i got niche, cheapies, knock offs, EVERYTHING in a collection and the good bad and ugly
  11. Re: The ultimate Just Starting Out Topic needs your help

    Hey buddy it is VERY important that you describe the USE of these colognes and their purpose. One million, A'men, Le Male, Body Kouros, Rochas Man are strictly club scents and NOT daytime work juices...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    if you want to know which fragrance gets the MOST compliments usually the fragrances women like to smell are different from mens juices. Very Sexy for him, A&F Fierce, Burberry Brit, Burberry Touch,...
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    Re: Wow, now PENGUIN is getting into fragrance ...

    Original Penguin has a fresh woodsy aromatic type of scent and I do not feel that it is overly original but it is pleasant enough. The drydown has various woodsy notes and vanilla but the overall...
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    Re: Your current Top 5 Gourmand scents?

    jean paul gaultier LE MALE.......vanilla, mint
    Hanae Mori HM......vanilla, chocolate
    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin........vanilla, anise, licorice
    John Varvatos........figs, plum, figneuton woodsy...
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    Re: Si Sure Stormy by Creation Lamis

    Si Sure Stormy is creation lamis version of gucci envy and envy is NOT anything you can copy with similar results its just a cheap rip off and junky
  16. Re: New to basenotes, what niche colognes do you recommend?

    buy kerosene copper skies its a great fragrance
  17. Re: Question on any underground hidden cologne gems+

    Many of the scents you mention are copies and have the DNA of another scent with a few notes changed, Full Metal Jacket is unique but very strong and sweet
  18. Re: Question on any underground hidden cologne gems+

    heres a list of a few nice gems I have had the opportunity to smell
    Thallium Sport by Jacques Evard
    World Extension by Vivianne Vendelle
    Unpredictable by Glenn Perri
    Michael Jordan Legend
  19. Re: Info about fragrance called Man Attitude by Deray Parfums from France

    I will honstly say that I will NEVER touch anything from deray, geparlys, karen low, creation lamis, dorall collection, fragluxe from any of those shops they are a HUGE profit margin for the...
  20. Re: Which fragrance is destined to be the next Acqua di Gio, Le Male, etc.?

    Usher for Him, Unforgivable, Curve, A'men pure malt, A' men pure havane, B men, Versace Dreamer, Zino Davidoff, Dior Homme Intense, Dior Homme, Dior Homme Sport, Dior Fahrenheit, Montale Aoud Musk,...
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    Re: Michael Jordan Legend - Yes? or No?

    BIG yes it is a great fragrance, it actually has a more aromatic and masculine smell than rochas and gives a great aroma. It is really the best michael jordan scent by far and it is very underrated
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    Re: What makes a scent "college" or "for college"?

    In order for a scent to be "college" it has to have a nice amount of power and versatility and youthfulness without being overpowering.

    Youthful scents like armani code, usher, curve, hugo, cool...
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    Re: Ever heard of Club Aficionado?

    I have club aficionado cologne for men, it was a good buy for the price i paid but the stores will often try to push a sale and they make more profits off of the creation lamis knock offs and other...
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